How to grow long nails without going to the salon?

Why girls are so fond of long nails?

How to grow long nails without going to the salon?

about them dreams any girl. Long and well-groomed natural nails - it is very beautiful. They visually lengthen the brush, making it elegant. And what opportunities for self-expression provide long nails? Manicure in pastel colors - to work, paint in tone dress - for the grand exit, and add zest to your look can always help the original manicure. At home, too, can take care of their nails so they are healthier, longer break and found the desired length. And not necessarily for it to spend time and money on trips to the salon, and special expensive tools for growth.

There are no miracles

There is no perfect means of making our nails healthy, beautiful and long for one application, but in front of you waiting for a few tips. So, how to grow long nails as soon as possible?

How to grow long nails without going to the salon?

Tip One

Beauty and health of nails go inside. Nails man with weakened immune systems are always fragile, uneven, will not shine. In some cases, the skin and the nails may indicate a particular disease. Negatively affects the nails and the absence of certain nutrients. Primarily - calcium and magnesium. If you are thinking about how to grow long nails, in the first place, increase the consumption of dairy products. No less important for strong nails phosphorus, so the fish have also very useful. You can take additional vitamins, including special facilities for the beauty of hair and nails. Tip Two

Watch out for hygiene nail. Healthy nails are smooth, without grooves will remain as if they will always be clean and dry. Protect your hands rubber gloves when messing in water, apply household chemicals or working in the garden area.

Tip Three

Nail care. How to grow long nails, if properly care for them? Nothing. Never biting his nails, not skusyvayte burrs, they should be removed only nail scissors or clippers. Nails form nail file attached, preferably ceramic, not made of metal. You need to file nails in one direction only, chaotic motion will lead to brittle nails. You need to take care of the cuticle. It protects the nail from infection and preserves nutrients, so try not to cut it, and gently move the wooden stick.

How to grow long nails without going to the salon?

Tip Four

One last tip for those who do not know how to grow long nails. Nails and cuticles in need of nutrition and hydration. Use a special cream or rubbed into the nail plate Moisturizing Hand Cream. The supply of nutrients, including minerals, can be increased by using trays. They need to do a few times a week. The base may serve as mineral water or sea salt. After the procedure will be useful to make a warming massage. These simple tips will help your nails quickly acquire the desired length, to become strong and shiny.