Breeches: photos, what to wear

Today we will talk about women's riding breeches, which are not a basic element of clothes, the pants can be attributed more to the extravagant clothes. That is why many women do not dare to wear them. We will understand what to compose pants and learn about many other things.

How have gained popularity

The model in the women's locker room appeared only at the beginning of the last century. Initially, they were mostly men, the first of which pants presented on display to the public French commander Gaston breeches. He is famous not only for its great achievements in the military, but also known to the world as the creator of breeches.

Breeches: photos, what to wear

was wounded in the thigh, he could not come on a visit to the Emperor. The bandage is not allowed to wear the usual tight leggings. And then he have realized, and asked his tailor to expand the upper region of the pants.

They did not immediately relished the military, but after some time, yet have gained popularity. Breeches become a great alternative to tights. And our military wore them almost until the end of the 60-ies of XX century.

Now, thanks to the stylists, fashion designers pants gained the widest popularity. Can support both business and sporty. At the beginning of the XXI century we are back on the top of fashion.

Women's trousers, breeches

Along with extravagant model is universal. Because it has many styles. They vary in cut and texture. Pants can be made of silk, cotton, knitted and natural linen, denim and satin. And of course, we can not say about their shapes. Pants expand into the hips and the tribe narrowed. Look at the breeches in the photo.

Breeches: photos, what to wear

To fit

They can afford a girl with a slender waist. But the owner of lush and narrow hips should not abandon them. These versatile pants hide the roughness shape. Full hips need to mask the model that will be narrowed at the bottom, at the ankles. And if you pick up the top with broad shoulders, you can achieve the silhouette "hourglass". Look at the women's riding breeches in the photo below.

Breeches: photos, what to wear

fit girl with a figure of "Rectangle", where there is no waist. Breeches pulled it, making the image more feminine. Even with the size of fat beauty plus-size can stress appetizing form of breeches flowing fabrics with a belt or odor in the upper part. The main thing is to choose the free model, which will hide the extra volume at the hips and tummy. Better to buy pants in dark colors: black, dark gray, brown, blue, khaki. And that they are wider at 1-2 centimeters on both sides. Thus, will detract from the total figure, with an emphasis on models of trousers.

Short stature can beat a high heel and a model of trousers with a high waist. Shoes should be selected according to the color of his breeches, and preferably with pointed toes. Flat shoes can not afford women an exceptionally high growth.

And still a few secrets

To hide figure flaws, it is necessary to understand a little bit in the tissues. So:

  • Owners lush hips should be afraid of thin knitwear, he emphasizes roughness.
  • Heavy single-colored costume fabric make the silhouette more slender and fit.
  • Light model riding breeches from flowing, air materials with wide pockets and draperies give the image of femininity.

In order to show off those pants, you need to have perfect ankles. But if they are not perfect, do not despair, the position will help to correct the high-heeled shoes.

Breeches: photos, what to wear

Learn about the colors of the rules of

The palette of bright colors visually enlarges the figure, but the dark colors, on the contrary, make more slender silhouette, hide flaws. For example, black breeches can afford women of different sizes and all ages.

As for this fashion season, it may be noted that the print is rarely used. The emphasis is on the complexity of cut and the interesting design of the pockets. Only to fear heavy draperies in the hips, because they visually add a few centimeters and heavier way. Do not be afraid of only fragile women. In color to combine the top and bottom is necessary so that the band does not hurt the eyes. A good idea to look at the bow close in tone palette. For example, dark green breeches are perfectly in pair with a bright color. And of course, it never goes out of fashion classic combination of white and gray.

What they can assemble

A perfect tandem will slinky tops, shirts, corsets, jackets, fur and other vests, turtlenecks, strict shirt, romantic close-fitting blouses. Should avoid clothing with very prominent shoulders and sleeves-lanterns, for example. By the tight pants fit shirts and blouses crepe, silk, satin and chiffon.

With summer breeches fit T-shirts and tops. Top you can throw a short bolero or cape. But for the winter should be chosen cotton model pants of thick tweed, which include wool.

Decision stylish image could be riding breeches in tandem with a turtleneck or thin woolen pullover without embroidery and bulk drapes and patterns. Smooth top of solid color - the key to successful fashionable image layout.

