Tattoos lily - the value and location of application

What is the lily tattoo? It is very beautiful and feminine figure. Usually, tattoo lily stuffed in the form of a single flower. While some people prefer to even fill the whole bunches.

Dimensions and colors may vary from very large to very small. Sometimes images are applied together with the heart-shaped leaves and with stems.

Tattoos lily - the value and location of application

Tattoo Lily - basic nuances of

So more. Tattoos lily may be associated with different qualities. From femininity, purity, virginity, modesty, and the revival of beauty. In Egypt, the lily has always meant fertility. In Europe - innocence (white flower), and orange - hatred. Such tattoos are in most cases have a triangular shape. Applied to the calves, ankles, forearms, shoulders, hips, stomach and back.

The noble flower

Lily tattoo - it's not just a picture. Such an image can be found even on the icons of the Annunciation. For example, in the hands of the Archangel Gabriel. It symbolizes the flower itself and the Virgin Mary. It is held in high esteem because every believer.

In Egypt, these flowers adorned the dead body of young girls. People believed that in the hereafter they will have many children. Furthermore lily indicated, again, their innocence and purity.

Well, if you believe the German medieval legends, the lilies live elves - the fabulous good creatures.

Tattoos lily - the value and location of application

total value

The next moment. Tattoo "lily" value is far from easy. But first of all flower shows tranquility, harmony, naivety and humility. However, the value ranges and more, depending on the color. After all, the yellow lily says, on the contrary, on rebellion and haughtiness. Pink shows tenderness and youth. Tiger or orange announces independence, obstinacy, and even hatred.

Thus, having met a man with a tattoo, pay attention to its color. He can tell you very much.


Tattoos for girls - Lily - found in a variety of variations. For example, you meet a girl with heraldic (royal) flower on the body. This suggests that the lady passionately in love with a man and wants to stay with him throughout his life. This brings lily involuntarily around the idea of ​​France. That she was always depicted on the coat of arms of the French monarchs, and also spoke about faith in the nobility and greatness of all the best.

Packed such tattoos preferably the fair floor. However, do not forget about one more moment. In ancient times, these figures stuffed exclusively by women of easy virtue. Today, the nature of the image depends on what she wants to invest in it.

In any case, it should be noted that the woman's body stuffed in the lily is beautiful and charming. In this case, it is absolutely alien to such qualities as kindness, humility and tenderness, as the above mentioned. It may be true and obedient wife, reliable companion for its second half.

Besides being the owner of such a tattoo - a person, not devoid of creativity. In such a woman well-developed artistic abilities. It has a very fine mental organization.

Tattoos lily - the value and location of application


Tattoo (Lily) value can be defined and on the body of the stronger sex. However, only in a particular case. When the man on the shoulder depicted lily near the sword. It speaks of the nobility, courage and faithfulness to his ideals. In addition to such a man of great importance will be the concept of honor, friendship and loyalty to his own words.

In prison,

Lily tattoo on his shoulder in the criminal world is found in the majority of cases in women. Zona like pattern can mean unconventional orientation or behavior of the lung.

Thus, the significance of this tattoo is very rich, neodnoobrazno and not always positively. Do not forget that the above mentioned: in his time such a readily available image of branded women prostitutes.

However, what looks beautiful flower, the richer and deeper than its symbolism. The more difficult it fully comprehend and understand.

Tattoos lily - the value and location of application

The main thing is that the owners of these tattoos can not be myself without them even imagine. They seemed to merge them together. They complement each other. And let some people feel the stigma of a lily. Irrelevant. For the owner of the picture - it is a mark of distinction, a way to stand out from the surrounding gray crowd. Be sure not noticed such people do not stay! After all, well-packed flower is also very beautiful!