How to combine shoes with a coat Tips stylists

While modern fashionista busy creating elegant and feminine appearance, picking up shoes with high heels, popular stylists confidently offer, correctly select the composition and, for example, feel free to wear a coat with sneakers. Let's consider this option.

Sneakers - Universal

Sports shoes, including running shoes, long been positioned not only as an attribute of exercise. Today's youth prefers quite active and mobile lifestyle. And in order to feel comfortable and outside the home, leaving the street, many of the fair sex in the selection of things prefer comfort and practicality, not cheap glamor.

How to combine shoes with a coat Tips stylists

Female copy stylish bows displays ready-to-wear and try to combine to create a fashionable feminine image with sports shoes. Putting on shoes with fashionable bows: a variety of dresses, light skirts, frayed jeans, a boyfriend and a coat of different cut - they want to look fashionable and delight others.

Shoes - quite versatile shoes that can be worn year-round, regardless of weather conditions. So, in the winter fashionista wear sneakers, combining them with a warm fur top, and in the spring and fall safely wear a demi coat. Even a cold summer, in wet weather, it is possible to put on light shoes with a coat unlined. A beautiful legs at the same time will be incredibly grateful to her mistress.

How to wear a coat with sneakers

However, most of today's fashionistas, at the thought of a bold combination and blending of styles in clothes, leave this venture. For the simple reason that in order to decide on such an experiment, you must possess uncommon courage and a sense of proportion. But competently and ably came to combining and aligning the shoes with a coat, according to stylists, you can get a very stylish bow.

Tips for beginners

Despite the conservative views and disagreements appear during discussions - whether worn coat with sneakers, designers argue that the duo is the fashion trend of the season. And the resulting image looks very stylish and elegant.

How to combine shoes with a coat Tips stylists

So how do you wear a coat with sneakers, not to look ridiculous, and not be embarrassed? To do this, you must learn to combine the two different styles of dress properly, listening to the advice of fashion stylists and famous designers:

  1. Giving preference to the combination of a long coat with sneakers, do not forget the accompanying accessories, always picking them by color to shoes. For example, to use LICs, stylish cap or large knitted beautiful bag. In this case, the bag should be of a soft texture, since the thing with the rigid frame, will not look advantageous.
  2. From the combination of the length at the floor of the classic coat with sneakers is to refuse, since the length of the top things in this duo plays a major role. In order to achieve a stunning effect it is necessary to opt for a coat knee-length or slightly below.
  3. To visually seem a little higher than necessary wearing a short coat, enlist the help of sneakers on a hidden high platform.
  4. When selecting outerwear, you need to give preference to straight cut or stop on the coat as a cocoon.
  5. Sneakers must be worn on bare feet or on the trail, but in any case, not to toe.
  6. Do not choose garments with decorative elements and a variety of ruffles. As stylists to create the fashion duo - coat is necessary to choose a single color, without any ornaments. It is also recommended to avoid upper garment with flared bottom in the style of New Look.

Creating a fashionable duo

One of the most common combination is the combination of tight leggings, skinny jeans or with short coat straight cut models. And in order to complete the fashionable bow and make it the most stylish, wearing a coat with sneakers and sports caps in the same tone.

How to combine shoes with a coat Tips stylists

Another quite interesting is a composition that consists of ripped jeans, sweaters large knitted or light shirts. Complement is typically obtained bow shoe with a color print or half-bright.

It looks great image created by combining the shoes, coats and short denim skirt. Combine and complement that stylists offer a stylish backpack. If desired, the skirt can be put even leggings.

You can also find a stylish combination, when a coat with sports shoes worn directly knitted dress. The only thing to consider when creating the proposed fashion bow - is that the chosen dress length should be slightly shorter coat.

A modern classic

Presented fashion ladies duets equated to modern classics, positioning coat in combination with sneakers as a new trend. For the simple reason that the shoe that is designed for physical training, it's great for both daily trips and for noisy parties.

There is a percentage of young girls who believe that the classic coat is not combinability with sports shoes, but fashion stylists and millions beauties have proved the opposite. It goes without saying that with sports shoes will look gorgeous not any coat.

Tips for creating the perfect duo

Organically created by the combination of sneakers and straight, slightly close fitting coat. An excellent choice for the modern girl will coat-steymet or outerwear, its brim resembling elongated men's jacket.

How to combine shoes with a coat Tips stylists

But the elongated coats with athletic shoes smartly suited only tall and well built, the fairer sex, as this version of the model can make the shape a little squat and in some cases even slightly baggy. To such an impression is not created, fashion stylists recommend street fashionistas to roll up the sleeves, so that the demonstration will be the girls' wrists and silhouette will not seem much overweight.

colored coat

Romantic ladies, most likely, will be thrilled with the coat soft pink colors. To create a beautiful and feminine bow to the top of the clothes fit gray or white sneakers in pink tone. In the event of a desire to create a vivid image, you can stay on the model of an intense blue color.

How to combine shoes with a coat Tips stylists

To look stylish and beautiful wearing a white coat to create a fashionable bow, stylists advise to buy sneakers in white or beige color, diluting the composition of some black thing.

By gray suit coat or shoes red sports shoes for a couple of tones richer outerwear. Coat of black to create the perfect pair of chic image will be white or black sneakers, but only with a black sole.

To the yellow coat suitable sports shoes from a neutral palette. By itself, the color is enough self-sufficient, so you need to focus only on the outer clothing to create a stylish bow. Using the tips and tricks of stylists, any girl, wearing a coat with a shoe in the appropriate color, it will look quite stylish and fashionable.

How to combine shoes with a coat Tips stylists

sight Male

Young people are much more conservative than women in terms of development of new products and fashion trends. They are very difficult to change their habits and preferences in clothing. Convince and force them to wear bright and flashy socks for cropped jeans, and in the summer to wear shoes without socks - unfathomable task. However, the coat with men sneakers they wear with great pleasure, considering this combination is quite practical.