Long skirt. From what to wear it? secrets combination

Long skirt. From what to wear it? secrets combination

Each year, the fashion trends in clothing change. But there are things whose popularity does not decrease for several years. Long skirts are the rage of the summer season. Every girl feels obliged to have the skirt, preferably several, and even different styles. But not everyone is able to intelligently combine the skirts to the floor with the other clothes and shoes. "That's a long skirt. From what to wear it?" - this is the first question that arises in the mind of many women when buying. First of all, stop its attention on the correct choice of skirt.

How to choose a skirt on the floor?

The most attractive maxi skirt looks at the tall girl. But it is important to pay attention to style. There are styles that are not suitable for everyone. For example girls with skirts pleated curvaceous contraindicated, as they will increase the thigh visually. But if a girl has broad shoulders and narrow hips, pleated skirt is an ideal option. Most women look best in skirts made of light fabric. Being developed in the wind, the skirt makes her the owner of the graceful and elegant.

long skirt. From what to wear?

There are some rules. They are few, but each of them is important:

Long skirt. From what to wear it? secrets combination

1. pleated skirt look great with a form-fitting tops or jackets made of leather and suede, sleeveless blouses or more free, to some extent, even masculine jackets. 2. The skirt on the floor of average volume. Usually, this skirt is not The fitted but not too broad. It will look harmonious with long blouses, sleeveless shirts or T-shirts with a low shoulder line. In addition to a skirt are perfect for denim jackets and vests.

3. Tight long skirt. From what to wear it? There are a great option strict classical sleeveless jackets or jackets with small elongated sleeves. No worse looks voluminous blouses and tops with sophisticated drapes.

4. In addition, an indispensable attribute long skirts are various belts of different widths. Choosing things under a long skirt, you should stick to the principle of opposites. If the skirt lush - top must be close-fitting or form-fitting. Conversely, if the bottom of the fitted - slightly flared top. Do not forget about the flowers. Choosing a color skirt or a skirt with a patterned blouse should wear monochromatic, calm tones. Such a combination would look best.

The skirt with ruffles. From what to wear it?

No less relevant in this season is a skirt with ruffles. These can be found of different lengths - and small, and the floor - and a variety of colors. In many of this style skirts are present ruffles and frills, so when choosing the top should be avoided and bluzochek blouses with ruffles. Top should be simple and harmonious. By choosing a combination, to give preference to the best shirts under your belt, T-shirts or fitting topam straps. And, of course, it is worth remembering about the combination of colors: bright bottom - top solid, and vice versa.

Long skirt. From what to wear it? secrets combination

Skirt-sun. From what to wear such a model?

Skirt sun should be every girl. It looks great on any figure, creating a romantic image. In deciding what to wear with a skirt-sun, it is important to remember that should be romantic and top outfit. The ideal goal for such a skirt will blouses of delicate tissue, for example, silk or satin. With it you can safely combine blouses with ruffles and lace. The most suitable for the summer is just skirt-sun. From what to wear a skirt to define is not difficult, if you follow some basic rules.

Do not forget about shoes

Well look at all three types of skirts sandals with braided sandals or a thin neat heel. Using a rough shoes or even sports entirely unacceptable in such outfits. With these tips, now in confused "I have a long skirt. From what to wear it?" every girl will tell you that it is important to listen to your personal taste, but do not forget about the main rules of combining elements of clothes.