Manicure: types, description, photo

Manicure - a procedure which is necessary for every woman. Manicured handles give confidence, cheer up and make the lady more attractive. There are all different kinds of manicure. Therefore, it is important to choose the most suitable method of hand care.

Manicure: types, description, photo

The main options manicure

Fashion is constantly changing, and it's not just the style in clothing and hairstyles, but also the design of nails. All the time there are new kinds of manicure. Photos that you will find in this article will help to demonstrate the beauty and elegance of design of the nail plate. The most popular methods are the following:

  • or classic boards;
  • European;
  • hardware;
  • paraffin;
  • spa technique.

The most popular is considered a classic version as it ideal for completely any nails. European and hardware manicure more similar to each other as to remove burrs and sharp objects cuticle not apply. They are considered the safest.

For problem nails are best suited these types of manicure, as the SPA and hot. This is a fairly productive techniques that allow to maintain youth and beauty of hands.

A timeless classic

After reviewing the types of manicure and their description, we can choose the most suitable option. The most common procedure for removing the cuticle and nail treatment is considered classical. All manipulations are carried out manually master. Its main feature is considered to be steaming cuticle and the use of certain tools, such as:

  • pair of scissors;
  • tweezers;
  • nail files.

After removal of old paint, the processing of the nail plate to give it the correct shape and subsequent polishing. Then applied tub. It helps to soften the cuticle for the subsequent removal of it with tweezers. At the final stage, the wizard performs a hand massage using a nutrient or moisturizer. Before coating lacquer nail plate it has to be degreased using disinfectants.

This type of manicure can eliminate immediately all defects. However, it is worth remembering that there is a high probability of injury to the cuticles and infection control. To avoid this, all the tools used must be well disinfected.

Manicure: types, description, photo

Hardware manicure

Hardware kinds of manicure, a photo which demonstrates the benefits of this method are carried out with the help of special equipment. Special cosmetic means are used instead of steaming cuticle. And for the treatment of nails and skin - the device with nozzles that differ in their shape, size and purpose.

During its execution, the skin is completely dry. The cuticle is easily removed by applying a special nozzle, which excludes damage to the skin. Apparatus manicure appearance is very convenient for treatment of nail plate, as it allows easily shaped into the desired shape and smooth the surface.

Its main advantage is considered that it is completely safe, because there is no risk of skin damage and infection control. However, it is worth noting that not every artist has a technique of making such a manicure. Therefore, we must take responsibility for the choice of the passenger compartment. When used incorrectly, the device can be greatly injure the nail.

European edging manicure

Considering the types of nail polish, not to mention European edging. He performed without the use of sharp objects and steaming nails. Cuticle removal is carried out by the use of special cosmetics.

Originally nails carefully handled nail file, well polished, and then the prepared cosmetic composition is applied to the cuticle, eliminating the cuticle and slowing its growth. Thereafter, excess skin is very easily removed from the surface of the nail plate.

European manicure is suitable only for well-groomed hands. If required more intensive care for hands and performed the classic cut. This option is good because it eliminates the possibility of injury to the cuticles and hangnails.

Manicure: types, description, photo

Spa Manicure

Such a method of hand care is considered one of the most useful and benign. Spa manicure includes a range of different procedures, which are at the same time benefit the nails and fun. There are no special rules for its implementation, but it is worth remembering that, in addition to wafer processing, it includes:

  • and paraffin oil bath;
  • massage;
  • peeling;
  • deposition masks.

applied cosmetics that contain in its composition only natural components When performing such a manicure. It must be remembered that this is a fairly long procedure takes a few hours. Therefore, it should be carried out when there is free time. It is worth remembering that some of the means used to implement it, can trigger allergies and paraffin baths have a number of contraindications.

Current options for a manicure

In addition to traditional types of nail design, there are also some more advanced techniques, allowing to preserve the beauty and health of the hands for a long time. Among these variants can be identified such as:

  • Japanese;
  • permanent nail polish;
  • jacket.

