What to wear, if you have wide hips?

Many girls dream to have wide hips, while others - like to get rid of them. In fact, any shape can be turned into the main advantage, if properly pick up clothes and its combination. Among the Hollywood stars you can find a lot of the fairer sex with wide hips. They are all skillfully turning them into advantages by proper selection of dresses. What to wear to owners of wide hips?

What to wear, if you have wide hips?

Select pants

Choose pants owners of such figures is very difficult, but to choose a good option is possible. Visually narrow silhouette loose trousers with a low waist. Note that with high seating pants will not do as they further emphasize wide hips. Prefer models without pockets and other decorative elements, since they, too, turned his gaze on the part of the body. Well look trousers with a free cut of the thigh and slightly tapered bottom.

What to wear, if you have wide hips?

styles of skirts for wide hips

Skirts - a different story. Women with wide hips fit the A-shaped skirt to the knees. Should abandon narrowed or directional models. Choose strict skirt of plain fabric. As for color, it should also not be too bright. Hide wide hips skirt with a light drapery and vertical line, which visually lengthen the silhouette. Skirt with horizontal stripes - on the contrary, make the figure even wider. Complete the image of high-heeled shoes, which also will contribute to the extension of the legs and silhouette in general. What to wear, if you have wide hips?

Wide hips and dresses

Beautiful evening, cocktail and casual dresses, as a rule, is an impressive part of the female wardrobe. Dress - decoration of any woman, in spite of her physique. According to stylists, the girls with wide hips recommend choosing dresses with the free bottom. Its top should be supplemented with some notable accessory or decoration. The ideal variant - along with the decor in the upper chest. The main thing is to balance the figure and make it even more attractive and harmonious. Choice of dress and his cut will depend not only on the width of the hips, but also on how the girl folded at the shoulders, so all individually here.

Outerwear - coats

Naturally, the coat - that's the thing, without which it can not do during the cold season. What coat to choose if you have wide hips? The best option, according to many women and stylists A-shaped model of knee-length (no longer!). As in the case of dress, prefer outer clothing with additional elements in the upper part to divert attention from the thighs and thereby balancing proportion. Whichever figure you may be - remember that everything can be corrected by the proper selection of clothes. In this article we have discussed, it is better to wear the owners of wide hips, and how to balance the silhouette. Similar tricks exist for other types of figures. We hope we have answered your questions, and now these cries, "I have wide hips! What to wear !? "- remain in the past. Love yourself and give due attention to the selection of clothes!