Gel polish on short nails. stylish manicure

Hand care in the modern world requires not only women but also men. Stylish manicure is able to complement the image of each the fairer sex and make its charm. Very popular this season gel polish on short nails. That's about it and will be discussed further. You will learn how to do a manicure gel polish on short nails. You will also be able to figure out the nuances of the basic mistakes and the creation of such a coating.

Stylish manicure

It would seem that a few seasons ago were in vogue long overhead artificial nails. Design thus could be quite unexpected: jacket, abstraction, bright coating, and so on. This stylish manicure made extravagant and mysterious woman. As long nail plate is introduced into the image of notes of danger.

Gel polish on short nails. stylish manicure

Recently, it became fashionable to put a nice gel polish on short nails. This coating appears more natural. It is decorated with marigolds women, but at the same time does not appeal to them special attention.

Manicure Salon

Stylish manicure gel polish on short nails can be applied in the professional beauty salon. In this case, the wizard will take into account all your wishes and will create a beautiful finish. You also have to pay for such a pleasure.

Gel polish on short nails. stylish manicure

The average cost of monochromatic design is in the range from 400 to 1000 rubles. If you want to make drawings gel polish on short nails, then be prepared for the fact that the amount will increase. It is worth noting that the more complex conceived design, the more expensive it is.

How to apply the gel varnish?

Design for short nails is fairly simple. However, to create it you need a UV lamp to dry and brush with which the foundation will be laid. In addition, it is necessary to prepare the base and terminating coverage. Also choose the base color lacquer.

Before starting the procedure, prepare the cuticle, removing rough skin with it. Discard the wet and oil manicure. Prefer dry machining.

Base Application

Before you create a color coating must be applied to the base. However, it should first prepare a plate for it. You will need the grinding nail file and degreaser. Gently spilite topsheet plate. Then wipe the nail with a disinfectant and cleaning agents. After that, you can not wash your hands and wipe them with a variety of fabrics.

Gel polish on short nails. stylish manicure

Shake basecoat and apply a thin layer on the nail. Next, place your fingers into the lamp and wait for two minutes. In the same manner, and proceed as with the second brush. You can then proceed to the imposition of a color gamut.

Putting varnish

Gel polish on short nails will hold about one month only if he has been laid correctly. Do not make a thick layer. Otherwise wrinkled coating during drying and quickly depart from marigold. Shake the varnish composition and type on the brush. First perform one vertical smear in the middle of the plate. After that, turn the brush the other side and repeat a similar movement on both sides.

Gel polish on short nails. stylish manicure

When one nail will be covered, it must be dried immediately. Gel polish is quite thick, sticky consistency. However, with a long stay in non-bound form, it may spread.


Gel polish on short nails can be laid out in a pattern. Quite often, women coat solid color all fingers, and only one nail on the hand drawing is performed. Gel polish on short nails is able to create a beautiful clear abstraction. All due to its consistency.

You can also execute fashionable design titled "Liquid stone." This coating provides prorisovyvanie cut. After that is laid out inside the color smear. Next, apply a drop of a transparent gel. Remember that all you need to dry the coating by special lamp. Without it, your design simply does not grasp.

manicure Completion

How to fix gel nail polish? Design for short nails will be done properly only when the final layer. Before such a coating is not necessary in the preparation of the nail. When the color mass is dry, it is necessary to put thin finishing layer. It is a transparent viscous substance. Outwardly, it resembles a conventional clearcoat.

Gel polish on short nails. stylish manicure

With the help of a brush, apply a fixative on marigolds. After that turn dry fingers in the lamp. Remember that you can not permanently leave the wet coating on marigolds. It can spread. When all fingers will be processed accurately Adjust the shape of nail sawing and brush cuticle oil.

Basic error

With self-applied gel polish on short nails can cause errors. Consider the main ones:

  • Do not apply gel polish on the nail plate raw. This will lead to a rapid peeling it.
  • It is impossible to dry the base, foundation and finishing layer without the use of lights. He just does not dry out.
  • Do not rip off the cover created by a pair of scissors. For this special formulations must be used.

    Gel polish on short nails. stylish manicure

  • Do not dilute gel polish with acetone in order to make it more liquid. In this case it is necessary to use special solutions.
  • Do not forget before applying the base and the basis to prepare the nail. Otherwise varnish will not last more than three days.
  • Do not spend Speel covering claw tool for artificial nails. This may cause severe injury to the plate.

Summary of

In our review, we examined in detail how to apply gel polish on short nails. To make such a design is quite simply at home. However, for this you will need to purchase special tools and spend some time. It should be noted that a separate manicure is a more advantageous than the use of salon services. Experiment with the coating and the creation of the drawing. Invent a new design of their marigolds and always be stylish and beautiful. Good luck in job!