Meaning tatuirovki- "Lion" on his shoulder and other parts of the body

Lions are one of the most popular representatives of the cat family. The image of the king of beasts used in the culture of almost all nations of the world since the dawn of antiquity. This animal symbolizes nobility and strength, as well as different incredible beauty. What is the significance tatuirovki- "lion", and how to correctly interpret the given image in the culture wearable image?

Lions in the nations of the world mythology of

Meaning tatuirovki-

Usually, the same characters and creatures may have different, and often completely opposite meaning in the beliefs of the different peoples of the world. But not a lion - this beast has a very positive reputation, which in itself is amazing. The king of beasts - a defender of good men, pure in thought, in the culture of ancient Egypt. A lioness at all - one of the guises of the great goddess Sekhmet. The Roman tradition of the lion was also regarded as a divine beast. Buddhists believe that this animal symbolizes the enlightened man, strong spirit. Meaning tatuirovki- "lion" for the representatives of this particular denomination - you need to understand a lot and a lot to achieve before decorating their skin like image. Even in the early Christian beliefs, the king of beasts symbolized wisdom and strength. The Chinese believe that the lion symbolizes kingship and virility, and the opinion of the Africans this animal represents power and protection.

Explanation of modern tattoo king of beasts

Meaning tatuirovki-

Today, the art of tattooing is at the peak of its popularity. Underwear image many people do, and each seeks not only to beautify themselves, but also to show their own individuality or to emphasize important, in his opinion, character traits. Tattoo "lion" has the most positive value. This is the power, to curb the will, the wisdom, the royal mind. Sometimes with the king of beasts portrayed his family. In this case, the value tatuirovki- "Lion" can be interpreted as a willingness to stand up for themselves and their neighbors. Such a tattoo done by people highly value their family and kinship ties.

Popular tattoo designs with lions

Very often you can see a tattoo depicting two fighting lions. In this case we are talking about the internal confrontation, the struggle of thoughts, the dark and light side of consciousness. If it is a pair of lions sitting back to back, it's about balance and tranquility. Often, the king of beasts to draw tattoo fire, flames. It is a powerful symbol of energy. Do not forget that the tattoo "lion" and the value may be more commonplace, we are talking about one of the signs of the zodiac. And often decorate their body image of the animal want people born under this constellation. This tattoo can be a talisman, and an attempt to bring good luck into your life.

Lions in modern tattoos

Meaning tatuirovki-

Show pyshnogrivogo representative of the cat family can be in virtually any style. Equally impressive look realistic figures, stylized silhouette images or sketches. The value tatuirovki- "lion" does not change matter in what direction you want to translate his image. Do not be afraid to experiment: the sphinx, animal cyborg, cartoon character or an abstract image - what would be your own king of the animals depends only on your imagination and views on life. Enough options for placement of the tattoo on the body. Most often stuffed lions on the arms, back, or chest, some at least - on the legs, neck and other areas. Choosing a place for tattoo usually depends on how often its owner plans to show their underwear image around. Remember that the value of the tattoo "Lion" on his shoulder did not differ by the same packed on the leg or back. Do not be afraid to experiment and remember that the most important thing is that your tattoo like you.