How does it look good the original white tattoo

White tattoos, despite the complexity of the execution, more and more are gaining popularity among the fans. However, most willing to do it yourself choose a small size, for fear that it may not be possible. As a result, most of these tattoos are applied to the wrist. It is worth noting that white tattoos are much more personal signs that make, first of all, for themselves and not to show to others. White or black and white tattoo is an ideal choice for those who, perhaps, by the nature of the service or the work is not supposed to have this kind of jewelry.

How does it look good the original white tattoo

Tattoo Flower

Being a white or opaque, tattoos with such complex patterns are invisible. Basically, this white girl choose a tattoo as a flower - it's always an element of femininity and tenderness.

bird tattoo

Birds are the most popular figures in the selection of white tattoos, symbolizing freedom, life, love and peace. For example, dove, Hummingbird, heads or swallow.

How does it look good the original white tattoo

Tattoo animal

This white tattoo can be selected as male or female. The most popular animals are the tiger and the dragon. Try not to choose something complicated, as there is a risk that the pattern can be blurred. butterfly tattoo

The butterfly is one of the most beautiful and sensual designs for tattoos on their wrists. It can also be put together with small flowers, in order to give the image a natural look.

tree tattoo

This kind of figures easily contours of ink and are a symbol of nature. They are beautiful and elegant look in white ink.

What else can choose for white tattoo?

You can also opt for a different form of stars, skulls, hearts and wings. Around the wrist often applied as a tattoo white barbed wire, initials or different expression in a decorative font.

What you need to know before choosing a white tattoo?

Having decided to make this ornament, do not forget to take into account,

How does it look good the original white tattoo

the color of your skin. If pale, it is ideal for white tattoos. White inks are transparent, allowing only brighten the skin, rather than create a pattern. White tattoo on her white skin looks like a scar, while darker skin does not allow the tattoo to stand out enough. Do not forget that the ink for their special needs. They are thicker than they can boast only those of very good quality. In second place in the achievement of high-quality white tattoo worth the experience and professionalism. What is the complexity of the tattoo in white ink?

The latter can be rejected by the body, gradually emerging from the skin. They are not suitable for all skin types. Can also cause is not always an acceptable response from some people who prefer more classical black tattoo. There may be itching and swelling. Such a tattoo when exposed to direct sunlight may disappear. The healing process takes time. When bleeding occurs during the tattooing ink gets into the blood can give a slightly pink hue.