Full model - pyshnotelye beauty. Models dresses for larger women

Recently, on the catwalks of the world it is increasingly possible to see how the clothes show the full model. They are called models plus beds.

The trend

After it had been several fatalities among girls right on the podium of a race for the required parameters, restrictions were placed on minimal volumes women. Thus the fashion world gradually began to appear a model plus size beds. In the near future on the catwalks will be a revolution. Thanks to her, full of girls cease to be ashamed of the figure. Many experts argue that the way the disease called anorexia will come to naught. Girls stop pace yourself a long hunger strike, trying to be like their idols on the cover of magazines.

Full model - pyshnotelye beauty. Models dresses for larger women

Do not be afraid of and that many no longer keep track of the figure and will be obese. Simply standards of female beauty to be revised, which were more acceptable just a couple of centuries ago, in favor of health.

Complete models in Russia only began to appear. But this trend gain momentum in the near future. And while overweight women can also feel stylish, fashionable, or as they say now, in the trend. Overweight women in Russia to date with all the beautiful people there are around seventy percent. And the worst thing is that most of them can not wear the clothes they want. Since the model dresses for larger women find much more difficult than for thin or medium-sized women. Often have to sew clothes in the salons of the order.

And do not fear that the fashion for the full - this is just a temporary trend, which will take place over several years, and once again return thinness and forced hunger strike. Beautiful fullness - this is the closest way of life of many women. But do not confuse the concept of "complete" and "fat". After all, they mean quite different. Obesity is considered to be the same disease as anorexia. Therefore, even complete a girl or woman has to constantly monitor their way of life and, of course, power. These ladies must also go to the gym in order to get their body was taut.

Options models plus bed

What they are full of models? What parameters are acceptable and which are considered to be already close to obesity? Model plus size bed - it's not the lean girl, who with the growth of 180 cm have a weight of 50 kilograms.

Full model - pyshnotelye beauty. Models dresses for larger women

Dimensions 90/60/90 longer relevant. In place of this model come from 46 up to fifty size. Their rate - it 96/76/106 above. While it is the parameters for the girls during the growth of 175 cm. Those models plus a bed that 180 cm height and above, respectively, will have slightly different amounts.


Now a bit of history about how there were complete models. Once on the podium began to die from exhaustion successful fashion models and constant hunger, according to the world capitals of fashion swept the protests at the fact that these girls were the standard of beauty. After all, they have a large number of fans who try to imitate them in everything. The first responded to the protests by the glossy magazines. They were placed on their covers complete models in risque poses. And some of them have devoted entire sections.

Many complete successful model proud of their figures. One of them, who wears clothes size fiftieth, says that she is completely happy woman, because she did not have to sit on different diets, she likes men, and besides all this, realized as a professional thanks to its magnificent forms.

The criteria for models plus bed

The first and most important criterion, which allows you to model plus size bed to go to the podium, is a beautiful face. It is very important to have memorable features. Also, the girl must be as well-groomed. It have to be almost perfect skin, beautiful hair and healthy teeth. The third, but important factor - it's a good physical form. Models often have to advertise underwear, swimwear and many other things that bares the maximum figure. And you will agree that it is not very attractive to look saggy flabby body. Skin have to be elastic. Girls plus size bed is quite possible presence of a small tummy. But he is in no case should not hang out of the clothes. The presence of stomach models have credible among ordinary shoppers who also have imperfect body.

Full model - pyshnotelye beauty. Models dresses for larger women

A fourth criterion for girls plus size bed is the ability to present themselves. Such models must not give the ladies with standard parameters in the ability to move, pose for the camera, advertise clothes. It is desirable that representatives of the profession, regardless of the parameters that are regularly involved in sports and dancing.

Another important factor is that the girl should be confident in yourself and your abilities. It depends on it, as it will promote and present the clothes to buyers. Insecure people will not be able to sell not only clothes, and anything in general.

Henceforth dresses models for larger women come into fashion and become an absolute trend.

Full model - pyshnotelye beauty. Models dresses for larger women

Now, any fat lady can choose for themselves the clothes seen on the TV screen. She does not necessarily have to run to the seamstress, in order to reproduce the models like the dress or trousers.

for obese women styles and models of

What clothes suit girls clothing size from greater than the 46th? dress length must necessarily be a maxi or midi. From mini refuse. Choose dresses for the models complete with drapery.

Full model - pyshnotelye beauty. Models dresses for larger women

The asymmetrical cut dress will be appropriate. Also pay attention to the dress with a high waist. These models hide the tummy and make your way very romantic. Also, look for dresses with a V-neck.

The colors and patterns

If we talk about color, it is best to choose dull. Well look blue, brown and maroon outfits. About black dress, of course, do not forget.

Full model - pyshnotelye beauty. Models dresses for larger women

Also, choosing outfit, look for models in the following colors: purple, wine, navy blue, gray and others.

If we talk about the prints, then they should be vertical. They visually stretched shape. Animalistic designs and geometric also looked good.

You can also model for complete spokes tie their own hands. Here the main thing - the ability to bind and desire to spend much time on such a laborious work.

After all, every woman, no matter what size it is, always wants to look gorgeous.

Full model - pyshnotelye beauty. Models dresses for larger women

And of course, any of us wants to be unique. And it is very difficult to do, if you have an average wealth. After purchase exclusive branded thing just will not work. And when buying clothes at the market or at the mall you will have no guarantee that tomorrow you do not come with a colleague in the same order or that your neighbor will not get like a cardigan.


Model for full-spoke with a description can be found in various magazines on needlework. What to look for when choosing an option for a girl, which has clothing size approximately the fiftieth? On the spokes model for overweight women straight cut. It can be both jackets and dresses. If you are the owner of a pronounced waist, then it must necessarily be emphasized.

Full model - pyshnotelye beauty. Models dresses for larger women

Choosing a model for the knitting, pay attention to the form-fitting cardigans or dresses. Beautiful breasts can emphasize jacket with V-neck. To highlight the waist, you should pay attention to the cardigan with a belt. Choosing the option to knit, do not forget about their personal feelings and preferences. You have to imagine how you will be in one or another thing. If it seems that this jacket will suit you well sit on the figure, be sure to tie it up. Good luck!

A small conclusion,

Now that you know who are the complete models which have parameters. We also describe why they have become so popular. In addition, this article offers advice on selecting clothes full of girls. After reading the tips, which are written above, you can choose for yourself the perfect dress both a style and a drawing, color.