Types of tattoos (photo)

Mankind art drawing drawings and inscriptions on the body is already known many centuries. At all times, people who dared to paint the skin, challenged society. To date, despite the disagreements regarding this type of creativity, many resolved to get a tattoo. There are all sorts of styles and trends. Types of tattoos take a closer look before you put on your body any inscription or drawing.

The History of

The concept of "tattoo" appeared in 1773. The famous traveler D. Cook used the word "Tattoo" in his writings. On the Polynesian means "picture." D. Cook this term described the images on the bodies of the inhabitants of Oceania.

Documented this concept was first discovered in the "Dictionary of Medicine", released in 1856.

In the twentieth century, the most common style of tattoo was the custom (from the English. Normal). The most popular it has become with the 40 to 80-years. It can be called only on the time view of tattoos. The peculiarity of this style was that there are clear lines without shadows. Used for printing one or two colors. The tattoo was done in various parts of the body.

The birthplace of the United States is considered to be the style. While paying more attention to the presence of tattoos than his appearance. Today, this style is almost sunk into oblivion. Types of tattoos (picture shown below), which are performed today, and modify the custom style is already in a form applied to the skin.

Types of tattoos (photo)

The most outstanding representatives of wearable figures of the twentieth century are the mermaids, ships, pierced by daggers, hearts, snakes, roses, daggers.

Types tattoo on time use

There are several types of tattoos. For the duration of their use are found permanent and temporary image on the skin.

Temporary tattoos are applied to sticks or brushes. In this case, the skin is not pierced with paint equipment. Usually used for this purpose henna. This type of tattoo is completely washed out after a maximum of two months after the application. These figures are used as the popular types of tattoos on the arm, shoulder and other body parts.

Persistent images are applied to the skin forever. Withdraw such work is very difficult and painful. Such patterns are applied by means of the induction machine. The equipment has one or more needles. It is also used a special paint, which is driven under the skin during application design.

All kinds of varieties of tattoos on his arm, foot, shoulder, back and other parts of the body is done by continuous method.

Types of destination tattoos

Different types of tattoos on their purpose. They may be cosmetic or conventional.

Recent designed for the individual expression. They are applied to emphasize individuality. Sometimes the goal is to follow the fashion tattoo.

Cosmetic pictures are of two types. The first type is used to hide imperfections of the skin cosmetics, such scars or stains. The second type is more likely to mean different types of tattoos for girls. They help replace makeup. Cosmetic tattoos types (example is shown in the photo below) for a period from 2 to 5 years.

Types of tattoos (photo)

Their length of service, just as the quality of the picture, depends on the skill of the master, and apply them to materials and equipment.

The ancient styles

There are many types of tattoos for men and women, which differ in style. In the entire history of art, there a huge number of areas of the tattoo. The most popular of them deserve more detailed consideration.

Types of tattoos that originated in earlier periods of art drawing pictures on the skin, characterized by the Japanese, Celtic and Polynesian styles.

Celtic represented in the classical variant weave natural motifs. Modern tattoos there are also images of animals. All elements are stylized ancient tales and legends that have survived to our time.

Polynesian style originates from the people of Oceania. At one time he was forgotten, but now these tattoos are often used in cosmetic work. Polynesian women compulsorily applied cosmetic tattoo, especially on the lips. Without it, they did not take a wife. The main feature of this style are considered bright colors.

Types of tattoos (photo)

in the direction of Japanese tattooing is one of the most ancient and conservative. This style is not subject to fashion changes. Originally a Japanese tattoo is done by hand, without the use of electrical equipment. Masters used only bamboo sticks, which have one or more needles. Japanese drawings on the skin known as the types of tattoos on his back, due to their vastness.

New styles

Today, rapidly developing several new directions in the art of tattooing. These include pop art, ethnic style and biomechanics.

Pop artovskoe direction has its meaning not the expression of personality, but simply following fashion. Characteristic of his various marine motifs, "baubles". A similar style also belong, have become popular in recent years, the inscription on the hands and other parts of the body.

Types of tattoos (photo)

Ethnic style is relatively new in the art of tattooing. He has few distinguishing features, which is associated with a lot of details borrowed from other directions. By this style are Slavic, Scythian or African image.

Biomechanics is the direction that helps a person to express their individuality. These drawings on the body stand out for their originality and the avant-garde. Technical, fantastic elements are interwoven into all sorts of strange images. These figures are quite common as the types of tattoos on the shoulder, arm and other parts of the body.

objects and their meanings

For printing on the body are used a lot of facilities, the importance of which should know before making a job. By popular elements of today include the image in the form of a cross, a star, the girls and inscriptions.

Cross refers to tattoos, amulets. They are designed to protect its owner. Sometimes they have a religious meaning.

Types of tattoos (photo)

Images of girls are also important talisman. Sometimes they invested a religious meaning, implicit in the female form the Virgin Mary or other saints. Inscriptions today are immense popularity. They are applied in various languages ​​and is used for all sorts of styles. The main thing, before applying a deep insight into the meaning of such phrases.

Star Tattoo

One of the most popular types of tattoos star acts. The meaning of such a pattern may have a plurality of values.

Tattoos in the form of stars emit its owner, giving him popularity and fame. It is a symbol of rebirth. star sign will come out of the darkness into the light.

Types of tattoos (photo)

These tattoos are applied in a variety of configurations. Starfish prefer sailors for warding off misfortune. The six-pointed Star of David is a symbol of health and prosperity.

In ancient times it was the object loaded on the body to attract success and well-being. Today, such a character has such a value, and is applied to almost any part of the body.

Where to make a drawing?

Position for applying a tattoo to be selected in view of specific requirements. The picture should not be distorted by motion, depending on the desires of the client, it can be hidden or clearly visible. Each area of ​​the body involves the application of their tattoos.

Portraits nor print any marks on the back, or features will be distorted, and the effect will be the same as in a distorting mirror.

Types of tattoos on the foot often involves patterning on the thigh. Calves and ankles are also suitable for this purpose.

Quite popular places for tattoos, as the neck, behind the ear, stomach, arms, shoulders, chest, shoulder blades and lower back.

Women often prefer more hidden space for the drawings. Men, on the contrary, are selected for significant breadth and outdoor areas for tattoos.

Figure for women

Men are less demanding to the point of application and the size of the tattoo. Girls seek when choosing a picture, as well as its location to emphasize their femininity. Typical ladies are images of butterflies, cats, panthers, all kinds of floral motifs. Perhaps the image of a tiger, the scorpion, dragon, snake.

For the girls fit the various abstract patterns, mythical stories, lace and many other elements. The main thing is that the pattern differed elegance, femininity. It may contain a wide variety of colors and shades.

Before applying the pattern should carefully consider your choice. After all, the image will remain in the body for life.

Types of tattoos (photo)

The types of tattoos, as well as the rules of their choice and application, you can select the appropriate image for itself. To subsequently not regret your choice, you should think carefully about the place of drawing, as well as the entire composition. Meaning tattoo should be understood and accepted by its owner. Qualitative performance of the tattoo can be a real work of art, which would grace a museum or exhibition when it is applied to the canvas.