White jacket: a way to create a design in the home, the idea of

Nails each of the fair sex in need of special care. Now known mass manicure techniques, from which you can choose something for themselves. In addition care cuticle and fingers, it is necessary to handle and the nail plate. The most popular design today is a white jacket. This coating is suitable for both the young lady and the lady in old age. White jacket almost never commits to a certain style of clothes and makeup. You can wear such a covering is quite a long time, and no one will notice that the nail otros.

White jacket: a way to create a design in the home, the idea of

How to make a coating of white coat on your nails?

Photo of some ready-made models you can see in the present article. Decorate nails in this way is quite real at home. To do this you need to varnish or paint, stencils or a thin brush. If you are trying to cover artificial nails, you may need a special UV lamp. If desired, cook the accessories and decorations for the nails.

If you decide to contact the salon, the master quickly and beautifully draw on your fingers white jacket. However, for such a pleasure to have to pay a pre-agreed amount of money. How can you do a manicure "white coat" yourself? Here are some ideas of options such coverage.

White jacket: a way to create a design in the home, the idea of

Classical variant

If you stick to the strict office style, the coating just created for you. Also, it is suitable for women who do not want much to stand out from the crowd and prefer neutral shades in manicure. To create a design you will need white color, transparent fixer and stencils for a French manicure.

Degrease the nail plate and glue on the tips of the fingers stencils. Then cover the rest of the empty lower part white. Prefer dense varnish or paint. Allow to dry thoroughly and remove the blank stickers. Thereafter complete manicure upper transparent lacquer coating.

White jacket: a way to create a design in the home, the idea of

The multi-tiered white jacket

Photos of this design is represented in the article. The coating looks very impressive and is perfect for lovers of all color and bright. several tones can be used to produce yellow, red, blue, black. All that is well combined with white, can get on your nails. To create a manicure stencils and please be patient.

Stick "smile" of the paper over the center of the nail plate. The remaining lower part of the cover with a white shade and wait for it to dry. Thereafter unstick preform and place it slightly lower. Repeat manipulation, but in a different shade. The same method and proceed as below. As a result, you get a multi-tiered tunic, which must begin and end in white. It is necessary to wait for the paint to dry completely for each reposition the stencil. Otherwise manicure smeared.

Moon manicure

White jacket: a way to create a design in the home, the idea of

may be the lunar design of the "white coat". Photos of this cover in front of you. It is worth noting that such a manicure is very popular in the coming season. To create it, you can choose some radically different shade or work in pastel colors.

Cover the nail with one color. This may be a bright (red, blue, green) or a low-key tone (beige, pink). Then wait until the paint is dry, and glue on the tip of the nail stencils, few departing from it. Further, the lower portion make white as described in the classic version French manicure. Thereafter Draw upper well of the nail plate with a thin brush. Finally, apply a protective layer. It will help to smooth the transitions between the coatings.

The use of additional decorations

White jacket: a way to create a design in the home, the idea of

You can do manicure "white coat" with rhinestones. To do this, you need to purchase the appropriate stones and glue. Never use a means for bonding plastic, metal and other materials. Get a special glue for nails. He will avoid damage to the plate.

Draw a thin line along the edge of claw. To do this, you can use stencils or regular brush. Then start to work with the nameless fingers. That they will be placed path of stones. It is worth noting that the manicure "white coat" with rhinestones will look very massive at the decoration of each finger. Apply a vertical line of glue on the nail. Then carefully using tweezers or DOTS, place pebbles. They may have several rows. Most often, the wizard creates between two and five columns. After that you need to wait a bit and apply a protective coating on the surface of the stones.

Summary of the article

You become aware of some ideas of how to do a manicure, called "white coat". When you create a cover you can give freedom to your own imagination and add something original and unique. Remember that any design to be covered with a protective layer. In this case, the manicure will last you for weeks. In a conventional clearcoat or a special tool can act kachkstve such coverage.

If you apply the gel varnish, it must be thoroughly dried in the tube. This design is kept much longer. Many women are unable to enjoy coverage of up to two months. Take care of your nails and always stay in the spotlight. I wish you success!