Astrakhan coats: fashions (photos)

Many astrakhan fur is associated with the caps worn by Leonid Brezhnev, and inexpressive and inexpensive coats of our grandmothers. Today, however, astrakhan fur is highly prized by top designers and fashionable women around the world. Coats and jackets of this gentle unusual fur found in the winter collections Max Mara, Fendi, Alexander McQueen, Marc Jacobs. If you want a fashionable astrakhan coat, pay attention to the variety of styles.

astrakhan fur

Karakul - is fur lambs special breed, it is distinguished by a thin membrane (ie skin), through which the product obtained by thin, elegant, but warm. As astrakhan lamb fur breed inherent unique pattern of small curls. There are also products karakulcha is fur unborn lambs. He particularly soft and gentle and different patterns. Rings on it is still not as elastic and longer wavy fur. From this material is sewn the most exquisite and expensive astrakhan coat. Photos of celebrities from around the world often prove it - fur karakulcha demand among discerning connoisseurs.

Astrakhan coats: fashions (photos)

Today you can buy fur products having different origins and different characteristics.

  • Afghan fur is the most expensive, but also the highest quality, it is very hardwearing and is not afraid of snow or moisture.
  • African doodle - usually it's not very warm fur, so most of it is custom made jackets and fur coats demi.
  • Uzbek astrakhan - is the one from which sewed fur coats in the Soviet Union. He is very warm and dense, has a familiar deep and bright black color.

What color to choose

Our mothers wore astrakhan fur coats mostly black, and today it is a deep shade of fur is popular. It is practical and beautiful - the sun curls of black fur poured especially beautiful. However, there are other options.

Astrakhan coats: fashions (photos)

For example, the African fur is white, it is a special breed of white karakul. Sometimes you can see the snow-white models, and sometimes with a smooth transition of light shades.

Of the other natural colors of fur are very popular gray and gold. For lovers of the original colors suit astrakhan fur coats in lilac and purple tones. This effect is achieved by a combination of black and brown hairs on the skin.

Equally popular and models of dyeing of fur, such as pink, red or blue.

Astrakhan coats: fashions (photos)

The short astrakhan coat

Photos short models, often referred to as "avtoledi" suggests that these coats are usually choosing women who prefer an active lifestyle, with no need for a long and very warm models. For them, the shorter coat of astrakhan with stand-up collar - an ideal option.

Astrakhan coats: fashions (photos)

The most truncated model, having a length to mid-thigh or just below the waist, and often have not the full-length sleeve and 7/8, it looks very elegant. The model may also have a trapezoidal cut or be fitted. There are also variants of the belt. With this shaped coat or jacket well combined high boots on a thin heel, tight skirts and fashionable slacks. And do not forget about the long leather gloves.

Astrakhan coats: fashions (photos)

Another popular short astrakhan fur - Ballerinas. So long coat called just 80-100 cm with characteristic flared back. This style does not cover the knees and looks good with skirts and high boots. The model may have both hood and varied cutting collar.

Long coat

Since the coat - it's still winter wardrobe item, model below the knee length never lose demand. Is the winning option - a model or just below the knee to mid-calf, usually slightly form-fitting and slightly flared down astrakhan fur. Styles of this type will suit any woman, regardless of age, and it will be appropriate in every situation. In such a warm coat, but it is convenient to move around the city and public transport.

Astrakhan coats: fashions (photos)

Newer model astrakhan coats can have a straight cut, similar to the coat. Due to the fact that the doodle - is very thin and soft fur, such a direct fashion is not complete.

Astrakhan coats: fashions (photos)

coat of astrakhan A-shaped silhouette

A classic cut that suits everyone. Slightly flared trapezoidal shape adds feminine image. Especially recommended full coat such women. A-Line make slimmer figure, mark the waist and thin scrawl, in contrast to the more fluffy fur options, will not give the figure of excess volume.

Astrakhan coats: fashions (photos)

The women, on the other hand, different lean physique, a cut will add the required volume in the hips. If select trapezoidal coat of composite materials, for example, shawl collar of pelts or with pockets of foxes, it is possible to beat and other problem areas.

By the way, if you have an old fur unfashionable style, but with well-preserved with fur, ask the company how to alter astrakhan coat and make it a trapezoid. Updated thing will look stylish even several seasons.

Direct cut

In the case of astrakhan this style - one of the most interesting. Thin plastic fur allows you to create from it elegant things that do not make a figure slimmer, even in winter. Often astrakhan fur straight silhouette have a length just above the knee and a shorter arm. Typically, this concise model, simple in its elegance, do not have any flashy parts.

Astrakhan coats: fashions (photos)

Fur straight silhouette advantageous all look with stand-up collar or no gate (in the case of Demi-fur coat or jacket), with a hidden fastener without decorative elements. Impeccable tailoring and elegant shiny fur - that's what attract attention such astrakhan fur.

Styles cocoon and oversayz

Not every fur is suitable for this style of fashionable and stylish clothing. Usually cocoon or oversayz sew a coat, but the coat of astrakhan with dropped shoulder line, with the extension in length and tapered hem, with bulky sleeves will look very stylish.

Wearing a fur coat is better with brutal boots on the massive soles, with jeans, skinny, with narrow skirts and maxi bright bold accessories.

Models with belt

This is a very feminine astrakhan coats, because the belt emphasizes the waist and create a beautiful silhouette. Often this model the average length of the trapezoidal cut with flared hem. However, the belt is often complemented and astrakhan jackets with short sleeves.

Astrakhan coats: fashions (photos)

Typically, the belt is made of leather of the same color as the fur, and the contrast of these materials looks very advantageous. But there are coats with a belt of astrakhan. Thanks to the flexibility and plasticity of the fur, as well as its strength, the belt will not lose the form of a tightening his waist.

Wearing a fur coat, it is imperative with high heels, and as a headdress, use a handkerchief, he will emphasize the feminine image.

Astrakhan coats: fashions (photos)

astrakhan coat with leather inserts and fur combination with another

Astrakhan fur itself is very bright and catchy, but not uncommon, and the successful combination of skin and other fur. For example, it may be a coat of astrakhan with inserts of leather or tanning material on the chest or a combination of fur vest with leather sleeves. caracul often can not perform the basic fur, and a decorative element, such as decorating a front portion coats. In addition, you may be surprised and design astrakhan coat. Photos with lace, fringe and other unusual details prove - karakul amazingly versatile, but noble fur.

Astrakhan coats: fashions (photos)

With regard to combination with other fur, it is often a game of contrasts of textures - smooth astrakhan fur with swirls played up long pile of fox or raccoon. Normally contrasting fur trim collar, for example, the gate-post rack or shawl collar. More often than not fur companion chosen to match to the main fur coats, but there are also design models with a collar in a contrasting color. You can also find coats in retro style with removable collar of another shade. Also, there are models with pockets of mink or other smooth fur.

Astrakhan coats: fashions (photos)

A beautiful version of the trim - on the sleeves. This can be a smooth one tone with fur scribbles thereof formed lower sleeve edge by about one third. From the same fluffy fur can be made long fringe cuff or sleeve truncated coat or jacket.