This skinny fit jeans, and what to wear with them?

Fashion, as we know, is cyclical. Less than half a century, as a few half-forgotten model skinny (jeans male or female) regained its popularity. It is interesting that many believe is the brainchild and creation of modern fashion. Quite misconception - Skins come from distant '70s, the era of rock' n 'roll.

This skinny fit jeans, and what to wear with them?

Jeans skinny: Description

What is jeans, everybody knows. So, skinny - a model that is very tight to the figure, like a second skin, here, by the way, the name. Planting may be low, medium or high, and the sleeve always strongly narrowed down. The length of such bryuchek can vary significantly and reach up to the ankle. The color scheme has no borders, but in the true embodiment of all they are the same color indigo.

What is interesting, at first they were men as an attribute of rebellious natures and "bad boys". Period flowering their popularity is connected with great names, e.g. Marlon Brando, Elvis Presley groups Sex Pistols and Rolling Stones et al.

To fit such a model of jeans?

The answer, it would seem, on the surface, given the way they are frankly slim cut. skinny jeans really all faults and imperfections will make a very visible and clear. Therefore, the ideal option - it is not full, but not too thin figure. Best of all, they are sitting on the girls who have a beautiful relief of muscle, which requires training and a certain lifestyle. But others do not be upset, because you can always find a suitable option for themselves, and there are a lot of evidence that girls with curvaceous skinny jeans can also be worn only need to know what. As for the male wardrobe, in this model it is firmly settled. And it is not only the prerogative of the very young members of the stronger sex. It is worth noting that the best thing they look at men of average height and lean, but for high and large enough figure is better to choose a straight cut.

How to choose a skin?

Let's start with growth. For tall girls are no problems at all there. But the owners of low growth should pay attention to the skinny jeans with a high waist. Visually, this model will pull the body and legs. But keep in mind that always need a medium or high heels.

If you are not quite sure of the ideal of the figure, it is best to hide little flaws skinny black color, besides, he will give a slender legs. But a thin girl with the correct form of the legs fit absolutely all shades, even the most bright (yellow, magenta, bright green, and so on. D.). The most relevant this summer, bright blue color will also be at the time.

The most important thing - to evaluate themselves critically, if the model does not suit you, do not be upset. There are many other styles, trendy, relevant and stylish, pay attention to them.

If you choose this model of jeans the main thing - to know the basic rules of style. Beware of vulgarity and tastelessness frank. We offer several options of what to wear with skinny jeans.

This skinny fit jeans, and what to wear with them?

Option number 1: Business

Oddly enough, but this model can be used in a business wardrobe. If you collect the right kit, it is quite suitable for the office, which is not too strict dress code, and business meetings. The first thing is to say that the color should be black or white, and the material is dense (classic denim fabric with added stretch fibers). The most ideal top - a silk or cotton, but not transparent blouses. Classic color: white, black. You can also try beige and peach, light blue. The cut should be as simple and strict. The jacket is adjusted for your body type, but you can experiment with colors. So in conclusion, Fill all this low-key stylish accessories. Please note that this image can be easily transformed by replacing several subjects. At the top of the party can be left intact, only adding a bright necklace and undo the top buttons of her blouse, but strict skinny replaced by less formal with scuffed, artistic holes, additional decor and t. D. Add to this bright shoes.

Option number 2: Sophisticated negligence

This skinny fit jeans, and what to wear with them?

skinny jeans (female or male) and oversayz style - this is what you need. The fact that everything must be in harmony, has long been known. If the bottom tightly fits the figure, the top let it be a little exaggerated and more. In the course are three-dimensional knitted cardigans, jumpers and sweaters, shirts, wide shirts and t-shirts, jackets and so on. D. This is especially good for those who want to hide a couple of extra kilos around the waist and hips. Outerwear in length should be up to mid-thigh.

Another fashion trend, in addition to such an option - the trend of layering - as well as possible side by side with skinny jeans. Great, not only women, but also men's wardrobe. Notice in the photo.

This skinny fit jeans, and what to wear with them?

multilayer sloppy at first glance, but carefully thought out, it involves a lot of elements of clothes, worn on top of each other. Option is the best suited for tall and slender figures. In this case, the shoe is best to choose a low speed: Loafer, shoes, t-shirt, ballet flats, etc...

Option number 3: On each day

Let's talk about what to wear with skinny jeans for everyday wardrobe. The model is very democratic and neighbors to itself takes almost all. From outerwear perfectly with parks, jackets, tweed coats and leather jackets, classic trench sand-colored, suede and denim. In the latter case, choose contrasting colors, things picked up the tone in tone - it is too boring.

This skinny fit jeans, and what to wear with them?

Very stylish look skinny jeans tucked into high boots. It is true, keep in mind that this is only a slender legs. Actively use this model to create images in a nautical style (with vests and Lofer), romantic (flying elongated tunic with floral print, soft suede shoes and natural colors).

Skinny jeans out of the category of clothing, in which, as the saying goes, and in the feast, and in the world, and good people. Experiment and create their own unique images.