Nail design with glitter: how to create and recommendations

Each representative of the fair sex watching their appearance. A big role in the created image plays a manicure and pedicure. In this article we will focus on how to make a beautiful festive and casual design nails with glitter. You will also learn what the occasion and who will approach this manicure.

Nail design with glitter: how to create and recommendations

Glitter Nail Design

This manicure can wear young lady or woman aged. Nails with sparkles always look rich, attractive and festive.

When creating such a manicure must take into account the overall image, hair, makeup, accessories and, of course, dress. Nail design with glitter should be moderate. Do not overdo it with color, otherwise the image of elegance can turn into vulgar.

How to make a brilliant manicure?

If you go to a beauty salon, the wizard to quickly and easily do a manicure and decorate your nail plate. In the case where there are no means or opportunity to visit a specialist, nail design with sequins, you can make yourself at home. Remember that when you work with your own hands you need to follow the sequence and take into account all points of fingers treatment.

Nail design with glitter: how to create and recommendations

The first step: the basis of training for work

Nail design with glitter, photos of which you can discover in this article, it involves pretreating the working material. A manicure, which is more familiar to you. Remember that the cuticle is necessary to remove as much as possible, but can not handle it with oil before applying the lacquer and paints. If you prefer a wet manicure, after it nails should dry thoroughly. To do this, you will need 10 to 30 minutes. It all depends on the structure of your plate. When the nails become completely dry, you can begin to do nail design with sequins. Photos of the finished work submitted your review below.

Nail design with glitter: how to create and recommendations

The second step: putting sparkles on the nails

If you prefer to use a crisp sparkles, in addition to the bulk material, you need a clear varnish. Treat your nails turn. Only in this case, the result will please you.

To start cover with a thin layer of transparent lacquer nail plate with one finger. Do not use this means that dries quickly. Next, you need to choose the moment when the foundation a little dry, but it will still be sticky. Sprinkle glitter nail and evenly distribute them with your fingertip. In this case, be careful with the surface on which you are working. Bespangle must be transferred back into the container. This can be done using a conventional paper sheet.

Repeat the same manipulation of each nail. When the wafer surface is covered quite well, apply clear nail fixing means. You can then process the cuticle special emollient oil.

If you want to do nail design "French Glitter", then cover with a transparent varnish is only the tip of the nail. After application spangle tweak nail bending tools and make beautiful "smile" on the nail plate.

Nail design with glitter: how to create and recommendations

Alternative: use nail polish with sparkles

Design naroshchennyh nail Glitter may be created using conventional lacquer containing particles of colored cloth. Before creating a pattern necessary to conduct correction. It would be better if this case you will entrust the specialist.

After adjustment of the nail plate Glitter apply varnish on the nail. When it dries, repeat the procedure. Remember that the nail polish containing glitter lies a very thin layer. You will repeatedly have to cover the nail in order to achieve a dense color.

Nail design with glitter: how to create and recommendations

Abstraction of sequins: a new idea

If you are bored with the usual coating and a French manicure, make abstraction of the nails. At first glance, this work may seem daunting, but all the conditions necessary to be consistent and just observe. So, you need to thin brush, clear varnish, hardener and colored loose glitter. Abstraction is clear and beautiful only when the crumbly material.

Apply a thin line on the plate rough brush dipped in clear varnish. So far, the foundation has dried, cover it with glitter. How to do it, you already know. Shake off excess with a nail, a finger tapping on a solid surface. Next, make another wrong strip. Cover it with another color sequins. Such bends you can have a great variety. It all depends on your imagination and the overall image. When one finger is processed, put on a fingernail hardener and proceed to the design of the next nail plate. If desired, you can create your own version of a manicure. Think your way to the last detail, and select specific colors for the design of the nail plate.

Nail design with glitter: how to create and recommendations


Nail design with sparkles is a perfect option for the solemn event, a Christmas party or birthday. French manicure with a shiny varnish is often used for everyday image.

Remember that the nail coating should ideally be combined with the overall appearance, decorations and clothes. Only in this case, your image will be harmonious. Experiment with her appearance, follow fashionable novelties, and create your own design nails with glitter. I wish you success in the work!