Design artificial nails "French"

The rapid progression of the new-fangled trends in modeling modern nail art surprises with its multi-faceted development. The latest technology and the development of the material basis of the service capacity of artificial nail plates allow current fashionistas have nails of any length, shape, strength. And not the last role in the fashion trends of the modern game everyone's favorite design - jacket on artificial nails.

French manicure and accrued nails: classic

Classic French manicure look on extensions plates not less effectively than in the natural length and shape. It is important to withstand the sharpness of the lines traced snow-white smile, separating the pristine surface of the natural transparency of the claw of the artificially modeled part - end. And absolutely no matter what formation sawdust while building acquired an artificial nail - square, round, almond or acute form, clad in a white tunic, on artificial nails always look impressive, elegant, neat and refined.

Moon manicure. Reverse jacket on artificial nails

Quite relevant today is the so-called inverse Frenchman named yet as the moon manicure. Modern fashionable women often refer to this nail design, because its refinement and aesthetic perfection he drew the admiring attention of others and wins the hearts of lovers of impeccable manicure.

Design artificial nails

The most successful design of artificial nails in a similar style of painting is considered to be a basis in one color and garment area lunula and jacket smiles to others. It is appropriate in this case to sustain the game of opposites tinting used in the simulation of the design: if the base is light, lunula and border lines should be dark, and vice versa. So the contrast distinction allows visually accented area and set off to complete the image of the nail as a whole. On the occasion of a visit of any celebration or social event can be completed as described nail design point computation of single crystals in the root zone of each claw - the effect will be excellent.

French manicure on artificial nails with a pattern

Exquisite painting is a wonderful complement to the French design artificially modeled nail plate. Colorful jacket patterned on the artificial nails can be both restrained and delicate and defiant catchy. It all depends on the wishes of the client, the shape and the length of her marigolds and craftsmanship representative nail service provider.

Design artificial nails

The most popular variation of the nail art are presented models of nail decoration:

  • floral arrangement - this is perhaps the most urgent kind of design with a service jacket on artificial nails, because the majority of women with their inherent love of color are willing to contemplate on their handles such a model nail art, in which a bright jacket will move smoothly in drawing colorful vegetation;
  • the butterfly effect - another top-end version of the jacket with a pattern, often manifests itself in drawing the marigold middle and ring fingers of the two symmetrical halves of the wings gorgeous butterfly; instead it can also depict a ladybug or a striped black and yellow wasp - like art on nails will be in any case, to please its possessor alive complement jacket;
  • Abstract painting - lace curls neatly dyed fine brush of black lines on a white jacket looks great from the outside and attract the eyes of his extraordinary patterned a focus on the details.

Brilliant french artificial nails

Very fashionable today the decision when choosing a manicure to a party or celebration is considered modeling the French manicure with a variety of twinkling elements. This may be a display of smiles glitter jacket or Shimmer, the use of mica or mirror foil production of rhinestones or catchy kamifubikov - in a word, here you can carry all the things that makes the French manicure so bright, catchy, expressive and radiant.

Design artificial nails

A lot of photos of artificial nails with service jacket in such brilliant style travel through online forums and various blogs with master classes for registration of the design, so the problems with the choice of the most successful option among modern young ladies should not occur.

French manicure in the style twist

Relatively recently appeared in the world of nail art innovation - French-twist. Such a design presupposes a configuration of the rainbow are alternately applied on the gel zone smile lines (gel lacquer, varnish or shellac) in their different colors.

Design artificial nails

A particularly appropriate to use such a jacket on artificial nails elongated square, as such a nail plate can extend the possibilities for application of multicolored strips on a smile level of a French manicure. It looks like color very stylish and original.

French manicure style Ombre

Another fairly demanded kind of jacket on artificial nails - gradient gel transition-drawn or modeled using pollen from sequin smile Frenchman from one tone to another.

Design artificial nails

In fact, it looks like a manicure impressive: a graduated transition from dark crimson to blue-black, from emerald to menthol, from lilac to purple, from the white to sky blue looks just fascinating. Such a gradient can be called beautiful service jacket on artificial nails, and among the most popular variations of nail decoration of modernity.

French with elements of the aquarium luggage

An excellent option for the decoration of the spring-summer nail design with the French manicure is a display of a transparent gel preparations in the form of various types of fruits, berries and citrus fruits in the section. For example, the successful addition of orange manicure will planting aquarium simulated orange round slices. If this is the acid-yellow jacket, it is necessary to use lemon slices, if the green - lime wedges, if the red - used simulated strawberry and so on. Actually looks kind jacket on artificial nails are very stylish and organically.

Design artificial nails

French manicure differs versatility and breadth of the assortment of different kinds of decorations nail art, so the owners of artificial nails is not difficult today to choose the most successful version specifically for the selected image, outfit or mood.