Flower tattoo on the wrist for girls. Value

Today tattoo trend. Many figures are applied to the body for beauty, others invest in a deep sense. Someone did and believe that the patterns on the body can affect the destiny.

Tattoo "Flower" - the most common. That's about it and talk in our article.

Flower tattoo on the wrist for girls. Value

when the first wearable drawings?

Thanks to archaeological excavations, it became known that tattoos were distributed around the globe. This art form originated in the era of primitive people. Perhaps they were designated belonging to a certain tribe.

For example, in ancient Egypt wearable figures point to a person's status. Inks were natural dyes components (plants, blood, pollen).

Scientists believe that it was among the ancient Egyptians for the first time there was such a class as a tattoo artist. They were honored to communicate with themselves kings. People believed that the master endowed with magical powers, so, striking patterns on the body can heal even from fatal diseases and protected from the enemy. Even babies were deposited amulets in the form of wearable patterns, including - colors.

Often applied lines and dots, symbolizing the flow of life energy, animals and birds (dolphins, swallows).

Learn a little about the history of tattoos, we proceed to a discussion of the main issue.

Flower tattoo on the wrist for girls. Value

Tattoos for girls "flowers"

This is a very common motif, because flowers are the epitome of beauty and femininity. They are relevant and have a strong half of humanity, but they often can be seen on the female wrist.

Before you get a tattoo, "flower", it is necessary to know its value.

What tells Rose?

It is a symbol of faithful love and sensuality. Red saturated hue speaks of rampant ardent passion. It means emotion, desire. Blue Rose says about striving for new achievements. White - a symbol of innocence, purity. A stuffed blue flower, the owner expresses his protest prevailing rules, regulations and practices, general principles.

The popular flower lotus

The lotus symbolizes purity, perfection, purity. This magical flower gives vitality and energy, helps to overcome obstacles, to find peace of mind and spiritual balance. In India, it is feminine and symbolizes fertility.


His image is often found among the romantic natures. It is believed that the tattoo with a dandelion flower symbolizes the commitment, joy, happiness, love for life. This pattern, many tend to emphasize the perennial vitality and beauty of the soul, youth.


Strong image, indicating of status. It combines originality, elegance and pride. Chinese sages believed that the orchid brings vitality. By selecting this pattern for a tattoo on the wrist, the girl focuses on sexuality and the beauty of the soul, its wealth, inner strength.

Flower tattoo on the wrist for girls. Value


He speaks of mystery, hidden desires, virtues. a symbol of health, wisdom and longevity. This fragrant flower for tattoo selected sensory, romance nature.


Tattoo with the image of this flower - a choice of creative, edgy, hungry people of adventure. Closed bud means justice, the desire to enjoy life. It symbolizes the infinite faith in goodness.

Sakura flower

This is a truly amazing plant. It looks such a tattoo "Flower" on the wrist smartly. But she has a deep philosophical meaning. Sakura flower is associated with fragility, tenderness, fragility, transience of life.

Now become clear, some values ​​tattoos "flowers" for girls. A lot of them, and as we can see, each characterized by its own interpretation and a special meaning.

Advantages of the tattoo on his wrist

Advantages are as follows:

  • This is self-expression. Tattoo "Flower" - very beautiful, it attracts attention.
  • If desired, it can be hidden under the sleeves.
  • Tattoo - a great opportunity to disguise a scar or burn.

But you can not say about the disadvantages.

Flower tattoo on the wrist for girls. Value

Disadvantages tattoos

There are many more, so before you make yourself a tattoo, think carefully whether it is necessary for you. So, let's talk about the disadvantages. First, over time the tattoo might just lose one's attraction or lose relevance. Therefore, the image must be carefully considered. Secondly, during the application procedure, you can get an infection. There is a possibility of blood contamination. In this regard, you need to properly come to the choice of interior.

Thirdly, the wrist - a painful area, there are many nerve endings.

Remember, your skin produces female age, and eventually the tattoo may float, change shape.

Of course, we must understand that to the carriers in the surrounding tattoos can occur ambiguous attitude, reflected in the censure, disgust, hatred. Most harmless figure capable of becoming even a reason for dismissal. Innocent at first glance, a tattoo for girls 'flowers' is no exception.

It is therefore vital to weigh a thousand times, to compare the pros and cons. This should not be a lightning decision, because it is for life. Remove a tattoo is difficult, so the decision must be deliberate and conscious.