Nail Design "Cat's Eye": fashion tips and trends

For any modern coquette nails are the hallmark, beautiful shining manicure necessarily make it the center of attention and cause a touch of envy of her friends.

Where did this unusual name?

Nail Design

One of the most popular trends in modern forms became manicure nail design "Cat's Eye". Special charm gives him the graphic bar in the central part of the nail, manicure and more three-dimensional depth. With some diligence and you have a small list of the components can achieve this 3D-effect.

Nail Design "Cat's Eye" looks like the surface of semi-precious stone tsimofana. In people, it is so called - "cat's eye". It got its name due to the bright iridescent stripes on its surface, which in turn changes the location of the stone and actually gives it a resemblance to cat's eyes, constantly watching her owner.

Is performed using a special manicure gel varnish. his technique is incredibly simple, just enough to hold the magnet in the right place for the appearance of a beautiful radiant strip.

Nail Design

manicure Secret

The new gel lacquers, designed specifically for this type of nail is contained microscopic metal particles, which are collected in a beautiful three-dimensional image under the action of a special magnetic strip. Absolutely in any color you can nail design "Cat's Eye". Red saturated or soft pastel, it always looks spectacular and impressive, but who know a good judge lovers of beautiful marigold argue that the most fashionable trend this season is the black color of its base. A more magnets, which can now be purchased at any specialty store, will make such a manicure completely individual and use a single color of a special gel polish in a hundred different variations.

Nail Design

Do yourself a manicure

Nail Design "Cat's Eye" is not difficult to perform at home on their own. Cope with such a task force under any girl, but will need to perform the procedure:

- magnetic gel varnish (shellac);

- gel nail polish black (for emphasis);

- basecoat;

- special magnet;

- transparent finish.

Getting to the procedure:

- First you need to clean the nails from the old coating, to give them the desired shape, wash well and dry hands;

- a thin layer applied to the base which should be dried in a special lamp for 2-3 minutes;

- if you plan to use black gel polish, then apply it again and dry them in the lamp;


The next step will require some skill, however, doing so first manicure, work better with each finger individually. Let's start:

- Magnetic gel nail polish put on nail gently over its entire surface, trays special magnet and delay of 15-20 seconds as close as possible to the place where we want to create a shimmering strip. Be sure to wait for the allotted time to time to all metal particles to be attracted to this part of the nail, and dry it in the lamp.

- Apply a top clear coating.

As you can see, all is simple in design nail design "Cat's Eye". he is on short nails exactly the same and looks no less advantageous.

Nail Design

Masters Tips

Nail Design "Cat's Eye" with rhinestones is very difficult to describe in words, you just need to see how a lot of other interesting options in its execution. Under certain conditions, all they can do on their own. Here are some rules that strictly observe experienced manicurist.

1. Before using magnetic nail polish should be horoshenechko shake to all the metal particles are in it went up and mixed up. 2. It is an important step in this procedure is considered the master, is a thorough degreasing of the surface of the nail and application framework (base).

3. The special magnetic strip is brought as close as possible to the nail and always kept the allotted time. It is important to prilovchilis to leave no traces on the fresh surface.

4. When using bases black single layer of magnetic gel varnish will be sufficient if it is applied without a black substrate, it is recommended to cover the two thin layers of the nail. So the color will be brighter.

5. Nail Design shellac "Cat's Eye" (or gel varnish) can be performed in any variations. manicurist advised to experiment, twist and remove the magnet in different directions, that will make the picture even more mysterious and interesting.

6. As we have seen, in this procedure, the most important aspect of the work becomes a magnet. Keep it should be only on the freshly applied paint, so get drawing indeed voluminous. If the varnish will have time to dry out a bit, particles in a clear pattern can not meet. Therefore it is best to work with each finger separately and observe the sequence of applying the varnish and create the pattern.

7. Some artists do not recommend the use of the final coating, as it may harm the brightness and depth of the pattern, and the 3D effect will turn blurry.

8. Nail Design Ideas "Cat's Eye" in themselves all great, but this can not stop. If such a manicure supplement rhinestones or some other decorative elements, it will be truly personal and memorable.

Nail Design

What is currently in trend?

"Droplets of dew" - are now very fashionable design version of "Cat's Eye". It is simple. A few drops of a top coat in any fictional order applied to the nail surface. This manicure looks very gently. A combination of several textures - now it is a real trend. One or two nail on each arm make out with a magnetic lacquer with a matt effect. You can experiment with different shades of colors.

"Moon manicure" - more than a year at the peak of popularity, it is perfectly compatible with the design in the style of "Cat's Eye", and the boundary between the well and the color varnish can be decorated with small crystals.

"Natural stone" - if, instead of the magnet from the fresh varnish walk DOTS get a very interesting effect pours pebbles. In this pattern often do not cover the entire nail, and its side portion or edge, so as not to block the effect.

Nail Design

How to keep a manicure

Nail Design "Cat's Eye" looks really smart, and I want to enjoy this beauty as long as possible. And it needs to follow a number of rules:

- do not expose your nails straight load;

- upon contact with water the use of protective gloves;

- protect manicure from sudden changes in temperature and exposure to corrosive materials.

Subject to all rules of trendy "cat" manicure made with shellac (gel polish) hold on the nails for at least two weeks.