Fashion Tips: How to make holes and abrasions on his jeans?

Fashion for the torn and frayed jeans, perhaps, will never pass. However, not always possible to acquire the desired model in the store. Firstly, not all the models look like they want us. And secondly, not all jeans sit perfectly in the figure. There is a solution: you can just come up with your own model and put on jeans worn, but there is a question: "How do?" Holes and worn jeans come in different types and configurations. Each option has its own technology.

Option 1 slots with white threads

Fashion Tips: How to make holes and abrasions on his jeans?

To make this model, you will need jeans themselves, stationery knife and the needle. So, any jeans have two layers of thread. The lower, usually white, while the upper layer is colored. Select section legs, where would you like to see cut. Office knife make two incisions. It will be a decorative hole border. With the help of these needles cuts pull white thread. So, it all parallel threads should remain intact. Now pull out the cross colored threads, being careful not to damage the white.

This way you can make slots of different shapes and configurations. Jeans with holes (photos confirm it) always look impressive. Some make geometric slots, while others - flowers or hearts. However, such forms require more perseverance and skill.

Option 2: Torn hole

Fashion Tips: How to make holes and abrasions on his jeans?

How to make a hole and rubbing jeans messy? You will need all of the same stationery knife and any board, on which to work. We put a tablet at a place where we want to make a hole, so to avoid damaging the back of the leg. Now office knife make slits. Frequency slots - to your taste. The same can be said about the length. However, it should fall back a distance from the joints. The slots may begin at different distances from the side and inner leg seams. Now office knife doctoring transverse threads with longitudinal (white). All good shakes. Some of the white thread can break - it does not matter. So the hole in the knee of jeans will look even more spectacular.

Fashion Tips: How to make holes and abrasions on his jeans?

Option 3: slight abrasions

With this method may be applied to attrition light denim. It needs a blade or knife stationery. We are trying to clean off the upper blade jeans stand from the bottom. Stop the procedure at any time. Causing attrition in this way, you will avoid excessive breaking through tissue. You can also use sand paper of different sizes.

Fashion Tips: How to make holes and abrasions on his jeans?

How do holes and abrasions on his jeans, so they were not torn?

Making holes and abrasions can be all three of the above methods. To a hole in the jeans is not the sprawling, should be on the back side prokleivat their interlining or prostrachivat on a typewriter. However, this does not relieve your jeans from further breaking through, but the process will go much more slowly, and the longer you can carry your hip and trendy jeans.

In fact, many duplicates of a hole from the back side by using a multi-colored fabric. This is not only a way to keep the fabric in the proper form, but also give the image of greater identity.

What are the best jeans to choose?

It is best worn on jeans with his hands made with quality fabrics. It should select cotton jeans where clearly shows two layers of filaments. At these pants torn holes will look much more impressive. In color no special restrictions. They look great both white and dark models with scuffed. Incidentally, after application of the many holes in jeans vybelivayut bottom layer yarns. Then they contrast sharply with the whole leg.

From what to wear these jeans?

Fashion Tips: How to make holes and abrasions on his jeans?

So, we figured out how to make the holes and worn jeans. However, what you can wear them? Firstly, it should be noted that such models will not only young schoolgirls and female students. They may look pretty good on ladies older in combination with other things casual style and in appropriate situations (walk in the park, a picnic, going to the movies, and so on. D.). So, jeans with scuffed impressive look with shirts and T-shirts broad cut. T-shirts can be worn over the jacket in men's style. Classics of the genre - ripped jeans, combined with the men's shirt. Single-colored, flowered, or in a cage - all options are good. It should be noted that if a large number of holes jeans, the top should not be overloaded or decorations or flowers, or all kinds of draperies. If the hole is not much, it is quite admissible brighter top. Poor fit ripped jeans with ragged as T-shirts: the impression of untidiness. In autumn and spring well to combine ripped jeans with black leather jackets or leather jackets shortened. Effectively look ripped jeans combined with a white shirt and a denim vest. As for footwear, it is best to choose sandals, clogs or light slippers flat shoes. However, some models can easily be combined with the shoes on his heels: the image turns out tender and feminine.