From what to wear oxfords for men? Men's classic shoes

Without which it can not do business clothes men? Right! Without a good suit and shoes. It is recognized as the most classic Oxfords, most rigorous pair of office shoes. Refined and has long recognized the world, they are unique and irreplaceable. We offer you to learn more about this model of shoes, and at the same time get acquainted with several options on how they can be quickly and easily adapted to any wardrobe.

From what to wear oxfords for men? Men's classic shoes

Oxfords Men: what is it?

The name is familiar to many, but if we mean by it the same thing? Let's investigate. Oxford - it's not just ordinary shoes, and the whole fashion trend characterizing impeccable English style. Someone might say that this is the usual shoes - and yet not. They have a certain distinctive feature - a closed lacing. Therefore, sometimes there is the difficulty to put them on, they are tough and well keep their shape.

From what to wear oxfords for men? Men's classic shoes

One of the varieties are oxford brogues, they have a perforation. The history of the now popular model began long ago, they massively began to wear even in the 18th century. Classic men's oxfords shoes sewn entirely of smooth leather. Who allowed some liberties, and became fashionable paint, suede, Faux leather, sometimes even in the most different combinations. The ratio of the color was very loose, too, although they should ideally be black.

Oxford men: what to wear?

Buying these shoes, it should be remembered that, in its classic version, they are very formal and strict pair of output. Black oxfords without perforations, additional decor made to wear a tuxedo, suit or classic suits, and nothing else. But female Oxford, appeared in the early 20-ies of the last century, less formal, and almost all are permissible. So think before you stop the choice on any model. Different variations of the classic shoes will help you reduce the "degree" of officialdom and correctly fit them into your everyday wardrobe. We offer you several options as to what to wear oxfords for men. Blessing now more varied fashion and free in their combinations.

Option number 1: the unshakable classic

To say anything in this case too. Very stylish, formal and expensive. But if the office business suit suit oxfords made of genuine leather, not to attract attention, then, for example, to the evening tuxedo can be worn lacquer shoes, and it's appropriate.

From what to wear oxfords for men? Men's classic shoes

Variant № 2: brown oxfords

Included with the ubiquitous denim is the best fit informal shoes - men's oxfords with perforations and a round toe, or simply brogues. The photo shows that they are equally good with light jeans and a classic indigo, and the top at the same time supplemented by free jackets.

From what to wear oxfords for men? Men's classic shoes

With the business suits they would not be quite appropriate, but with tweed or wool at the time. Note to photo: only English, aristocratic style, but fashionable and date.

Leather brogues noble brown in perfect harmony with the bag in tone and wool plaid suit marsh color. And on top photo shows that even a yellow socks will be quite appropriate, complete with a turtleneck. Very affordable options that allow you to stay within the business style and follow fashion trends at the same time.

From what to wear oxfords for men? Men's classic shoes

Option number 3: two-tone oxfords

They can be of two kinds: with and without perforations. And, in fact, a combination of colors innumerable. Whatever you want, and depending on how much you have in the expressed desire for extravagance. The combination of natural colors, looks calm and at the same time is not boring and ordinary. Add these oxfords shoes (men, and women, however, too) to the narrowed and slightly shortened trousers in dark blue and close-fitting white shirt - and you can safely go to the office.

From what to wear oxfords for men? Men's classic shoes

And here is an example of a more extravagant version, a combination of two contrasting colors on the shoe, and it is unlikely someone will reproach D. Depp in the absence of taste. Comes with free costumes this shoe looks perfectly and adds zest to the image.

From what to wear oxfords for men? Men's classic shoes

Another version, more adapted to everyday life - is two-colored oxfords in tone to trousers. Youth and vivid image, looks fresh and life-affirming.

Option number 4: suede oxfords

Even more free and democratic model of shoes. The soft material is perfect for cool fall or spring. Is the perfect companion to the suede - is, of course, denim. They seem made for each other and pleasing to the eye with a warm, relaxed manner, suitable for walking around the city, visits, meetings with friends.

The office classic jeans can be easily replaced with stylish trousers mustard chinos, dark blue, green or shades of Marsala. In this case, we recommend oxfords (male or female) to choose neutral colors: brown, black, gray. Or do the opposite - and become the center of attention. Assemble the image in strict colors and let the shoes are bright and expressive, for example, orange or red.

Option number 5: bright socks

It's an option for those who want to be in the spotlight because it pass by without spearheaded look at this set, it is simply impossible. Clothing in this case mostly neutral, like shoes, they provide the basis and foundation. Socks are also a highlight, a fashionable trend.

From what to wear oxfords for men? Men's classic shoes

If it's for you, remember two rules. Firstly, socks should be high, that there was no visible bare feet when you, for example, sit down on the bench. Secondly, try to trim a little shorter pants, but not too narrow. If the length is excessive, then the question arises, why socks, because they are still not in sight. Too narrowed model will make your legs in flippers. In such a combination, oxfords shoes (male or female) you can create an image in the spirit of mods. There is in him something daring, and for a pretense to challenge, but in the meantime looks simply stunning. Notice in the photo. The image of the attention to detail: brown oxfords, dark trousers and socks to match the cell to them. Summarizing the above, we note that we should not sidestep such an unusual shoes like oxfords - male or female, they will always find a place in your wardrobe, most importantly, find your perfect match.