Black jacket on the nails - the trend in 2016

Manicure is able to complement the image of any woman. That is why stylists all over the world pay him so much attention. And in the upcoming 2016 will be popular unusual black jacket. The fact that it is, you will learn from this article.

French manicure - the style and elegance of

Manicure made nyudovym white and varnish, has become a classic example of the well-groomed woman's feelings and style. Indeed, such a design is suitable for everybody and goes well with any outfit. In addition, the traditional French manicure can afford both young girls and ladies aged. After all, a classic, as is known, is timeless.

Today, for the execution of a French manicure does not necessarily have natural nails. After all, the technology used by nail designers, do not stand still. Using a material such as acrylic, can be extended any length and shape as the base under the jacket. A support fitting type manicure can use the regular correction.

Black jacket on the nails - the trend in 2016

Black jacket

In 2016, women of fashion designers will offer a very unusual decision. Black jacket on nails breaks all stereotypes of classic French manicure. After all, for its performance using black paint instead of white, which gives the image a highlight.

A new look at a traditional manicure allows you to not be restricted in the choice of lines and curves. Therefore we can safely use asymmetrical color transition from black to beige. In this welcome addition manicure other colors and different nail accessories.

Black jacket on the nails - the trend in 2016

Those women who had never tried a black jacket, often wonder about what to combine such an unusual manicure. In fact, this solution is well suited for the evening celebration, and for everyday life. In addition, the black French manicure perfect match not only jewelry, but also precious metals.

Black jacket with a pattern of bright colors is already an absolute trend among famous fashion bloggers. So you can feel free to experiment and surprise others.

Red and black jacket for the most daring

If you are creative and not afraid of a particular experiment, then this option - just for you. Red and black jacket looks very impressive on both the long and pointed, and the square nails. In this case, you can afford not only the strict geometric lines, but also a smooth gradient transition from one color to another.

To supplement this unusual manicure can be transferable stickers or rhinestones. Also welcome the combination of matte and glossy coating, which has become popular over the past season. Black jacket with a picture, complete with red lacquer, is bound to attract the views of others and make you irresistible.

Black jacket on the nails - the trend in 2016

However, be careful to the selection of clothes for such a bright manicure. Because in this case you will need to fully comply with the nail design not only in style but also in color. The best solution would be a strict office dress in tone or elegant dress-case. Should avoid the abundance of bright colors and complex shapes, as this will make way too geeky.

How to make a jacket at home?

To create a trendy manicure does not necessarily apply to the beauty salon, if you have long, natural nails. Black jacket requires a certain skill and accuracy.

Before you apply varnish, it is necessary to remove the cuticle and degrease the nail. Thereafter, a base substrate should be applied, which can be either neutral beige and spectacular red. When the foundation is dry, you need to stick special separation strips French Manicure shades in places of transition and apply black. Remove bead, immediately after lacquering. And fix the result will help clear varnish or nail finish.

Black jacket on the nails - the trend in 2016

As you can see, the execution of black jacket technology is very simple. So do not be afraid to experiment and follow the fashion world trends. And if you can not boast a long and strong nails, consult a professional who will make your pens ideal. After all, today this procedure has been available for everybody followed for a ladies.