Tattoo on his neck: the values ​​of different patterns

Tattoo on his neck became popular not so long ago. Yet some two decades ago, they were made only by men. Now many girls who want to adorn themselves, choosing a tattoo is on this part of the body.

Tattoo on his neck: the values ​​of different patterns

Why the tattoo on his neck in vogue?

Many tattoo stuffed in the neck. Such a pattern can be easily concealed from the surrounding views with the help of flowing hair. Tattoo on the side of the neck will not be able to hide, but it looks very elegant. In addition, the people doing the tattoo, note that the neck - less painful area. Consequently, the tattoo on his neck - it is an opportunity to make a beautiful pattern on the body with a minimum of painful sensations.

There are so many options with different tattoos. Neck is better to choose a small image, because a large drawing or pattern may look too provocative and absurd. Especially fashionable today barcodes.

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Each tattoo has a meaning. First, it depends on the pattern. And secondly, from the application site. Consider the main group of figures and their interpretation.


Using such tattoos can highlight your qualities, show people what you are inside. Someone, on the contrary, does the tattoo of animals that possess qualities that they have. For example, someone does not have the courage, and he does the lion to acquire this quality.


Is applied on the neck image small specimens, e.g. crab. This symbol can be interpreted in two ways. On the one hand, it is reliability: because the crab is very strong shell. On the other hand, in recent years is stable association of the crab with all the non-permanent, it is an animal that is moving alternately back and forth. Also disclosed with crab claws is a good one for the tattoo on his neck. Men's interpretations are as follows: do not touch me, and I will not touch you. Disclosed crab claws look menacing.

Tattoo on his neck: the values ​​of different patterns



A very popular tattoo. Most often it is chosen by the girls. Images of cats are different sizes and made in different style. Depending on this distinction and significance of these tattoos. In ancient Egypt the cat was a sacred animal. It symbolized fertility and represented the goddess of pleasure and fun. Among other peoples in this regard was the opinion. The cat is often associated with motherhood, with the lunar unbridled energy. In today's world, this animal is seen as the embodiment of grace, peace and independence. Hence the expression "cat that walks by itself." Especially will look good on the neck tattoo girls. Black cat on all fours, elegant and graceful, emphasize the beauty of holders of such a pattern.


A protein associated with the performance, hard work and mobility. This tattoo is perfect for people taking care of their home, his well-being and prosperity. Choose a picture active people are not sitting still. In Japanese philosophy to the animal is credited with qualities such as fertility, creativity.

Tattoo on his neck: the values ​​of different patterns


This animal is very loved by people. And everybody has attracted some definite quality. For someone dolphin - a symbol of romantic love. For someone - a grace and beauty, and someone dolphin associated with friendliness and loyalty. Wearing a tattoo in the form of a dolphin on his neck - it means to develop and maintain a quality such as playfulness, freedom, ease and joy. Most often elect Celtic stylization tattoo. Some stuffed color illustration.


Often for a tattoo on his neck people choose insects image. Especially popular are butterflies and scorpions.


From ancient times, the butterfly represents the lightness of soul, the ability to transfiguration and transformation, resurrection. In our time, a butterfly - it is also a symbol of frivolity, a carefree attitude to life. It all depends on the individual perception of the person.


It's pretty dangerous tattoo. For all peoples scorpion symbolizes something negative. For some people - mortal danger, for others - a betrayal, for the third - is the embodiment of something otherworldly, devilish. Tattoo in the form of a scorpion is often chosen by people who are thirsty for revenge to anyone or whose feelings have been deceived and betrayed desecrated.


Another insect that is easily converted into a tattoo on his neck. This exclusively female tattoo, symbolizing the dual nature of its owner: the one hand, the fragility, elegance and grace, on the other - an incredible inner energy.

Tattoo on his neck: the values ​​of different patterns


Flowers - it's not just a pretty picture for the girls. They can carry a great significance and meaning. It all depends on the variety of the flower, its color, symbol, located next to it. Thus, the lotus - the symbol of spiritual energy. Rose - feminine symbol, but some image roses can mean tragedy, cheating, etc. infidelity Lily, for example, represents purity, innocence and tenderness...

Choosing a tattoo on his neck, should be guided by its own ideology, its quality, taste preferences. Especially if it comes to a permanent tattoo.