From what to wear a fur coat? Tips stylist

In winter, the girls are very fond of wearing coats made of fur. They are not only warm but also beautiful. From what to wear a fur coat to look elegant? The first thing to understand that kind of thing in the locker room requires a special selection of shoes, hats and accessories.

Short coat

This style is a fashionable every season. To look stylish, she should know what to wear with a short coat. This style will suit a slender girl with long legs.

From what to wear a fur coat? Tips stylist

For young fashionistas will be the best set of skinny jeans, a shade which can be absolutely anything. Wear boots on his feet, so that the image has become more glamorous.

If you are going to a party, combine short coat with a dress made of silk, stitched on the figure, and high boots with heels. Complement it with a small clutch of silver accessories.

From what to wear short fur coat, if she sewed from bright fur? The best choice will wear dark colors and black shoes made of genuine leather. If the girl brave and not afraid experiments, it may pick up a handbag to match outerwear.

The short coat of black mink looks great in combination with contrast dress. Narrow skirt - perfect for business style. This kit will give the femininity and elegance, suitable for dress code in the office.

Long coat

The product of this style will warm the cold winter. Long coats emphasize the silhouette and show the status of its owner. Most often they are held on women, leaving a short model for young girls.

From what to wear a fur coat? Tips stylist

For such things you need to choose the right basic wardrobe. From what to wear a fur coat to look perfect? Things should be primarily qualitative, made of natural materials.

Shoes should choose to match a coat. For example, black suede boots heel will look good with mink product. Brown shoes come to mutonovym products. Scarf should not stick out from under the fur, because it is ugly and spoil the whole image. Gloves are selected leather or suede. Handbag should be the tone for a fur coat or a couple of shades lighter.

Most women like to wear brooches. The main rule when it is selected - it should not be too massive. The small flower on the collar - the perfect decoration cold winter.

mink coat

Almost every woman wants to wear on their shoulders, these soft and luxurious fur. From what to wear mink coat to look elegant?

From what to wear a fur coat? Tips stylist

The short style perfectly combined with classic trousers and pencil skirt. From the selected shoe without a heel boots. they must be not only beautiful, but also comfortable for a mink coat.

Genuine leather - the best choice. Boots, boots - well with the short version. For a long coat suit heeled shoes made of leather or suede.

The headpiece is also important. From what to wear mink coat? Of course, a hat or beret neat. To the choice you need to carefully. Hats should be self-colored, uncluttered. Knitted cap in this case will not work.

When choosing accessories pay attention to the small bags and clutches. If gloves - the better leather, scarves - light and long, as they are not made to produce a fur coat. On a sunny day you can wear sunglasses, the frame of which is made in the same shades as outerwear.


From what to wear a fur coat? This question fashionista set annually. Hats that will go with coats:

  • Fur cap. It will warm in the cold and will go well with a fur coat. The main thing that cap was to pick the right style and color. On the material is also worth paying attention to. For example, a cap and a fur coat from arctic fox, made in a single scheme, will create a great set. From what to wear a fur coat? Tips stylist
  • Shawls are very popular now. They give the image of femininity. is selected in this case made of cotton or knit fabric.
  • The hat will decorate a coat of such a kit. Daring girls can play with the shades of the contrasts. Optimally, the pick a hat to match a coat.
  • scarf-LIC is also great to fur coats without hood.
  • Knitted caps combined with only simple formed outerwear. There is no question: "From what to wear faux fur coat?". The answer is obvious, with a knitted cap.

headgear choice is entirely dependent on the preferences of girls. Wear it should be convenient and comfortable.


Choose the right boots - the whole science. Shoes should be made of natural materials - leather, suede. For short coats boots are well suited to the platform. By the length of the model is better to buy boots with heels.

shoe color depends entirely on the color coats. Do not wear bright boots if outerwear light color, it will look ridiculous. Try to keep all the elements of the wardrobe were a single entity.

Winter is better to give up shoes with heels as walking would be inconvenient. Pay attention to the boots on a platform sole, wide heel or flat shoes.

Trousers and skirt

From what to wear coat, looked set to succinctly? Trousers - it is convenient and practical, and the skirt - it's stylish and feminine.

