Fashion Tips: What to wear ripped jeans?

In the wardrobe of every woman has a pair of jeans. This is a very comfortable and stylish clothes. After all, these pants support virtually any stylistic bow and make the image of the girl unique, trendy and interesting.

So, in this article we will talk about what to wear ripped jeans. It should be noted, they are in a trend for several decades. Therefore, these pants can be safely called a classic. This universal thing does not disappear from the world's catwalks many consecutive seasons. Moreover, it surely continues to conquer the hearts of fashionistas and fashionistas from all over the world.

Fashion Tips: What to wear ripped jeans?

Who do they fit in?

To figure out what to wear ripped jeans, first determine who they can be worn on any occasion.

Just note that wearing these pants can afford it. The main thing - to choose the right model and, of course, the number of slots, which directly depends on the age, the physical parameters and the status of women.

The older a woman is, the fewer holes should be on her jeans. Mature ladies should choose a model with abrasions.

Where they can wear?

This model jeans trousers - already accent spot in the ensemble, which draws on the views, and focuses attention. Such a bold thing should not be worn to the theater or office. While many ladies can afford it, combining jeans with a white shirt and a strong close-fitting jacket. They can go for a walk, shopping, cafes, a party to the cinema club. The main thing - the right to make the image.

Fashion Tips: What to wear ripped jeans?

Where can be located holes

There are many models, so you can easily find jeans that are suitable for each particular type of figure. And only on personal preference will depend on the number of holes in the pants. Thus, they may be:

  • On lap. This is the most popular model. The slits can be narrow and medium-sized, framed by a fringe or different sized threads.
  • Behind. Holes in this area are less popular.
  • On the buttocks. On the pockets look beautiful, but more frank slots showing underwear, look vulgar.
  • Front-mounted, the entire length of trouser leg. Scrapes and holes can be balanced with respect to each other or applied in an arbitrary manner.

As you can see, on the pants decor can have completely different location and shape. The main thing is that the selected model looked harmoniously, and did not go.

Decorating holes

Beads, stripes of lace and rhinestones make jeans more interesting and fashionable. Laces are the trend of the season. Holes can be made by them, in whole or in part. Openwork webbing sewn to an article or a thin strip along the edges, or has the form of a broad patch. Very fresh and trendy look of lace, filed inside the pants.

An interesting solution - decorate ripped jeans beads (self-colored, multi-colored, different in diameter and texture). They can go across the trouser uniform or folded into a drawing that resembles a flower, heart, or an elegant monogram. Holes are also embroidered with beads on the perimeter.

Rhinestones and crystals look at the pants just great. Such decoration - an excellent solution for parties and trips to the club.

From what to wear ripped jeans for women?

Now let's talk about the proper arrangement of the universal things. As mentioned above, ripped jeans are already accent. Therefore, the remaining items of clothing must be low-key, as well as additional accessories.

Fashion Tips: What to wear ripped jeans?

Owners of ideal proportions you can try on jeans skinny with perforation. It is fitting model with a narrowed down trousers. The holes can be located where and how you want. They can be combined with a monochromatic shirt and shoes with heels. It can be adapted to color shirts or, conversely, be a contrast. Additional image of a small handbag.

Top is also a good combination. Such ideal along the beautiful delicate sandals.

To re-create the classic style of dress, put on jeans narrowed (and with a minimal number of gaps) with pastel shirt or white blouse. On top of a set of jacket will look relevant. A complement the image of shoes on a hairpin. Flared jeans model pants with perforation are not suitable for high-heeled shoes.

Fashion Tips: What to wear ripped jeans?

Sultry time to

Many girls are interested in the question of what to wear ripped jeans summer. There are many solutions. The main thing when choosing a dress - follow the advice of stylists: the more holes contain jeans, the more reticent to be over.

Casual image

You can compose ripped jeans with a T-shirt, kottonovym, shirts, shirt-alcoholic, pick up top with asymmetrical hem. Complement the silhouette ballerina neutral shades, sneakers or running shoes, baggy, slightly bulk bag, backpack textile or bright handbag on a thin strap.

The evening version of

The club can recover in torn jeans and a bright monochrome blouse. In this case, better to choose pants with a high waist. Black sandals with wedges or heels will give the silhouette a special charm and harmony. From the low-key accessories fit necklace and bracelet.

A good idea to look shiny sweater svitshot or truncated top, but without unnecessary decoration. Decorate ensemble of sandals with heels. And what you can wear ripped jeans yet? If they are combined with a t-shirt free cut and a leather jacket with chains, rivets and metal spikes, will dress in the style of "grunge". To fit the image of the rough-soled shoes on the tractor.

Sports style

This model trousers with ease and supports this fashion trend. It will be enough to put on a sweater, sweatshirt or T-shirt, jeans and dress shoes. Add an image can be fashionable cap and backpack.

For hot days, of course, better to choose white and blue shades. So we figured out that wearing ragged jeans in the summer. And, do not forget about the main thing - outfit must not have more than three colors. Also, the image can not overload the small details and outlandish accessories.

Pantyhose and stockings - a taboo for this style.

By the way, there is no limit to the number of holes. The main thing - to adhere to the following rules:

  • Skinny jeans with slits do not fit lush girls. "Boyfriends" straight cut - the best option for them. In this case, the gaps should be small.
  • Wide hips can beat models straight cut, with holes distant from each other.
  • Owners slender legs can wear any model ripped jeans.
  • To make the silhouette more refined and extended, should pick up denim pants with vertical slits. Girls short stature fit pants with lacunae, located above the knee.
  • full of women fit model with a high waist.

Let's see, what to wear ripped jeans, in the photo.

Fashion Tips: What to wear ripped jeans?

And more important tips you need when you buy jeans with perforations

These tips will help you make the right choice:

  • It is necessary to pay attention to the density of denim, hole on the thin canvas will be less effective and very short-lived.
  • flared jeans should be chosen with vertical holes.
  • Skinny with horizontal slits should be sized, if they are too close to the body, the gaps become more and jeans lose their aesthetic appearance.
  • A slim silhouette make jeans with a high waist.

Tips simple, but they are indispensable. And now we understand, with what shoes to wear ripped jeans.

Fashion Tips: What to wear ripped jeans?

On the heels

The perfect solution. It can be sandals with wedge heels or stilettos, court shoes. They fit cropped jeans narrowed. Such a model will make the leg more refined.

On the lower course of the

This Lofer, sandals without heel slipony, espadrilles, sneakers, ballet flats and sneakers and running shoes. This shoe is suitable for models straight cut, flared pants made of denim, boyfriends.

So, now it is clear that wearing ragged jeans. It remains only to talk about jewelry.


They do not have to be big and strong, because the torn jeans are the main bright accent in the image. It is not recommended to use a wide belt. Bags should choose light colors.

Which ripped jeans you would choose, the important thing is that the image was harmonious, stylish and beautiful. Then the onion will look important and advantageous in any situation.