The Japanese technology implies a preservation of the natural beauty of the nail plate. It involves treating special aromatic oils. Permanent types of design manicure meant by a coating of a nail plate by gel varnishes. The procedure is carried out after preliminary treatment of the cuticle. These paints are very well kept, you can create a different design and do not lead to delamination, brittle nails.

Manicure: types, description, photo

There are a variety of types of french manicure, which involve the use of paints of various colors and shades, as well as the creation of the original design. Therefore, anyone can easily choose the desired option.

The Japanese design technique

Among all other types of manicures for short nails is necessary to select the Japanese, since it does not just hand care, but a real philosophy. It is based on a combination of edging method cuticle treatment, as well as spa treatment. During the execution of this nail polish applied only natural ingredients and materials to help provide treatment arms, as well as to eliminate various problems with nails, namely:

  • bundle;
  • fragility;
  • the cracks.

In addition, this method makes it possible to eliminate the main problems with the skin. Mandatory part of the Japanese manicure is considered a special bath for hands with the addition of medicinal oils and massage. Japanese manicure is well-suited for nails in need of restoration. Such a procedure is quite gentle, and has absolutely no contraindications.

Manicure: types, description, photo

Hot manicure

This type is used as curative treatments for the skin. For its implementation shall apply compositions made on the basis of an oil mixture, which is heated in a special unit and then back for a few minutes immersed hands.

Due to the high temperature and the introduction of active components in the composition of these agents, skin nutrients and saturated restored. Such warm baths also help to solve many problems with nails and make up for the lack of vitamins.

Hot manicure recommended mainly in winter, when the skin suffers greatly from exposure to cold. Such a procedure is useful for people with joint problems. However, it has a number of significant contraindications, among which it is necessary to allocate the increased pressure, diabetes, damage of skin, as well as varicosity.

Gourmet french

There are a variety of types of French manicure, which attract their natural simplicity and elegance. Its basic rule is that you need to use two combined with each other shade of varnish. In the classic version is used white and pink.

Now there are many different types of french manicure, so the combination is allowed between the two are completely various shades of lacquer. The main thing that they were harmoniously combined with each other. In the classic version jacket looks flashy, but very stylish. It can be applied by applying a special pattern, as well as by hand.

Manicure: types, description, photo

The basic ideas for manicure nail staining by the method

Photo kinds of nail polish on short nails will help you choose an option. Define your own style, be sure to choose a combination of colors of nail polish, nail decoration and drawing. Among the main types of nail polish can highlight the following:

  • French;
  • US;
  • Spanish.

French manicure looks quite stylish and original. It implies an application of pastel hues on the nail plate, as well as white edges at the tip of the nail. Sometimes this method of applying varnish implies an execution pattern or use applications. It is ideal for work, business meetings, visits and any celebration.

American manicure implies that nail color chosen to match the lipstick. He looks perfect on short nails almond shape.

Spanish manicure characterized in that the used two-color, bright or multicolored combinations. Such a method allows to achieve the additional thickness of the nail plate due to the lamination the varnish in different colors. This creates additional strength of the coating. Therefore, this technology is ideal for thin and brittle nails.

There are many types of manicure that you can perform yourself or ask a qualified technician to help make a reality completely any design.

Manicure: types, description, photo

Original versions of

There are all different types of manicure with varnish. Among them we should highlight the jacket art technique is one of the varieties of the French method. It is characterized by the fact that combines a lot of bright paints custom colors. Thus riot of color looks neat careful handling due to the nail plate, remove cuticles and nails impart oval. Art manicure allows you to create the best works of art, paintings by the use of stickers, painting, special stamps and various designs. You can do the piercing, but the plate should be strong. Basically, this technique is applied to the artificial nails.

Whatever the nail design, stylish and beautiful it will look only at the manicured hands. Without this, any technique completely varnishing and other decorations will look messy and unattractive.