"Anchor" - a tattoo is not just for men

Initially it was thought that the "anchor" - a tattoo for people whose life is connected with the sea. These tattoos can be seen in sailors and fishermen. But over time everything changed attitude to such figures too. Now, such an image can be seen on the bodies of girls and boys who do not have any relation to the marine theme.

Why popular?

Of course, the most important sign of the demand for such a tattoo is its design. This pattern is perfect for a variety of sizes, colors and even a place on the body.

The value of the tattoo - a second reason why a popular drawing. It is much deeper than it may seem at first sight.

Tattoo "anchor": the value of the image

There are several signs that mean like a tattoo. All values ​​are philosophical, they are even in hard times to become a support.

So what is a tattoo "anchor"? Firstly, it is the stability and power. After the anchor is held in place by a boat or a ship. The image is a symbol of his willpower and morale needed a person to overcome the trials of life.

"Anchor" - a tattoo that represents the shutter speed. A similar pattern is associated with the ability to endure everything for the sake of his goal.

Another significance of this figure, a little beyond the scope of the anchor design - it is faith and devotion. In this case, it refers to the emotional and spiritual component. After all, anchor holds the ship in place, despite the bad weather conditions during. "Anchor" - a tattoo that symbolizes devotion to your loved one. Often in such a headdress still featured the name of the beloved (th). The ancient Romans believed that the anchor - a symbol of the union of male and female nature. The upper part - is masculine, and the lower - the female. This implies a different meaning image. That is an "anchor" - a tattoo that represents life. This is logical, right there, and in fact at the confluence of the female and the male half.

The design of the tattoo with the image of an anchor

Such a tattoo can be configured in various styles, e.g. tribal or kelsky. This design enough concise, it does not allow for any additional elements.

Although simple drawings can be supplemented with other components, such as hearts, flowers or the same rope.

Let's look at the most popular options for the design of such a tattoo:


  • Anchor and Rose symbolizes honor, love and selfless sacrifice. After all, according to legend, the place where Jesus was crucified, rose up.
  • A popular combination for lovers is the heart and anchor. A similar pattern is associated with devotion and love.
  • The cross and anchor - a "cross of hope." This combination is also very close to Christ.
  • is a distinctive black docker tattoo consisting of a rope (chain) and anchors ..

Where are packed with original tattoo pattern?

Today, these tattoos can be seen in different parts of the body. Due to the brevity and compactness anchor, it can be placed even between the toes. So do some couples. Similar tattoo for them - a kind of pledge of allegiance. Instead, a pair of wedding rings make a tattoo on the ring finger of the left hand.

The guys can fill an anchor on her arm, ribs, back or shoulder. The girl has a similar figure will look beautiful on the neck, wrist, clavicle, scapula and abdomen.

A small conclusion,

Now you know what is a tattoo "Anchor". As you can see, these drawings have a lot of philosophical values. If you decide to fill a tattoo, think carefully about it in advance of its design. Good luck!