Pants with a high waist: what to wear? Tight pants

Elegant trousers with a high waist to be present in the wardrobe of each of the fair sex. These models are popular with designers has been for several years. This item of clothing will emphasize the dignity and hide figure flaws, of course, provided that it is a correct choice. From what to wear pants to stay beautiful and fashionable in every situation?

Trousers with high waist: classic

Of course, you must start by selecting a model. Classic trousers with a high waist are appropriate in almost any situation. This element of the wardrobe can be safely put on in the office, in a restaurant, on a walk, on a date. From what to wear such a product?

Pants with a high waist: what to wear? Tight pants

Pants classical form perfectly with seasoned white shirt or a thin turtleneck, this option is ideal for the office. Finished image will be due on the average heel shoes. Going for a walk, to pick up the fitting pants can be a short T-shirt, and on top put on a leather jacket, black leather jackets. It is advisable to choose the length of the jacket a little above the waist.

If the goal is an everyday way, you can easily combine the trousers with a high waist with a bright knitted jumpers. In this case you should opt for comfortable shoes without a heel. As with the classical models look good transparent romantic blouses and cropped tops.

The wide model

Unfortunately, not all of the fair sex completely happy with your figure. If you want to disguise the flaws, you can select wide trousers with a high waist. These models are able to visually make the waist thinner, to hide the problems in the hips area. Well they look and fragile young ladies.

Pants with a high waist: what to wear? Tight pants

What it is possible to combine such a product? They can be easily combined with the classic shirts, and on top you can throw a cardigan or a sleek elegant jacket. Remarkably, if a jacket or cardigan is the same color as the trousers. From a narrow belt in this case should be abandoned in favor of medium or wide model.

Shortened pants

From what to wear trousers with a high waist, when it comes to shortened model? When you select the top one should not forget that it should emphasize the waist. Otherwise, the legs will seem visually shorter.

Pants with a high waist: what to wear? Tight pants

The truncated products look great in a set with tight T-shirts that is sure to refuel. You can also make a decision in favor of a shorter blouses or sweaters, stay at a crop top. Complete the image will heeled shoes, flat sole in this case is not suitable.

The narrow model

Tight pants - the perfect choice for a woman who is happy with her figure. They can be used to draw attention to shapely legs. Products of this style perfectly combined with tight blouses and shirts that are better tuck. Office version - tucked shirt and shoes with a low heel, from the top you can throw a long vest.

Pants with a high waist: what to wear? Tight pants

The right choice of shoes in this case is very important. It is best to narrow trousers with high seating looks coupled with sharp-nosed high heels. This option will help to emphasize the elegance of the shape. Holders of long legs can afford to wear sneakers, ballet flats or comfortable sandals.

If the top of trousers made in the form of a corset, they will look spectacular in combination with suspenders. The finishing touch can be a playful tie.

The retro-style

Over the last few seasons fashionistas like flared trousers with a high waist. Such products look perfect paired with a classic shirt. Spectacular touch can become a lacquered leather belt, emphasizing the waist. This outfit is appropriate in the office and on the walk.

Pants with a high waist: what to wear? Tight pants

If you are creating an image for a party, flared pants can safely be combined with a monochromatic bright blouse. On the walk, you can go, wearing a loose shirt that carelessly tied on her stomach. As the shoe to choose massive boots on a high platform.

About Material

Trousers for women with a high waist are made of different materials. For warm weather are ideal products flowing chiffon or silk. These pants are worn complete with a blouse made of light material. The role of jewelry can take on extravagant brooch, as appropriate long earrings.

Pants with a high waist: what to wear? Tight pants

The choice for the evening - a model of velvet, satin or suede. The top may be used as a blouse or top of a suitable material, most importantly - not forget spectacular ornaments. You can also stop the choice on the leather pants, which in combination with the volume shirt will help create a romantic image. Biker style involves the union of these models with rough boots and T-shirt.


Black straight trousers with a high waist - thing that can safely be called a base. These models fit perfectly into everyday wardrobe. That the image has not turned dull, the product can be combined with a mischievous blouse a la vest, as appropriate halter top and bright colors.

With black pants and easy to create the image of the office. They can be worn with white shirts and blouses, opt for styles, which emphasize the waist.

The dress for a holiday

Pants with a high seating position not only worn to the office or for a walk. Going to a party, it is to abandon in favor bustier blouse with fashionable geometric pattern. As decoration, in this case, you can choose a massive necklace.

Pants with a high waist: what to wear? Tight pants

Festive set easily created using a combination of stamp-gang and slacks. Waist should decorate a wide leather belt, the role of decoration is able to take on massive metal necklace-collar.

A rigorous style

With trousers with high seating position is easy to create and rigorous way, appropriate in different situations. For this model combined with a dark shirt with a masculine cut podkatannymi sleeves. The classic version - a combination of white and black, but other color combinations. Soften the image, which seems too strict, help pointy pumps stilettos, as it is not forbidden to use a small bag of pastel tones, slung over his shoulder. Shirt free cut is not necessary to fill in your pants, if desired, the product can be worn untucked. Top should be monotonous, dim, colorful products is best left for another occasion.

The romantic image of

What combination trousers with a high waist, if the goal is a gentle romantic image? The ideal solution for a date or evening walk becomes blouse made of transparent chiffon fabric. On foot you can wear shoes with open-toed, opting for a model on a stable heel.

Add an image to help small clutch sizes. Also, do not give up the elegance of pearl earrings that will highlight the fragility and femininity of its owner. The finishing touch will be a wide belt, drawing attention to a slim waist.

Accessories and footwear

Pants with a high seating position perfectly combined with a modest jewelry. Visually "extend" silhouette help long chain necklace. Massive jewelry are also welcome, the upper hand in this case should be dim, quiet. Stylish solution would be a narrow scarf, as well as sunglasses, if you stay on the model in a retro style. When choosing a handbag is best to give preference elegant clutches, but not forbidden and practical backpack.

Of course, do not forget about the belt. Since products with high landing look best medium and wide belts emphasizing slender waist. The material from which they are made, does not play a special role. When choosing shoes, it is desirable to give preference to models with heels, the height can be varied. Holders of long legs able to afford shoes without heels, ballet flats, pumps.

What else you need to know

Pants with a high waist emphasize the beauty of the owner only if chosen correctly. Slender girls are perfect products on sleeves, they can also put on a model with pleats at the waist. These styles help give her thighs more appetizing appearance. How do the ladies who are not completely happy with your figure? Girls with tight physique, do not put too much volume in the waist and hip area. Such women are categorically not suitable product with pockets. They should stop the choice on a wide, well-draped models. Narrow pants can also be put on top of opting for free capable to mask imperfections.

What should be outerwear if a basic element of the wardrobe are pants with a high seating position? Jackets, coats, coats - appropriate to any decision.