How to Make a French manicure at home? French manicure on short nails

The fair sex have always tried to look stylish and beautiful. It concerns not only correctly pick up clothes and accessories, but also the make-up, manicure. The latter, by the way, many people prefer to do their own. And many are faced with numerous questions. For example, on how to do a French manicure at home, alone. There are simple instructions and practical advice that will help.

How to Make a French manicure at home? French manicure on short nails

Tools and materials

Before you start creating your manicure, you need to prepare all the necessary tools and materials. need:

  • a basis for manicure;
  • beige or pale pink polish;
  • White nail French manicure;
  • transparent varnish;
  • strip (stencils) for a French manicure or narrow tape;
  • orange sticks;
  • nail file for natural nails;
  • buff for polishing natural nails. How to Make a French manicure at home? French manicure on short nails

Preparation of nails

Before making french manicure at home, it is recommended to carefully prepare the nail plate. In the first place, so the result will be not much better. Secondly, manicure will last much longer.

Step 1: sawdust and grinding

Give nails desired shape with a soft nail files (200/220 grit). Short nail file off the same (and the length and shape). Nail buff align the surface, sweeping away dust resulting brush.

Step 2: Processing the cuticle and side bolsters

Orange sticks move the cuticle. Immediately before applying the lacquer it is not desirable to remove the trim manner expedient to do special gel that dissolves it. Or you can just push the cuticle, to manicure was neat. The side bolsters are handled carefully so as not to interfere during the procedure.

How to Make a French manicure at home? French manicure on short nails

Step 3: degreasing

Treat the nail plate cleaner. For example, the means for removing the varnish without acetone. This will significantly simplify the application of the basics, as well as extend the life of manicure in the future. After degreasing the nails can not touch.

Step 4: A Framework

Apply a base for manicure. clearcoat can act in its role. French manicure at home is no different from the salon. He always performed using this technology (training, base varnish, protective coating).

How to Make a French manicure at home? French manicure on short nails

The ideas of the French manicure

French can be a classic or unusual. Origin - one where the free edge is coated with white color. Unusual service jacket is considered to be any different from the classical one. For example, those wherein the free edge is coated with a black or colored varnish. It is noteworthy that the French manicure on short nails looks more impressive in the classic version. Firstly, because the free edge is too small to make it different, not white, color. Secondly, manicure looks so much neater and stylish.


Without even the classic french design it looks boring and too formal. How can I fix it? For example, apply a signature in the form of laces or flowers, abstractions whorls. This option is more suitable for nails of sufficient length. On the same design brief will simply be lost, it will make the nail plate is visually less.


Special stickers for nail art perfectly cope with the task of decorating the manicure. For a classic jacket ideal black patterns that will look bright and stylish. It is recommended to glue stickers do not all nails, but only some. For example, on the ring finger and thumb. French manicure on short nails with a design in the form of well-chosen labels (eg, vertical abstractions) visually lengthens the nails, making them more elegant and beautiful.

How to Make a French manicure at home? French manicure on short nails


Sequins come in several forms: dry and varnish. In addition, distinguish multiple sizes: small (mikropyl), medium, large. As design for sequins jacket can be used in different ways. For example, it is possible to separate the smile line shiny thin strip. This will add some charm manicure. Or you can do a brilliant jacket, covering the tip of the fully sequins. This manicure is suitable for holidays, special occasions and meetings. If at work acting tough regulations on appearance, then most likely, shiny coat is inappropriate.

French manicure design must be appropriate, discreet and careful. On this depends the whole composition as a whole will look like. For example, it is too bright and the calling pattern may draw too much attention to your hands. And if the state of the latter is not the best (dark spots, irritation or damage of the type of scratches), the overall impression of their owner will not be the rainbow.

The jacket houses Technology of

After preparing the nails need to be carefully considered, and design, and composition. Before making french manicure at home, decide for yourself what it would be: a classic or unusual; which design will be carried out, and whether it will do on the nails. Only then proceed to nail polishing.

Step 1: A Framework for French

Once the base for manicure dried completely, apply a base color jacket. For example, beige or pale pink. Thin layer. Allow it to dry completely, then apply varnish again if necessary. If the natural plate normal and healthy color, without spots, darkening, yellowing, you can skip this step.

How to Make a French manicure at home? French manicure on short nails

Step 2: Smile Line

Smile can draw the line on their own paint with a fine brush or take advantage of special stencils. They help to make french home does not take much. Stencils are glued below smile line (seam and the free edge of the nail bed), then the free edge is covered with white paint, if classic manicure. If there is no stencil and draw a level line of a smile from the hand does not work, you can use a thin stationery adhesive tape. Simply glue it in a similar manner as described above, then cover the free edge of the nail.

Step 3: Remove the stencil

After the tips of the nails dry, you need to carefully remove the supporting material. Stencil off a sharp movement so as not to smudge the paint in those places where it is not yet fully frozen. Adhesive tape is removed the same way.

Step 4: Design

If not imply any design, this step can be skipped. When do you want to paste stickers, draw something or cover the glitter, after drawing a smile line and the free edge - it's time.

Step 5: protective covering

Once the design is applied, the final step is to nail protection. You can use the clear coat or a special tool, which gives nails shine, further enhancing and protecting them.

French at home is easy to perform. Before making french manicure at home, consider the composition, prepare all the materials and tools free up 30-45 minutes of time from the cases. Colored jacket is executed according to the same principle as a classic. French manicure gel lacquer is no different from the varnish, except the method of drying. Hybrid varnish gel and solidifies only rays UV lamp, and special tools for gel varnishes (base and top) are used as a base and top coat. Technology is the application of the same: preparation, base coat, design and finish.