The strictness of the coat in military style

Military style, which appeared immediately after the Second World War in all the fashion collections of famous designers, and to this day remains one of the important trends of fashion. Special prominence acquired military style coat. Back in 1980 it introduced the world to Christian Dior himself. Thanks to its unprecedented imagination and skill with a needle and thread and designers gave a second wind and rough brutal military uniform.

Just a few months military style coat has become an integral part of the wardrobe of the richest women, actresses and popular socialite. Currently, this piece of outerwear is considered one of the most stylish and versatile. With what is worn coats military as combined with other clothing, and whether there can be an elegant military style?

The strictness of the coat in military style

Today and yesterday

Initially, military style meant quite rough lines and straight cut. In the manufacture of clothing used only black, green, brown shades of fabrics and threads. Women coat in military style a couple of decades ago, little different from the male military coat.

Today, military style came many new features. When sewing become used more feminine and delicate materials: silk, cashmere, natural cotton or flax, tweed quality soft wool and others. Of the mandatory elements on the coat in military style emerged lapels and epaulets, stripes, shiny ties, lacing and even medals.

As for color, it is now military clothes look much more clearly than in the 80s of the last century. Today, autumn or winter coat in military style - not only to brown or black. It can be brash yellow, bright olive, rigorous blue or gray. Designers each season are coming up with more and more options, add a stylish and original details.

Practical average length of

With a length of product designers always experimenting. It was at the shows and unusual ultrashort military coat, and, on the contrary, so long that the "sweep the floor". But the best and most practical was recognized by the average length of women of fashion - to the knee or slightly below. And it's not a fad fashion houses. This length is dictated by the convenience and versatility.

The strictness of the coat in military style

Coats military style medium length will not hamper movement during running or walking, it will be convenient when traveling on public transport or by car. In addition, under this item of clothing is more convenient and easier to pick up other items wardrobe.

Today outerwear military is an artistic copy of the soldiers' jackets. However, the uniform is complemented feminine details and nuances that give the clothes sophistication bordering with severity.

From what to wear military style coat

According to experts, military clothes fit absolutely any girl. It is able to emphasize the right and hide the fact that I would like to keep for yourself. Coats Military - it's a challenge, emphasizing female sexuality and showing boldness and individuality of the character of modern fashionista.

The strictness of the coat in military style

The refined charm of

If earlier charm the female form was added Boucicaut, today beauties do not need to make an effort. Military style coat is already decorated with the necessary set of accessories: bright buttons, lapels, epaulettes with fringes. This article of clothing help, do not hesitate to create a stylish and bold image. It is perfectly compatible both with the strict dresses and pencil skirt or with trousers cut free.

A delicate harmony of

Black military style coat with a length up to ankles helps to make emphasis on the beauty and harmony of the female figure. The maximum length can afford a girl of average height or even below average. Small miniature beauties will only complement the image jackboots or boots on a high platform - and it's done.

The strictness of the coat in military style

If it is a worker or business image, the designers are advised to adhere to the delicacy. Choose more muted shades of the coat, in order to outfit the surrounding perceived more naturally. And we need only change the coat of black color on a bright green or olive, then immediately before the eyes of a free way of the modern business woman who is not afraid to experiment.


Photos coat in military style made of leather in some magazine makes fashionistas immediately reflect on acquisition thereof. Tops of good skin - this is not only an indicator of good taste, but also practical. Leather goods Military style reminiscent neubivaem military uniform, which is not afraid of no bullets or grenades or shells whistling over his head.

Leather coat - dress versatile, allowing the image to quickly transform. For example, the coat of the skin, severe knee skirt and boots - way to work, business meetings and corporate events. One has only to change the skirt on pants, tuck discharge the same boots (without changing the upper clothing item) and you get a stylish modern way, suitable for walking with children, and leisure travel.

The strictness of the coat in military style

Feminine military

There are among the coat in military style options that are not made for flexibility, but for specifics. Today is a very popular model, giving sophistication and femininity. By strict military cut of "pea jacket" designers began to add lace, crystals, stones, vintage atlas. Of course, these models come in dinichnyh copies or are made to order. They are quite expensive, but the girl walking in a similar coat, absolutely to be seen the male gaze and gaze marked by fashionistas.

The strictness of the coat in military style

the Casual

Urban free style casual perfectly with any clothing in military style. This is a free version of the city in which to move freely among the bustling crowds of the big city, which is convenient to ride in the car or a walk with your child. Coat casual military style is a loose fit, quiet shades (olive-green, green, gray, brown, beige, and blue). It is elegant and at the same time versatile, fashionable and at the same time convenient way.

Coat casual style military - a military jacket with a strong collar, elegant wide belt, large buttons in several rows, straight shoulder line. It fashionistas will be comfortable, it gives confidence in itself and in no way binds the movement.

The strictness of the coat in military style

Fashionable colors

This year offers a military style fashionable women color real boom. This range of marsh green to the color of camel wool. At the peak of popularity is dark blue, light brown and rich gray.

The most masculine style

Men coat in military style combines all that appreciate a man in street clothes: rigor and convenience, brutality and simplicity, comfort and energy. Military suitable for everybody, ranging from students and ending with business older men. Coat perfectly emphasize the dignity of the male figure and, if necessary, hide some flaws. Born in the post-war period, military style has gained special popularity in the sixties. And after the shows 80th year has become public. To date, every self-respecting designer presents several collections a year men's clothes in this style.

The strictness of the coat in military style

Army style may be different

As in the case of the women's outer clothing, military style coat helps the man to change the way quickly, without adding extra parts. For example, an army strict onion turns out, if you wear a coat with a strict jacket and khaki shirt. Replacing the pants to a free man will receive many favorite retro style. Military Men coat will look great with modern ragged jeans, and strict business trousers.

The basic details of the army style - a coat with a large collar, pockets, lapels, wide belts, large buttons. However, men are not forbidden to combine strict military coat with clothes from other textures and materials (silk, wool, tweed, natural cotton, leather). Both men and women are free and at the same time strict military style does not stop experimenting.