Tattoo "dove": Implications for boys and girls, history and recommendations

Professionally done tattoo always attracts attention, gives its owner the mystery and charm, while inducing others to think about the meaning and the purpose for which it was "settled" on the human body.

The most common question that is heard the owners of the decoration, is: "What does it mean?" Tattoo "Dove" is always associated only with something positive and good, but it is better to know exactly the value of such a pattern, before you decide on a long-term of his stay on the his body.


The story of

People started to decorate themselves with durable graphics on the skin even more than six thousand years ago, this art was very popular in ancient Egypt, Greece, Persia.

But before these pictures were very different kind of value they carry information about its owner. For him it was easy to learn to what tribe belongs, which has social status and what the people.

Tattooing has undergone many changes, so does the method and the purpose of its application. And in an era of great geographical discoveries in Europe it banned as evidence of the primitiveness of its owner.

The total image value pigeon

Today, the popularity of art drawings on the body is reborn again, and many young people adorn themselves in this way. By the popular images are of animals, birds, and tattoo "Dove" is a leader.

Most girls like this picture, because the little white bird always brings only good association. And often, the value of the tattoo "Dove" due to the kindness and femininity of its owner.


Who is the decoration on the body is more popular in European countries, because Christianity is dominant there, which symbol is precisely this bird. The Russian pigeon - it is also a spiritual symbol, in Orthodoxy it is the Holy Spirit. In addition, the image is called the birds are always associated with the good news. Even in the earliest Christian book of the Bible - the Old Testament - that Noah sent a dove to see if the water of the Flood subsided.

For sinners tattoo with this bird is a symbol of repentance and atonement. But for the prisoners dove - is the embodiment of freedom.

For a person who is related by marriage, dove appears as a symbol of long life with your partner. Also this bird - a beautiful, gentle and pure creation, which is often a reflection of the goodness of the human soul.

So in any case, to make a tattoo, "blue", you can not worry about his negative decoding.

Options recreate

drawing tattoo market offers a huge number of options for the image of the bird. All of them are interesting and some others thought about their owner. Thus, the dove with the olive branch that holds the bird in its beak is a symbol of forgiveness or new hope for something good.


In the case where a dove holding a palm branch, its owner wants to talk about human victory over death. And if the bird is depicted with a sword, it is a symbol of the war.

The color and the number of birds depicted

A huge weight has also color in which a dove tattoo is done, the designation of which changes dramatically when a black or white color. Here, for example, a white color pattern - a symbol of the salvation of souls. The number of birds in the image is also important. Two doves always represent loyalty, devotion, pure love and strong family. Such patterns often cause similar itself couples.

A flock of these birds represents all the people who believe in God, while their owner is associated with them. Also often depicted flying pigeons mouth great Victims.

value of blue in different countries

Whereas in the countries of Europe and Russia this bird acts more as a symbol of Christianity and the purity of the human soul, in Asian countries, it is a symbol of love.

For example, in China the bird associated with spring and is a symbol of fidelity, and sometimes it acts as the face of lust.


In this country, considered a dove companion Astana - Semitic goddess of love.

But in Japan, this bird is a symbol of health and longevity, there she is very respected and revered. In this country, the pigeon is considered a companion of the god of war - Hachiman. He was portrayed with a sword, to inform about the end of the war.

Even in Hinduism, this bird is a messenger of God of War with a message of peace and the cessation of hostilities.

The Jewish people white dove - one of the most popular and is considered a symbol of purity and peace. This bird and is now a symbol of Israel, so its residents are very often applied dove tattoo on the wrist or arm.

applying the tattoo place

This criterion also plays an important role when choosing the right tattoo. To apply tattoos for girls, pigeons are often placed in the most sophisticated places. They look good on the wrist, ankle and shoulder. Also intriguing image looks on the women's waist. Sometimes the most daring and inventive the fairer sex are choosing feet and palms for tattoos. It is much more painful and uncomfortable process, but the result is very creative.

The inner side of the forearm, which, incidentally, is considered universal and suitable for the stronger sex, too, has a good image of a dove. The man has such a bird will look good on your shoulder, lower leg or calf. An interesting embodiment is considered its image on the back between the shoulder blades or on one of them.


This option is suitable accomodation dove and girls.


As it became clear from the foregoing, each of the people pigeon - it is always a positive character, who is only good and light, is the messenger of good tidings, and plays the role of a symbol of longevity and love.

The image of the bird adorned their bodies with representatives of the biggest ancient peoples believe in their strength protects it.

And even today, in the modern world, the dove is only positive associations. And for some people it is located on the body in the form of a tattoo with the mission of warding off evil thoughts, deeds and bad people.

Also, many just like so pure and fragile bird, which symbolizes femininity and purity. In any case, every man puts sense in that it represents a tattoo.