What to Wear to the club to have a great time?

Trips to nightclubs for someone are unnecessary and uninteresting pastime, somebody can not imagine my life without bright party and incendiary dances. For many fans of parties, there is no problem of what to wear to the club, because often they choose the outfit, which will be formally comply with the dress code. Just to pass face control. However, club clothes - an important part of the party, it will be able to identify you from the crowd and make your way memorable, especially when it comes to theme nights. That is why it is important to know what to wear to the club, not to be trapped.

What to Wear to the club to have a great time?

The main principles of clothes

Going to another party, think about why you go to clubs. Maybe, for the sake of communicating with friends, or for making new acquaintances? Or do you want to come off at full on the dance floor? Addressing these issues and let you down to the main club clothes principles: it must be comfortable, not hamper your movements in the dance, stylish, capable emphasize your individuality and highlight you among friends. On this basis, it is necessary to look, what to wear to the club.

What to Wear to the club to have a great time?

Pick up comfortable clothes

Do not think that comfortable outfit - a sports pants and sneakers, then you simply can not pass security. Can be comfortable in a cocktail dress that is always popular in nightclubs, and high heel shoes. Do not seek to pick up super ultra short skirts or tight jeans, because it is fashionable. First of all you should be comfortable to dance. Modern fashion offers several options for how to dress a girl in the club: 1) Stylish top, shorts and comfortable boots;

2) Easy tunic, leggings, boots or sandals wedges;

3) T-shirt or blouse, short skirt and leggings;

4) flying sundress or cocktail dress heeled shoes and sandals.

What to Wear to the club to have a great time?

Style and Sexuality

Club dress, no doubt, must be chosen with taste and show the owner of the stylish and seductive lady. Prefer proven things, if you are not sure how to be a certain dress or top look on the dance floor, better leave it at home. You do not know what to wear to the club? Choose shiny and shimmering outfits: dresses with sequins, shirts and shoes with rhinestones. This will help you not get lost in the crowd. Be sure to think over, what accessories to wear: an interesting necklace or chain will draw attention to the long open neck, stylish belt profitable emphasize the waist and tiny clutch will give you in a fashionable girl. From footwear it is recommended to choose gold or silver and black models.

A fur coat, cap and mittens: what to wear to the club in the winter?

In winter, on the party also wants, but what about the clothes, not the dance in his boots and warm sweater? The most competent advice here is as follows: bring your shoes, which you can change the boots. The status clubs always have a wardrobe where you can change, so you can take and a different outfit. But do not get carried away, go to the club with a package of things should not be. But what to wear to the club in the winter in this case? Just wear lightweight clothing: the same T-shirts, tops, skirts, leggings, and on top - a jacket or coat. Winter did not cool in the club than in the summer, maybe even vice versa. So think about how to ensure that your clothes were easy and good "breathing". All of these tips will help you not only look at the club is stylish and trendy, but also spend time without sacrificing comfort!