Spring nails, trends, ideas, photos

Fashion manicure transient. girl yesterday to make complex designs painted on nails whimsical flowers and sophisticated monogram, and today it is already irrelevant. Spring nails this season should be simple and concise. Prefer minimalist design and pastel colors.

The volumetric design

Spring nails, trends, ideas, photos

Today, the trend matte nails. It is very interesting to look at the convex glossy elements such noble substrate. Girls decorate spring nails foil, crystals, and even fine metal fittings. If you are not ready for too bold decisions, you can make design with elements acting on the nail surface by 1-2 mm. This can be called a universal manicure and everyday.

As repeat spring nail design, photos of which is presented above? Necessary gash buff nails, and then degrease them. Then apply the base. Select two colors, preferably those that will play on the contrast. Cover the nails frosted top. It remains to attach the decor. Stained with one of polish finish and strengthen the decorative elements on it. You can lay out a simple form, something like spikelets. If you want you can draw a circle, square or place decor in a chaotic manner. Further, a fingernail is dried and covered with a double layer of finish.

Matt and gloss

Spring nails, trends, ideas, photos

These designs gained unprecedented popularity. Spring nails this season should not variegated colors. Ladies prefer to rely on a complex texture and texture. Interesting combination of various surfaces is alive and looked nontrivial. You can combine both matte nails with glossy and smooth rough texture. Above you can see the version of the manicure, which successfully combines vtirka mirror with frosted nails. How to repeat such a decision? Prepare your nails. Zapilivaem their buff and degreased. Apply the basecoat. You are now ready to paint the nails. Three nail make dark blue, and two maroon or purple. Manicure matte topom cover without adhesive layer. Now, two purple nail need to rub vtirku. Do it any way you like. You can use an applicator or applied crumbly texture fingertip. At the final stage must be covered with nails glossy vtirkoy topom twice.


Spring nails, trends, ideas, photos

Spring nails do not always mean a riot of colors. If your work has a strict dress code, it is possible to make a bright manicure is simply no. Trendy nail service masters are inclined to the classic monochrome. The combination of black and white lacquer in manicure today in the trend.

Photos spring nail design trends presented above. Fashionistas do not want to see on their hands complex drawings. They prefer simple geometry. So you can also choose a design, which will form the basis for a bizarre intertwining of straight lines. How to repeat the manicure? Prepare your nails to work. Thereafter, paint the nail plates black white lacquer. But make no alteration. All nails, but one must be painted in a single color. Once the substrate is ready, you can go directly to the design. Fine brush on a black background in a chaotic manner draw the line. One nail is left blank. On the white substrate lines represent black. Do not make the same figures. All images must be different.

The trend of transparency in the

Spring nails, trends, ideas, photos

If you want to make a fashion manicure, make sure you make the element of transparency. Photos news spring nail art you can see above. Of course, transparency alone may not be pastel. You can not leave the shaded part of the nail, even when you use the dark, such as black lacquer. Impressive look transparent stripes on a white background.

Let's repeat the result from photos of spring nails. After you prepare your nails to work be sure to apply a base-camouflage. If so you are not, make a transparent substrate, and the nail, which is transparent, color pink or beige varnish. Neutral color paint over all the nails. Now, using a fine brush, paint floral motif. This may be as a whorl on the sample or stems with leaves. At the end you need to cover the design and finish to dry result.


Spring nails, trends, ideas, photos

Novelties Spring nail design look very soft and feminine. One such option - a design with flowers. But they should not take up the entire space of the nail. Flowers should serve only as accents. Most of the picture takes its stem. In such a technique, you can create tulips, cornflowers and even daisies. But keep in mind that under the similar colors need to do a neutral background.

Let's repeat the result from photos of spring nails above. Making zapilivaem manicures and nail plates. Now you need to degrease their surface and cause the base. Choosing the right color scheme. In our case it will be a combination of beige and red. Nails design without cover bright varnish, and a drawing made neutral substrate. Now arm with a fine brush. Strokes depict the buds and leaves. Half-open flower - three stroke, closed bud - one stroke. Black paint do a detailed study. Draw veins in the flowers and stems. Do not forget to cover the design finish.


Spring nails, trends, ideas, photos

If you want to be in the trend is not worth doing complex design. Prefer simplicity. It is advisable to play on the contrast. If you like crystals, you can use them, but still a tendency for them cools. And what's hot? Simple geometric patterns in black on a beige background. Photos spring nail art set forth above. It is this manicure and should be based on their own design. But in order to come up with something of their own first need to copy someone else's work. These are going to do. Degreasing nails and cover them with a base. Then apply beige paint. Take a fine brush and start creating. You need to draw little dots, circles, rectangles, strips. One of the nails can be divided in half and half with black paint. You can copy the entire sample, and can only partially rely on him. Cover finish nails and dry manicure.