Meaning tattoo "bear": men, women, in the area

Tattoos - part of the culture since ancient times. Some characters have become popular recently, and some are "gone" with humanity through the ages. Image bear was applied to the body of the ancient Celts and shamans of Indian tribes of North America. Probably, therefore the values ​​tattoo bear diverse and contradictory.

Cultural and historical roots of the values ​​of "Bear" tattoo

Bear - often found in the myths and legends of the character, but each nation gives it different properties.

Meaning tattoo

The ancient Celts did bear a symbol of strength and power. Warriors applied on the body and shield his image. At the same time the bear was revered as a symbol of fertility, motherhood and femininity.

In the Chinese epic this predator embodied the strength and power, domination and courage. In Japan, the bear - a symbol of wisdom and fair trial.

In ancient Egypt and India, this beast was associated with an undeniable power.

North American Indians of some tribes worshiped the bear as a deity and Shamans do tattoos with this predator.

The Russian bear meant bravery and luck, cunning and lucky hunter.

bear images in Islamic culture have a negative value, the beast is a symbol of evil, vengeful spirits.

Militancy and heroism symbolized tattoos bear the Vikings.

The value of the tattoo with the image of a bear

Despite the inconsistency, the value of the tattoo "Bear" positive. The interpretation depends on how the animal is depicted: a calm and good-natured bear symbolizes wisdom and justice, charity, aggressive - strength, courage and confidence. Maybe the image of a predator on the body implies a beginning and a new life, if a man like a bear awakened from hibernation.

What does the tattoo of a bear on a man's body

Meaning tattoo

The value of the tattoo "Bear" for men - strength and power in the first place. Tattoo masculinity emphasizes the moral and physical strength, ability to fight. Often this predator image shows the ability to overcome any obstacles. Drawing from a bear claw symbolizes nobility, heroism.

Tattoo with the bear could mean indomitable and imperious character.

Meaning tattoo "grin a bear" - courage and bravery, the willingness to overcome any opponent, to destroy the enemy. And pictures of the beast with a closed mouth is chosen by those who are willing to radical changes.

Often a tattoo of this predator represents just the beginning of a new stage in life, soul-searching, the desire to start everything from scratch.

Men get tattoos with the bear, who is in his element, peaceful, emphasize its calm and prudence, wisdom.

The value of the tattoo "bear" in women

Girls tattooing selected cartoon or teddy bears. This suggests a fun and slightly dreamy character.

Meaning tattoo

Women prefer quiet peaceful image bear, complemented by flowers or eucalyptus as in the case of a panda. Polar bear with small flowers instead of wool - a popular tattoo in the romantic girls.

Beast with opened mouth, sometimes aggressive selected athletes engaged combative or boxing. This tattoo says about the will and commitment, striving for victory. Realistic images of bears and cubs symbolize motherhood, family, love for children.

The value of the tattoo "Bear" in the area of ​​

In the Soviet Union tattoos with bears made solely engaged in opening safes "bugbears". This tattoo is said about the authority of the media in the criminal world, often on the status of the kingpin.

Meaning tattoo

The value of the tattoo "bear" in the zone indicates power, the primacy of the carrier. Bugbears is usually done with a bear paw tattoos or animal with an ax in his paws. In the criminal world, a similar figure may indicate that the former prisoner was serving a sentence in the logging.

On the area believe that the image of a bear on the body helps to tighten the emotional or physical wounds.

tattoo values ​​depending on whether a bear, and which depicts

Meaning tattoo "bear" on the shoulder (especially in the area) speaks about the primacy of the human situation, the quest for power. As a rule, on the shoulder to make drawings with the head of the beast.

On the wrist or part of it to the elbow tattoo will look great with a predator in a forest.

Meaning tattoo

Typically, the tattoo with the image of the peace-loving bears do on his chest that symbolizes kindness and wisdom.

Drawing on the back says the owner of the physical and spiritual strength.

Tattoo values ​​vary depending on what the bear is shown:

  • Polar bear - a symbol of loneliness, fearlessness. He talks about the love of life, and ability to survive under any circumstances.
  • Grizzly embodies determination, the ability to cope with the enemy, to solve any problem.
  • Howling brown bear speaks of aggressive and ferocious like a person.
  • Panda symbolizes kindness and positive.
  • Tattoos with koala prefer optimists.

more popular

What are the bear image

More popular polar bear image on the second place - the grin of a predator, and the third - the bear's paw.

If we talk about the personal qualities of people who prefer a tattoo with the bear, it's this:

  • Self-confident people who are ready to deal with external circumstances.
  • Open to change and spiritual development, customized to work on themselves.
  • An honest and noble person.
  • The bellicose and strong fighters.

tattoo with a bear, even aggressive, not only speak of strength, confidence and authoritativeness, but that at heart a good man, of an external force and impressiveness hides a wise and loving heart.