How to do a French manicure at home? French manicure color: photo

From the Latin definition "manus" (hand) and "chicken" (care) takes place the well-known word manicure. This is a cosmetic procedure. It was created to make the hands and nails well-groomed appearance. Currently, manicures are both women and men. And it does not depend on social status and position.

The emergence of the French manicure is obliged to the classical style. This is one of the varieties of the cosmetic procedure. It is a special method of coloring nails, giving the impression of elegance and well-groomed.

There is such a manicure in the United States in the seventies. But certainly not in France. Creator is an American Jeff Pink. He proposed version of this manicure Hollywood producer, who needed a versatile design nails for actresses. He had to approach the various outfits and costumes.

The purpose of the French manicure - giving your nails healthy and natural look.

How to do a French manicure at home? French manicure color: photo

Style "chevron" is the most common version considered a cosmetic procedure. It is applied to the tip of the nail varnish white crescent shaped.

How to do a French manicure at home, he knows every avid fashionista, because it is suitable to any outfit, hair and makeup. This design is considered universal, and therefore will never lose its relevance.

What you'll need to perform the procedure in

To portray a beautiful French manicure does not have to be a master. You need only make a little effort to prepare the nails and hands. Then slowly and gently, you can apply varnish. For the preparation of the nails and hands need: cotton pads, nail polish remover without acetone, tweezers to remove the cuticle, Polisher and nail file, scrub, bath with soap and warm water, an orange stick and a set of French manicure.

How to do a French manicure at home? French manicure color: photo

Preparation for painting nails

This phase will take approximately 40 minutes. Before you do a French manicure at home with the application of varnish on the nails, they must be prepared. The first to use the scrub for hands, so that they become softer and softer. Then you can apply the cream massage movements. If there is nail polish, then remove it with a special liquid. Better if it will be without acetone, as this substance is harmful effect on the nails. Then put your hands in a bowl of warm soapy water for 10-15 minutes to soften cuticles. Before removing it shifts the orange stick. Next, use tweezers. Nails attach a desired shape, and the brilliant layer polisher remove nail while aligning it. Then you can do a French manicure with their hands.

How to apply nail

Before applying the varnish nails best degrease. This can be done by using a special means or nail polish remover. Desirably, it was without acetone. Then apply a varnish-base. Distribute a thin layer. Basis is the link between the nail and the following layers of lacquer. We are waiting for, when all is dry. Getting to spray or pink beige can clearcoat around the nail straight lines (uniformly). We are waiting for drying. Getting to the application of the white polish on the nail tips. To distribute it evenly, you can use strips for French manicure. After they dry, we have them come unstuck. Then apply transparent varnish which align the nail plate. With this step will not be visible transition from pink to white hue. A nail acquire additional shine.

How to do a French manicure at home? French manicure color: photo

Color French Manicure

Possible instead of white nail color to put on your nails any other hue. Let the will of fantasy. The colors can be combined in its sole discretion. You do not have to buy a set of French manicure, you can use any lacquers are home. For example, try to put on the entire nail red nail and the tip - black. Or on the edge cause yellow nail polish and nail the entire green. It all depends on the imagination. It is important to choose the right colors to get a beautiful and spectacular French manicure. Color tone does not look so ordinary and can surprise with their originality. Especially in the warmer months, this design looks harmoniously with any bright outfit.

How to do a French manicure at home? French manicure color: photo

Decoupage with the image of a French manicure

If there is no time for the application of varnish, you can use decoupage polish with a picture of the finished French manicure. This simplifies the procedure. A ready-made French Manicure with their hands, you can do no more than half an hour. Buy decoupage can at any store that sells tools for nails. It can be with adhesive or water-based, with a ready-made form and without it. Decoupage adhesive backed simplifies fastening on the nail, as it is on the back side has an adhesive layer. He adheres to the nail. Decoupage water based prior to fixing on the nail was placed in a warm liquid. When drawing loose from the paper, it is applied to the nail. After drying decoupage tightly secured. Regardless of the form it must usually trimmed to fit the nail plate. After a French manicure in the form of decoupage is pasted, cut the excess, causes clear varnish. We are doing it in two layers. Always apply a lacquer to the free edge of the nail to prevent peeling decoupage. We describe the simplest and quickest way of how to do a French manicure at home, without any special effort.

Nail Stickers

How to do a French manicure at home? French manicure color: photo

In order to make your French manicure is special, not like the others, you can use stickers with different images. They may be of different colors or self-colored, self-adhesive and water-based. Use them before applying the final transparent layer. You can put stickers on all the nails or, for example, only on the ring finger, multiple species or monotonous.

Drawing paint on nails

To display pictures special acrylic paint suit most. French manicure with a picture (photo below) will give your nails exclusivity. Picture can depict any, some just come to mind. This second pattern, no one will not, even if it is copied. For its application will need one or more brushes, a container of water.

Feature of acrylic paint is its fast drying, so if the pattern is applied properly, it can be removed using nail file or buff lightly rubbing on it. Better before the image of the picture on the nails pre-workout on paper or on tips.

After the pattern is completely ready to put the two layers of clearcoat. Do not forget to seal the free edge of the nail plate.

How to do a French manicure at home? French manicure color: photo

French pedicure

If hands depicted french manicure and nails on the feet dyed other colors, it looks ugly and unaesthetic. Remember this! In addition to the French manicure better to do and pedicures in the same style. Viewed nail design suitable for any type of clothing and shoes. pedicure nail technology is different from that in this cosmetic procedure is necessary to remove the rough skin on the feet. For applying nail varnish may be long or short - it is irrelevant.

Such a pedicure can be done easily at home, knowing the secrets of how to do a French manicure at home. Differences in the application of the varnish when manipulating the hands and feet are minimal.