Tattoo "swallow on the neck" - the secret of the ideal image

Swallow Bird has long been considered a symbol of bringing happiness. See the bird on the road or the road - a positive finish the job or to gain success. Funny and naughty birds attracted people look and Vili their nests close to residential settlements. See a swallow in a dream has always been favorable news. human love for these beautiful birds is increasing today. Many boys and girls prefer to wear a tattoo swallows on his neck, expressing devotion to the birds.


The history of tattoos with images of birds

People's desire to be different from each other is incredibly strong. Creative people, artists and tattoo artists are trying to decorate your body with exquisite images that symbolize the relation to something else.

Drawings of birds on the body attract the attention of others, and cause permanent interest. Particular attention is paid to tattoo "swallow". Photos show how beautiful the birds look, especially if the image is decorated with phrases or characters.

In ancient times, images of birds coated on the seamen bodies, travelers and wanderers. Categories of people most in love with the freedom of movement and independence. Subsequently tattoo "Swallow" has become a favorite image of the secular personalities. Many international stars have tried to portray on his body a tiny bird as a talisman of protection.


Neck - the best place for a tattoo

Tattoo masters can fill the image on any part of the body. It all depends on the sensitivity and skin reaction to the unusual procedure. The neck has a low level of the threshold of sensitivity, so it is best suited for a tattoo. By the size of the neck a relatively small part of the body, so they will look harmonious small and neat patterns. color tattoos are also luxurious look, starting with the neck and is located across the back to the loins. Typically, such large-scale drawings are peculiar to men, who tend to emphasize muscular, pumped body. Tattoo "swallow", located on the back, it looks very elegant and stylish. Sophisticated image isolated human love of art and give the original and complete the image.


Symbols and signs

Tattoo "swallow" says human devotion and loyalty to the selected partner, love and harmony with others. Men choose a tattoo with the image of the bird, wishing to remind others about the love of independence, freedom and true openness to the world. Such images are selected strengths, good guys and precious. Girls do tattoo "swallow" for the acquisition of happiness in his personal life, success in business, career or studies. Signaling to the world the desire to find a faithful and reliable companion in life that will support and hope in the relationship.

Bird is considered a symbol of good in the world, the mascot of youth, vigor and movement speed. Any figure out the nature of talk about the development of the individual and the owner of high spirituality. Birds especially strong promoters that confer faith, optimism and charisma. If you want to look more confidently and harmoniously, choose gentle and kind drawings for the body, be positive and bright!