French short nails. The idea of ​​a French manicure

Manicure in French style has always been considered the most elegant and refined. He emphasizes the beauty and accuracy of hand. French polish is suitable for any length and even goes well with casual clothes. Today, it is the most common nail design.


History of the French manicure started about forty years ago. For a sufficiently long period of time, the design has changed several times and supplemented with new elements. Popularity jacket due to its repeated use in the American cinema of the XX century. Almost all Hollywood divas pictures decorate their nails with French manicure, which fits completely under all the clothes and looked very pale.

French short nails. The idea of ​​a French manicure

French has become an absolute novelty in the fashion world of the second half of the twentieth century. Shortly after Hollywood stars such nail design have begun to use the famous French fashion houses. He very quickly became popular among a large number of women from all over the world.

French short nails. Features lacquering

The fashion for short nails is relevant for several years. Natural jacket can be easily done at any age. Nail masters advise the girls to think carefully about the design of short nails. French first and foremost for those who prefer a versatile option manicure and chooses a gentle and refined appearance.

In order for a French manicure on short nails look nice, you need to pay special attention to the relief of the nail plate: it must be smooth and carefully sanded special nail file. Professional master mold using a nail plate modeling method using acrylic or gel. This procedure allows you to visually lengthen the fingers. French manicure on short nails can be done not only in the cabin, but also at home. On the first attempt the ideal pen may not work, but more and more with time technique will improve.

French short nails. The idea of ​​a French manicure

For a better lacquering on short nails, use a brush of medium size. Remove any excess material with a brush. Gently slide it over the nail edging, and then paint over the middle. In this way, to put polish on short nails is most convenient. If a few drops of coloring matter still fell on the skin near the nail, wait for the complete drying of the coating, and only then remove it with a special tool.

To make the classic jacket for short nails, it will be four types of varnish: transparent (base plus hardener), white and color (pink, peach or other translucent tone which is most similar to the color of the nail plate). A step of applying a varnish:

  1. On degreased beforehand prepared and applied to the nail plate one or two layers of a transparent basecoat.
  2. The following is a colored varnish. Wait until it dries.
  3. When the colored layer need to paste stencils jacket.
  4. The next step is the application of the white polish on the regrown nail line.
  5. After drying, remove the stencil and apply a transparent fixer.

jacket design ideas for short nails

Classic French manicure involves applying a light pink base and staining regrown nail rim white. Today the range of colors for the French manicure does not know borders. Regrown nail edge can be painted in absolutely any color. only a shade selection for the base remains the main rule: it should be as close as possible to the natural color of the nail plate, although the variation tones may vary. In order to create a beautiful and unique manicure design masters use paints of different colors and textures. For short nails is undesirable to use matte shades, because they visually shorten the fingers. If you use a pearly tone, received a very nice jacket for short nails.

French short nails. The idea of ​​a French manicure

In some of the ideas of the French manicure is isolated even lunate. To paint him as regrown nail edge, absolutely any color. Also the free edge can not only cover monotonous composition but also to apply it drawings.

During the spring-summer season is becoming a popular color jacket. This view implies staining manicure nail plate and regrown its edge in two different bright color. Another method of applying the jacket - gradient. The color gradually changes the tone from the darkest to the white nail in the direction of growth.

Use of the gel varnish French manicure. French short gel nails

French manicure can be done even gel polishes. This manicure option will stay as long as possible, and is perfect for girls who prefer groomed handle for a long time.

Apply jacket short nails gel varnish must be very careful, because the material is quite easily smeared and hard to erase it. In order to dry the coating, need a special UV lamp.

French short nails. The idea of ​​a French manicure

Approximately one month after applying the gel polish manicure begins to deteriorate. a special tool must be used to remove the coating from the nail.

How to choose the right tone for the jacket?

Tone for short nail varnish is selected according to the standard color combinations:

  1. The bright red color is perfect for both the French manicure and nail for full coloring.
  2. Mother of pearl gray color (metallic) is very suitable to owners of short marigolds. Finger visually lengthens and looks sophisticated.
  3. Tone Nude (flesh) is the most advantageous to look at the short nails. Suitable for any outfit and is relevant at any time of the year.

decorating additional elements

French short nails can decorate various stylistic elements. In most cases, use different colored sparkling stones. Two or three such elements is applied to part of the nail or regrown frame of crescent.

French short nails. The idea of ​​a French manicure

Sequins used for one or two nails of one hand to give extra shine and exclusivity. Also, in the ideas of the French manicure can be found using different ribbons for design and unique patterns.