Tattooed on his shoulder. Meaning tattoos on shoulders

Tattooed on his shoulder is hardly anyone surprised. Most often it is a complement to already existing tattoos on other parts of the body. Color tattoo looks great as a man's muscular shoulders, as well as on the body fragile girl, giving her as a person with a strong character. But that is tattooed on his shoulder, because hardly the type of three-dimensional image is applied lightly?

Tattooed on his shoulder. Meaning tattoos on shoulders

A bit of history

The first tattoo, applied to the human shoulder, appeared a few thousand years ago, but today they are most popular. Earlier tattooed on his shoulder determine the status of its owner to any particular tribe. In addition, thanks to the tattoo could understand what the social status of a person is within the tribe.

The advantage of tattoos on the shoulder

Many people wonder why it is tattooed on his shoulder is still the most popular among a variety of kinds of tattoo. First of all, because it is easy to hide, it is no secret that some of the tattoo is done under the influence of mood, and after the owner of shy to show them to the public. The next advantage is considered to be simple application, which consequently makes the procedure much cheaper. In addition, it is believed that tattooed on the shoulder of the longest retains the original appearance and, thanks to the special shape of the body part, it looks more realistic.

Tattooed on his shoulder. Meaning tattoos on shoulders

What does the tattoos on his shoulders

Most often for tattoos on the shoulder using images of animals, birds and mythological creatures. Not less frequently paint Celtic designs, Chinese characters or fiery abstract tattoo. Girls prefer more feminine designs, such as butterflies, lizards, flowers. Each figure is, of course, has its own value. For example, impaled on his shoulder eagle may indicate its owner as a strong man, always achieves its goal. Tattooed in the form of a lion describes the owner as a solid, strong personality with leadership development. Chinese characters are also drawn by implication, as a rule, they signify love, loyalty, friendship, courage, strength and happiness. Celtic pattern rarely has a special meaning, it usually acts as a decoration. Bobochko on the shoulder of the girl gives it free from the accepted norms of nature. Open flower or bud points to the sexual development of its owner.