To models of trousers, flared from the knee, fit boots, sandals, gladiators and other shoes with laces. Wide models can be combined with classic shoes, shoes with wedge heels, platform, and sneakers and boots.

Do not tolerate the neighborhood with tunics and other long things. It is impossible to cover the upper part of the pants, this is the highlight of the whole. You should avoid layering because breeches and so demonstrate the volume. Superfluous things do shapeless silhouette.

Sport models

So, we shall understand, what to wear breeches, making sports a bow. These pants are especially suitable for an active lifestyle. They comfortably engage in physical exercise, aerobics, dance, pilates and just walking through the park. A wonderful combination of them will be: slipony, moccasins, sneakers, sneakers wedges. The main thing is to understand that the breeches in the image will play the role of an accent, so the rest of the selected items should not drag the attention on himself. As top you can use the T-shirts, sports shirts, short hoodies.

Breeches: photos, what to wear

Let's talk about men's breeches

They can afford the representatives of the stronger sex with any figure. Universal model narrowed down his pants, tight shins and knees, expanding upwards, gives a sense of comfort and freedom of movement is not hampered. They can be combined with the shoes in the style of casual, sports, moccasins, shoes without laces. In cold weather, you can wear the same narrowed down model with high shoes.

Men's breeches constitute an excellent combination of bright shirts, jackets shortened and fitted shirts. In the arrangement, both male and female image of one rule must be observed: volume requires a narrow bottom restrained top, reaching the trouser belt.

Since these pants are closely connected with military theme, designers try to present them in a military style. So basically produced in the base panel. Men do not have strict rules of layout, can wear form-fitting pants with jackets, sweaters, sports things.

We will offer a few bows

So, what to wear women's riding breeches:

  • Business image. Pants can choose not only the classic black, but also others, for example cream, beige, blue and gray. Beautiful duet will blouse of high quality knitwear. A complement bow blazer and leather shoes on average steady heel. suit pants thick cotton for an office or a business meeting.
  • Evening ensemble can be composed of satin trousers and a silk blouse or lace top. Blouse need to be sure to fill in and emphasize the waist strap. Complete image of court shoes heels or boots with high heels. Good duet for a romantic date would be riding breeches and tailcoat. Brave decision will complement the silhouette tie or bow tie. By the way, it is necessary to choose a rich palette of deep, but not dark. For example, bordeaux, burgundy, purple, lilac and many others. An excellent solution for the evening will also bow pants flowing fabrics: silk, spandex, for example, with a bow, a wide belt, with bright stripes.
  • In the light breeches trousers with a shirt, made in lace, you can go to the cinema and theater. Complement bohemian bow tied a silk scarf on her head and big jewelry.
  • Military style. In this ensemble breeches are well combined with the strict jacket and trench coat.

In any onions, most importantly, be able to balance the top and bottom, to outfit was harmonious.

Breeches: photos, what to wear

Consider other models pants


  • Leather breeches. These extravagant pants can afford not every woman unfortunately. The model emphasizes all the curves of the body, so it is suitable girl with perfect forms. Top should be restrained and laconic, it is better to choose a white shirt or blouse, and not just the volume.
  • Wide model. Plain classic pants will help to make everyday bow easily. Nice look with thin jumpers, shirts, jackets, coats. Better to choose closed-toe shoes with laces, for example, the elegant boots.
  • Narrowed to the ankle pants. As a rule, are odor in the belt may be decorated with a large bow showy buttons, volume buckle. The best combination for them will be contrasting things. For example, blue trousers and a white shirt.
  • Jeans and shorts breeches. With them you can make a perfect outfit for a walk with friends. Not suitable owners of short legs. They can be worn and full of woman only pants should not be narrow for large calves. Denim jodhpurs perfectly coexist with the free cut blouses and shoes to sports style.

Let's see, what to wear breeches in the photo.

Breeches: photos, what to wear

Do not forget about accessories

Let breeches - already the top spot in the dress, do not neglect the additional decor. Suitable for both wide and narrow belts, such as leather, metal or even plastic. A fur collar or scarf can help to balance the surround image. They are well combined small bags. Why small and bulky? Because it will divert attention from the accent of his pants. So, we know what you can wear riding breeches, what accessories to choose, most importantly, in the preparation of onions trust your taste and stick to simple rules of layout, because the person meet on clothes, so the image should be harmonious and orderly.