Slavic male tattoo on his arm

Tattoos - what is it? A whim or decoration? Art or kind of sign? Or maybe it is a cry, a promise to society? Today, few people are surprised male tattoo on your arm, shoulder, women's bracelet on the wrist or small butterfly on the ankle. A lot of salons across the country offering services in drawing a pattern on any part of the body, creating a variety of drawings made in black and white and color version. But admit it to myself, you also do not just thinking about this decoration, seeing the successful execution of a tattoo on his arm at the other.

Do you wonder where the tattoo went there, in particular in Russia, and what do they mean?

The history of tattoos in Russia

The history of this phenomenon in Russia dates back to ancient times. It is known that our ancestors-Slavs has since paganism were familiar with this art. All kinds of signs, patterns and drawings serve primarily as protective talismans, amulets or treat magic rituals. Confirmation of this fact can be found in the traveler Ibn Faldana that, describing his travels, referred to the Slavs, decorated undergarments tattoo in the form of fantastic beasts and strange animals.

With the baptism of Rus tattoos have become regarded as pagan heritage and found themselves outside the law. Only after many centuries, Peter I shook the church canons, and the art of tattoo has become, as it were, say now, a fashionable trend.

with a sense of beauty

Slavic male tattoo on his arm

Beautiful complex tattoos once again become fashionable after the collapse of the USSR, when many people have realized the continuity of generations and ownership to an ancient family of Rus. What does it mean for the modern man Slavic male tattoo on his arm? Their support thus represents the national identity. The most common application of Tattoos on the hand, as this part of the body is not shameful to expose, and the owner has the opportunity to put it on public display. Figures very different: you can see the patterns, and wild animals, and runes, and interwoven lines and designs. It is believed that a person wearing such jewelry gets the protection of higher powers of nature. Each figure has its sacred meaning, strength talisman. We decided to put an interesting pattern? When choosing a tattoo do not forget to take into account the size of the application pattern. In particular, men's tattoos on his arm are a quarter, half or full its length, including the forearm.

Slavic tattoo on his arm. Men's patterns - amulets

Slavic male tattoo on his arm

Our ancestors believed that the tattoo - it's not just the usual decoration on the body. After a certain pattern, a combination of lines and relative positions in a certain way are energy flows that, according to the beliefs of the ancients, could retain vitality, health and so on. D. Drawings Magi applied in certain circumstances. Unfortunately, the importance of rites in modern times is partially lost, so even in the interior rasprekrasno you do not get properly working men's tattoo on his arm. Drawing on the skin in the Slavic style will certainly remind you of the power and greatness of their ancestors and peculiar aesthetic grace, but is unlikely to bear the sacred burden.

Tattoos on the hand. Men's inscriptions not only

As described above, the tattoo was applied by our ancestors for a particular purpose. In particular, to make up for the missing energy or give strength. Tattoo could be in the form of inscriptions, which included bukvichnye elements: molvitsy, letters, tragi, runes, ie, a kind of alphabet of the ancient Slavs...

One of the earliest manifestations of Slavic Written Language - runes. These signs are similar with Japanese characters. Each rune (there were more than 200) had only her inherent sense. Among the characters are present denote power, wind, world, rainbow, sun. One example of a tattoo applied nowadays, shown in the photo.

Slavic male tattoo on his arm

tattoo with the inscription quite universal. For its implementation can approach any portion of the body. It looks good on your arm, leg, and as a complement to the pattern.

If you still wish to apply the tattoo is in the Slavic style, you do not leave, read the meaning of the selected pattern or lettering and think about what you want to express and how it will look.