Nails jacket - perfect manicure

French nails - an abbreviation of the French manicure (from "French" - French). Invented this style was in 1976 by French designers to save time Hollywood actresses, but this kind of manicure has since firmly established its rights in the fashion world.

Nails french: technique

Initially used for the classic tunic white nail polish on the tip and on the basis of beige, but with the passage of time types have been modified, and today we have such a variety of color Gama, the form and style of what to choose

Nails jacket - perfect manicure

is sometimes difficult. Run this pattern on your nails and can be at home - with a special stencil or eyes. Stencils can be purchased at any store women's products, their shape can be either a standard semi-circular and triangular, and curly. They are easy and convenient to use, is a kind of template for painting. Before applying the stencil nail varnish - basis, usually light pastel colors. After drying on a template or freehand line crumble jacket at the tip of the nail. When the flat of the hand band for the first time may not be possible, it needs training. After application and drying nails main element may be coated with a varnish-fixer. Everything is simple and does not require for the performance of certain skills, in addition to accuracy. In addition, French nails do not have a framework and laws and can embody any design ideas. What are the modification of the nail?

Nails jacket - perfect manicure

In addition to classic, there are several recently even jacket. Among them are the following:

  1. Lunar jacket - a kind which is characterized in that the primary color is not covered by the nail tip, and its base. Appears in the form of smiles, gives a great mood and looks very elegant.
  2. Art jacket - application drawings and decorations on the tip of the nail. These may be crystals or light drawing with a fine brush. It looks like a manicure is very elegant and at the same time quite cute.
  3. Stained jacket - a kind of artificial nails. Stained glass speaks for itself - it's a manicure, which attracts attention and admiration. It has its own subspecies: contour, mosaic, painted and combined, each version is unique.
  4. French "Millennium" - is characterized by its brilliance. The main rule - sequins, and as much as possible. Colors should be bright, contrast - here there is absolutely no frames, and can be safely put any experiments.

Manicure Without Borders

Nails jacket - perfect manicure

design decisions relating tunic, set, and all of them are not listed. French has always been and will be in demand, because it is beautiful, simple and neat. Manicure in this style can be done completely by any wishes, in any color and any shape.

jacket Rules

For an attractive appearance shaded nail tip should be 1/3 of the entire nail. Properly executed manicure will look perfect on the nails of any length. Do not forget that french nails can not only be on hand. Pedicure can also be done in this style. Of course, the form should be neat and not very catchy. The color should be combined with the fingernails.