Genre Minimalism: tattoo in this style

Today in art increasingly popular minimalism. Tattoo in this style - a favorite destination for body art countercultural youth. Minimalist picture on the body now do not just "at home", but the best masters of special equipment.

Genre Minimalism: tattoo in this style

Many experts are predicting a new impetus to this trend due to the popularization of perfectionism and the desire to find meaning in small details.


In virtually all types of fine art present minimalism. Tattoo in this style were among the first. Then it was the dominant style, as the Wizard does not scale complex drawings.

A striking example of minimalism: tattoos "of the Soviet period." The name of his girlfriend, the emblem of the military unit, blood and so on. All of these figures can be called a minimalist.

Now the tattoo in a minimalist style with simple geometric motifs abound. Golden section, the dotted lines, a perfect circle, and so on are now in the trend. Minimalism also considered "old school". Therefore, it is less common to other genres.

The canons of style

Basically minimalist tattoo performed black paint. The image should be as primitive without accumulations and complex strokes. But at the same time be as symbolic. A separate subspecies can be called a geometric minimalism.

Genre Minimalism: tattoo in this style

tattoo in this style are symmetrical image simple geometric shapes. When this line thick, black, but subtle. Such tattoos are rarely larger. But some drawings may refer to a single composition.

Subcultural tattoos

Among the total weight of the minimalist tattoos are not the most popular. Most people prefer a more classical types. However, among the various subcultures such "portaki" occupy the first place. Countercultural youth is a kind of protest in small symbolic images. Most often it is the motive, made simple lines. Also, the pattern may be accompanied by provocative phrases with obscene language. Often this style is called hendpouk.

Simple shapes are pretty mysterious and, at first glance, there is no point in such a tattoo. Minimalism and the noteworthy that the meditator himself must find meaning. The sketch can be drawn to show the master and who perform artistic treatment prior to application.

Styles tattoo: minimalism, female figures

Among women, this species is also quite popular.

Genre Minimalism: tattoo in this style

Often it choose for themselves the girls who want an inconspicuous figure. To avoid flooding the entire body, they create a minimalist image in invisible place. Very popular images of animals. Performed only outlines. In this case, hardly used different colors. Even if the drawing color, then it is present in no more than three colors. There are many images where geometric motifs intertwined with nature. For example, an image of mountains and the moon, from which a line running through the whole hand.

The versatility of such tattoos lies in the possibility of applying them in any part of body. Some girls like to fill a tattoo on his hand. The composition of the five pictures on each finger will look very impressive. It is not necessary to connect several tattoos in one tune. Many small images also looks attractive.

Experts say that the easiest way to reduce the figures in the genre of minimalism. Tattoo of this style of small size. They can easily hide or kill. In some cases it is also possible to paint the other pattern. But it's better to think before they contact the webmaster.