Tattoo on his stomach: the pros and cons

Tattoo on his stomach always been popular in both men and women, but they got the most widespread still among the girls. This is a great way to draw attention to a slim figure and tight stomach.


Tattoo on his stomach has its own distinctive features.

Often taturovku this area is done to mask the scars after appendicitis or other surgical operations. Well-planned graceful figure can completely hide the scar and effectively emphasize the dignity of the figure of its owner or the owner.

The most common patterns are symmetrical image, which are located opposite each other. This is the most suitable solution. And it should be noted - this idea is suitable for almost everyone.

Tattoos on girls stomach

Tattoo on his stomach: the pros and cons

What are the most popular places for applying the tattoo? This area of ​​the navel down as the sides and in the middle, is also quite often packed pattern from the chest to the navel.

On the belly tattoo initially observed in athletes, dancers, informal and mods. But then tattoos began to appear in the rest of the fairer sex who are not shy about dressing provocatively and openly to show their stomach decorated. And let such actions in humans is not quite well and familiar, but there are places where it is quite appropriate: the fitness center, jogging on the beach in summer, with the club. Then your image will be excellent.

Tattoo on his stomach: the pros and cons

But many beauties have their fears about it. They do not want to do a tattoo in the first place due to the fact that the skin is stretched over several years, a masterpiece and will look unattractive. But it's not a problem. Nowadays, there are methods of getting rid of a tattoo without a trace on her stomach. Only the cost of the high procedure.

tattoo on his stomach men

Tattoo on his stomach men do not occur as often as women.

Tattoo on his stomach: the pros and cons

In most cases this or inscriptions along the belly, or cumbersome tattoo that moves to chest. Inscriptions are usually made in large print Gothic. For the bulk of works selected animals, birds or entire picture. Very common tattoo on stomach bikers. They stuffed the inscription, animals, and motorcycles.

Pros and Cons of

Of course, the tattoo on her stomach look very stylish and beautiful, they can emphasize the dignity of the figure, hiding flaws, such as scars. This area will be an excellent platform for small pictures, and large masterpieces. Will look attractive and color, and black and white. The tattoo as a last resort, you can easily cover up.

In addition to the advantages, tattooed it has serious disadvantages. First, no one is immune from the sagging skin. This often happens after childbirth, if full-bodied people drastically lose weight, and age-related changes in the skin on the stomach itself is a bit of sag. In this case, a large color tattoo is not the best one. Secondly, it is quite a painful procedure. At this point the skin sensitive, and if to be time-consuming work, it is expected to perform it is not at one time or apply anesthesia, although this is not recommended, as it is believed that the tattoo you need to "feel".

Now looseness goes out of fashion, society refers to the open abdomen with nagging. Yes, and the pattern in the future can get bored. Even from the information label will remain a small footprint.

The process of selection of the figure is very important: it must be confident in the wizard. As work becomes more complicated due to the fact that in itself is soft abdominal area and have no tattoo artist support, which means that it is very difficult to make a drawing with lots of fine detail. In this case, from the tattoo artist will need all his skill.