Summer dress to the floor - a fashionable image of the season

Most recently, the dress on the floor were considered exclusively an evening element of women's clothing. Today, during the summer the streets you can find many women in long dresses and sundresses. Of course, the daily variations of the less dressy clothes and decorated with more modest jewelry, rather than expensive jewelry. Despite this, they are extremely feminine, especially when it comes to fitting silhouettes that emphasize beautiful figure.

What designers advise?

Summer dress to the floor - a fashionable image of the season

Fashion designers offer beautiful ladies summer dress on the floor is not only "a figure", but also free patterns that are very attractive due to the flowing fabrics and draperies. They will also appreciate the free and self-confident nature.

Fashion trends for summer 2013

Fashion summer season replete with bright vivid colors, colorful and expressive prints. In this respect, 2013 was no exception. This season offers a riot of colors. You can choose from a huge palette of shades from mint, turquoise, coral to scarlet, bright yellow and acid green. Of the many proposed prints must allocate Animal and floral. Also in vogue again ethno motifs, stripes and patterns nautical theme. Again at the height of fashion leopard dress on the floor. It does not release its leading position for several seasons.

Summer dress to the floor - a fashionable image of the season

Eternal fashion

We would like to say about the white and black colors are out of time and out of fashion. Stunning white color refreshes the face and accentuate a beautiful tan. It is better to use during daytime and refined black accentuate your chiseled silhouette evening. A combination of these colors will help create a gentle and romantic image. For example, a charming polka-dot dress - what could be more beautiful than the summer?

Fashion fabric

Naturally, all fashion designers recommend for everyday use natural fabrics - cotton, thin and light silk, linen. You can also use flying chiffon. By the way, chiffon and organza - a trend this season. Now fashionable frank and slightly veiled transparency.

Styles trendy summer dresses

Summer dress to the floor - a fashionable image of the season

Model number 2013 is huge. You can pick up that option that you like and fits your figure. It must be said that the dress on the floor to complete quite acceptable. The main thing is that it emphasized the advantages of your figure and knew how to hide its flaws. Summer dress to the floor this season will be the most unexpected fashion models. For example, shorter front skirt with a train behind. This dress would be appropriate and in the daytime and in the evening on a romantic date. It looks quite openly and always attracts attention. In addition, this season is still important summer dress on the floor in the Greek style. Free, slightly half-mast top, strap on one shoulder, overestimated waist and skirt flying - a real find in the summer heat. The evening version of

Choosing an evening summer dress on the floor, note the weightless chiffon and delicate silk. The beauty of the perfect evening dress is the ease of cutting, be sure to expensive fabrics and exquisite drapery. It looks great on evening dresses high slits and deep neckline.