From what to wear a fur coat? Tips stylist

Short coats are allowed to wear any style of clothing. Model "avtoledi" is so versatile that it can pick up both pants and skirts, knee-length. With such products can also be safely worn jeans tapering.

average length coats require more careful selection. If the pants - the only narrow model. Skirts and dresses should choose short or just above the knee. Supplements such kits shoes with heels. Long coats are allowed to wear any pants tucked into boots. Skirts and dresses can be worn both short and long into the floor. The main condition is that the whole image should look harmonious.


Fur Coat - stylish and self-contained product in a woman's wardrobe. To it is necessary to choose the right accessories:

  • Gold jewelry will emphasize the beauty and elegance of natural furs. Bracelet and ring - the best choice.
  • are selected to match the handbag to shoes, so that the image was concise. Well, if it is without the long strap.
  • From what to wear coat with a collar? Of course, with a neck scarf. The main thing is that the fabric was monotonous, not too bright.

Accessories able to diversify and complement everyday clothes.

From what to wear a fur coat? Tips stylist


This thing - is indispensable for women. Sew bags of various sizes and shapes. Not every girl will be able to choose the right coat for this wonderful accessory.

Tips stylist say that it is not necessary to carry the bag on your belt, it will leave a mark on the fur. For everyday wear choose a medium-sized model. The publication includes the purchase of a small clutch.

Good combination with the coat will handbag, made of fur.


If you do not have a hood coat in the winter can be frozen. Scarf - the perfect solution to this problem. The first step is to pick the right color gamut.

Scarf should be suited to the shade of fur coats. Wear it over or you can tuck the ends inside. Recently, the most trendy print for scarves - Russian folk patterns. They enhance the beauty of women and bring to the image of elegance.

Gloves or mittens?

Hands in the winter, too, must be protected. To suit coats of genuine leather gloves. They are hardy, they do not crack. Lining they should be soft, comfortable hand and be sure to pass air. You can buy leather gloves. They are comfortable and practical. Fur mittens are not suitable for all models of fur coats, but are considered to be warmer.

Gloves convenient, but they can freeze your fingers. In this case, the selected transformer model, which is converted into mittens.

Hands should be not only warm but also comfortable. The choice is a woman and depends on the model, color and style coats.

What do not wear a fur coat?

In winter, the girls want to look stylish and feminine warm outerwear. But you must remember, with what is best not to combine the coat:

  • Sportswear is not recommended.
  • There are too bright and flashy accessories.
  • Boots, boots from non-natural materials.
  • In some cases - jeans.

Stylist Tips can help women look elegant even in the cold season.

Five stylish image

Shuba is able to create a luxurious package that attracts the views of others. For example, a black mink coat goes well with dark dress in a cage. From footwear to such a kit suitable leather boots with a heel. Cap, made of fur coat in tone to complement the image and give it a finished look.

From what to wear a fur coat? Tips stylist

In winter especially want to look luxurious. Fox fur coat from a light shade is combined with white straight pants. Gloves, pick black color. On the hand, you can put on a thin gold bracelet. Shoes necessarily heels.

Daring girls can create an incredibly cheeky set, wearing ripped jeans, sneakers and a short green coat chocolate hue. Add an image to help knit hat big milky. Particularly stylish this set will look when coat buttoned the top button on one and put on a bright T-shirt under it. Long model outerwear require special selection of clothes and accessories. To coat a dark brown hue to suit a wide black boots heel. Wide belt will make the image of femininity and emphasize the waist. Handbag should be of medium size, without straps, coffee color. This kit is suitable for both travelers as well as for everyday wear.

On the streets you can find extraordinary women in fur coats. For example, a blue hue. In this case, you need to pick up the wardrobe elements correctly. The ideal choice is yellow short dress. Boots Choose a bright color such as red. Complement the image of sunglasses and colored small handbag on a thin strap.

Any coat requires careful treatment and proper selection of clothes. The fur is different from other materials by its elegance, beauty and femininity. Shuba allows you to create such images, from which passers-by can not tear his eyes.