What are the tattoos on the man's shoulder?

Tattoos on the shoulder of men in most cases express leadership, strength and courage. Also like tattoos help to stand out from the gray mass. The boys from childhood dream of that will make a tattoo on his shoulder. Male version of tattoos selected yet at the same age. However, by the time preferences may change, but not always.

Dare to patterning on the body not only to young men, but also mature men. It is no coincidence, because tattooed on his shoulder has attracted the attention of girls and stresses the muscles.

What are the tattoos on the man's shoulder?

The story of a tattoo on his shoulder

Men's tattoos appeared a long time, unfortunately, there is no exact date. It is believed that the guys started to decorate my body like pictures more than six thousand years ago. For primitive people they served some kind of designation.

Earlier tattoo on the shoulders of the army team was packed, as well as those spun in the criminal environment. Over time, everything changed. Now, many guys do a tattoo on his shoulder. Men's tattoos on this area of ​​the body have become the most popular among young people in the sixties.

The most popular tattoo on his shoulder

  • Army. This category includes real men tattoos. They are made in honor of the memory of the service. For example, those who served in Airborne, fills on his body, the parachute.
  • tattoo with the lion. Such tattooed on his shoulder is the epitome of leadership and power.
  • Tattoo of a wolf. Such tattooed says rapacity and media power.
  • Tattoo on the shoulder with a tiger. These tattoos can mean wisdom, the desire to win, the ferocity, deliberation and wealth, depending on the total composition.
  • tattoo with a bear. Tattoos symbolize wisdom and power, and rationality.
  • Tattoo scorpion. Typically, these tattoos are stuffed men serving in the army in the Caucasus.
  • with the dragon tattoo. A similar pattern can mean both greed and wisdom, depending on the overall composition of the most tattoos.
  • The patterns on the shoulder. Men's tattoo is often made up of different lines. For example, a particularly popular ethnic patterns (Celtic).
What are the tattoos on the man's shoulder?
  • Tattoos with inscriptions. On the shoulders of men can be seen phrase in English, Japanese and other languages. It happens that the body is decorated with the character that carries a meaning, sometimes known only to the owner of tattoos.


Now that you know what you can choose a tattoo on his shoulder. Men's tattoos are different. Therefore, before the stuffing a tattoo, consider the drawing, together with the master grab suitable.