The figure of "apple": how to dress?

Probably every woman ever once enviously look at the slender female models in which each dress sits just perfect and absolutely flawless. Remember thought that at this moment appear in the head? Why should not I be so lucky? This is not entirely correct. Just in the model matched the girl with certain parameters under which and sewed clothes. And because we are all different, then everyone has to complete your wardrobe individually. Today we want to talk about what the things designers and stylists recommend wearing those, "apple" who figure. This is one of the most problematic categories of women who are most difficult to choose a beautiful outfit.

The figure of

Features silhouette

If you ask men what for them is the most attractive female figure, most of them will remember about the "hourglass". This silhouette is determined: normal shoulders, pronounced breasts, narrow waist and broad hips. Owners of these forms simply pick up a nice outfit, every thing looks just perfect.

The figure of "apple" - a silhouette that resembles a balloon. To brighten up the impression, it is important to correct accents, just as this is the task of stylists. Characteristic features of the figure - it shoulders and hips the same width. In this case, absolutely not expressed waist. Optionally the large belly, even if a woman is watching her figure, coveted curves in this area make it quite difficult. The main task of stylists is a visual extension of the figures. This is achieved by longitudinal, vertical joints, lines and finishes.

The two types of

Find two identical people is almost impossible, so difficult to deduce the general classification. The figure of "apple" - the concept is quite common. In this category one can distinguish at least two subtypes:

  • A focus on the abdominal area. In this case, characterized by medium-sized breasts, visible and invisible stomach waist, narrow hips and long, shapely legs.
  • The rounded silhouette. Magnificent breasts and hips, which are equal in width. Waist slightly noticeable, but the main trump remain slender legs.

Note that the figure of the "apple" - this is not a sentence. Owners of this type can be beautiful and sexy, elegant and tempting. It all depends on what type of clothes they choose for themselves.

The figure of

The main tasks

Immediately discard shapeless jumpers and straight, wide jackets. These things not only hide the shortcomings, but also the advantages of making your silhouette quite recognizable. The main objective in terms of style and image, is to create the illusion of a waist. If you do it, it means that the body visually stretches, depriving the figure of heaviness. Two main accent - a chest and slender legs. The representatives of the opposite sex will not even notice that the waist does not fit into the ideal settings.

What you need to have in her wardrobe

Even every day will not interfere with practicing stylists tips, if you have a severe figure of the "apple". How to dress (picture shown below), how to reconcile the individual elements of the wardrobe to look gorgeous every day?

  • is ideal for you to smell blouses, as well as with deep, V-neck.
  • Dresses should be in every woman's wardrobe. For you will be a wonderful option model on the smell in the Empire style, as well as fashionable today with options A-silhouette.
  • Jeans and pants bottoms accentuate shapely legs.
  • Skirts with slanting cuts will distract attention from the waist line.
  • Jackets with a clear line of the shoulders. Choose only single-breasted models without decorative elements.
  • Fitted coat, preferably with a belt.
  • Shoes elegant heels, wedges or platform. The figure of

What does an urgent need to get rid of

There is also a list of things that you need to give someone if you have the figure of "apple." How to dress (photos will help you make the right choice), we are today and we will say:

  • For the owners of this type of silhouette will not fit tops without sleeves, they make a silhouette of overweight and square.
  • There should be no blouse, closed at throat sweatshirt.
  • not to have short tops and T-shirts.
  • Do not buy dresses straight-cases.
  • It is necessary to remove from the wardrobe of pants and jeans with a low-slung, leggings.
  • Do not acquire tight skirt.
  • Not the best option - long, straight coat.
  • does not follow from shoes to wear boots and shoes with a square nose on the thick heel. The figure of


wardrobe equipment - this is a very important moment for every woman, but especially for those who have an "apple" who figure. Photos clearly demonstrate that a properly selected outfit accentuates the dignity of the figure. Opposite embodiment exposes (moreover enlarges) figure flaws, making it unattractive and overweight.

