Tattoo on his feet - a small women's prank

Tattoos recently enjoyed great popularity, especially among young people. They tend to express themselves through these images, to stand out, to create your individual image. A place for tattoo everyone chooses their own way: someone in a prominent position, who, on the contrary, in a secluded, so that others did not see. Tattoo on his feet in demand mainly in the female half of the population.

Tattoo on his feet - a small women's prank

Women mistakenly believe that the process of creating a tattoo on the foot is not too painful for the reason that the feet are constantly susceptible depilation procedures and the pain threshold is significantly lowered. And then, the small tattoo on the leg look absolutely not vulgar. Some of the advantages include more:

  • elegant appearance;
  • practicality (if desired such tattoos can easily hide). Tattoo on his feet - a small women's prank

Men to preferences

Among the male half of the population also meet the owners' underwear painting ". However, they prefer to tattoo bracelet on his leg in the form of Celtic patterns, display of arms and crosses. Such tattoos give courage and show the strength of character of their owners. Tattoo on his feet is a rare sight for the reason that it is extremely painful - on his feet has many bones, which complicate the already difficult process. Before deciding on a permanent tattoo, consider your decision, talk with friends and family. The sequence of operation

How is a tattoo on his feet?

1. Before going to the salon to the master is necessary to determine the place where you will make the tattoo: the thigh, calf, ankle, foot. There are fans to paint fully the entire leg.

2. Remember that the application of a tattoo on the feet, especially on the upper part of the foot is very painful. So, try to assess your pain threshold, and if you are not sure you can withstand that kind of pain, it is better to give up the tattoo in this location.

3. Select the picture:. Animals, flowers, traditional patterns, shapes, etc. As a rule, in tattoo parlors offer a ready-made designs. You can choose any of them. Be sure when you view album evaluate the quality of work performed. If the tattoo is applied unprofessionally, then fix it later will be very difficult.

4. Before applying the paint need to find out whether you are allergic to its components. For this specialist salon conducts several tests for allergic reactions.

Tattoo on his feet - a small women's prank

5. If you are afraid of pain and not sure you can handle it, then check with a specialist which painkillers can be used in this process, and also check whether you have an allergy to them. 6. After all tests wizard will start tattooing. Make sure that while he used sterile gloves and disposable needles.

7. Congratulations, you are now the owner of the tattoo. Some time after the application, about 1-1, 5 months, you need to follow the special hygienic process tattoo healing cream (consult with the master in the cabin, which is better to use), do not expose the tattoo to direct sunlight, do not scratch, do not rub, to avoid close contact with clothes.