Outerwear need starting in the fall and ending in the spring. As a rule, such things are worn more than one season, so their choice should be given special attention. The ideal model of a coat for women the figure "apple" - a form-fitting and slightly form-fitting, with a clear shoulder line, flared slightly downwards. But wide and straight coat - it is absolutely not your option. The best thing would be to give preference to natural fabrics: cashmere and tweed, boucle, velvet and suede. The ideal length coat - to his knees. The incision may be slightly in front a beautiful view of slender legs. Stylists do not recommend the use of shoulder pads. They can help out only if you have sloping shoulders. Pay attention to the important details: the vertical bars and tuck will make your silhouette slimmer. But pockets and decorative details you absolutely nowhere.

The figure of

Strict suits and jackets

It is an essential attribute of any business woman. In this style of jacket depends on the impression from all sets of clothes in general. Pants or skirt will be packaged - it's not so important. Note the jackets and jackets with zip top. They create a trapezoidal silhouette, which will emphasize large breasts and hide the congestion at the waist. Single-breasted jacket with vertical darts and play in your favor. This is perfect for the office everyday life. At the same time, add to it a bright blouse - let's go to a meeting with friends. This article of clothing is perfectly combined with pants and skirts, as well as classic dress on the smell.

The figure of


Without them, it does not do a wardrobe of any modern woman. And what about those who have the figure of "apple"? How to dress to look perfect in any situation? Stylists are advised to choose a model with an average flared landing. It is also well suited classic, straight trousers with arrows that stretched silhouette. In this case, the wider hips, the easier it should be a style. Ideally, the pants should repeat the curves of the body, but not swift silhouette. Choose neutral shades, with them much easier to combine the shirts and sweaters.

Jeans too should be in the wardrobe is necessary. In this wide tube, leave the store. It is best to take a slightly narrower, straight jeans or flared. The ideal option would be a dark blue color. It can be easily combined with a jacket and blouse, stylish jacket and pullover.

The most important part of the wardrobe - blouses

And we continue to consider that you need to have in your wardrobe, if you have the figure of "apple." Photos women demonstrates that frivolous frills and too short cuts and transparent materials play obviously not in your favor. Superbly will look model with a simple smell, as well as expanding the breast line. Discard the shirts, which are highly adhesive qualities figure. Blouse neckline will distract attention from the chest, what not to do. V-shaped notch is a significant asset to abandon it.

However, we are living not only at work, so you can not forget about the T-shirts and tops. The main thing here - to choose strictly its size, no models in tight-fitting and to the middle of the abdomen. Again V-neck would be the best option for you. And also in the wardrobe can be T-circular recess or boat.

A very important article of clothing is a jumper. Warm, soft and very comfortable, it can be worn with a skirt and trousers. Again, the best choice would be an elegant top with cut-out in the form of the letter V.

The figure of

The most feminine part of the wardrobe

This is definitely a skirt. Straight, curvy, with wedges and pockets, models today very much. And which ones will suit a woman, if she has the figure of "apple"? What to wear to the office to look at 100%, but still be fashionable and stylish? For your figure stylists recommend to abandon the classic office skirt. Much better would look trapeze or a variant with an asymmetric cut, the model on the smell, "sun" or "pencil" without a belt. Experts do not recommend the mini and maxi. It is much better to choose the length of a couple of centimeters below the knee. So you can draw attention to the beautiful legs. The ideal choice would be a model of dark colors.

evening or festive attire

Most of the excitement it brings a variety of dresses that you are going to wear on special occasions. Of course, the experience and those who have an "apple" who figure. What to wear, photo article will tell you, however, with festive attire a bit more complicated. For you, the best choice would be a dress on the smell. Very good model will look in the Empire style. This delicate dresses, which have a significant focus on the chest, and then the jet expands downwards.

It is best to complete the image of beautiful shoes. Long, slender legs can easily be emphasized by using shoes with a narrow nose, high heels. But the thick, low heels and Ugg boots - it's not your options. They will make the image more difficult. And if you will be a long walk, then take it with removable ballet flats. Choose neutral colors, and you can wear them with almost any outfit.

Instead of a conclusion

As you can see, the figure of "apple" - this is not a sentence. The main emphasis is in this case, the upper torso - chest and abdomen. Your task is to divert attention away from the waist line, making emphasis on the most beautiful parts of the body. Show the world luxury chest, graceful hips and slim legs.