Meaning tattoo "Wolf": description, nuances examples

One of the most popular images on the body of a wolf. Many fans of tattoos choose exactly this animal for several reasons: first, the wolf - a very beautiful animal, and secondly - the symbolic. For centuries, people from different nations worshiped wolves, worshiped them, fear or respect, in a word, this animal can hardly be treated as neutral. Different cultures value different tattoos for one wolf nation - this is primarily a predator, the embodiment of a nightmare and horror, for others it is a symbol of courage, leadership, and appears as a defender.

The total value of

Depending on who is the carrier (male or female), some details may acquire not only the execution of the work, but also the value of the tattoo. Wolf, in the most general sense, means courage, fairness and independence in decision-making. A person with a weak character, not confident in themselves and their abilities, such a tattoo, most likely, will not work. The image of the wolf symbolizes loyalty, so the carrier tattoo should be a person faithful in love and friendship, of course, provided that the value of tattoos in general is important for its owner, if the tattoo is done not only for beauty.

Value tattoo with the items

Meaning tattoo "Wolf" may also vary depending on certain parts tattoos. There may be a huge amount. For example, a very common tattoo - Wolf grin.

Meaning tattoo

The value of the image on the human body has its own nuances, firstly, it should be noted that wolfish grin carries a somewhat negative connotation, symbolizing anger and even cruelty media not only to enemies but also to society as a whole . Baring wolf with red eyes often symbolizes a werewolf, t. E. A certain duality in the character of the owner of the tattoo. Another popular image of the animal is not normal, namely a howling wolf - a tattoo, the value of which in this case can not be called unique. There are several interpretations of the image of the wolf, howling at the moon:

Meaning tattoo
  1. Howling Wolf meant that the carrier (bearer) tattoo at some point in their life has lost the man that was madly in love, as a result, he deliberately condemns himself to loneliness, keeping in heart the image of the second half, with whom relations on one reason or another did not exist.
  2. The image howling wolf - a symbol of independence, bordering on a complete renunciation of the owner of the company, being in opposition to him.
  3. In some cases the value of the tattoo "Wolf" is even more sad, it can mean that the tattoo carrier lost his entire family and now goes through life all alone.
Meaning tattoo

The value of the tattoo "Wolf" and "wolf" are different connotation. The she-wolf is the most popular among girls, although there are exceptions. In many cultures, the wolf - it is, above all, a symbol of wisdom and fidelity, so this tattoo is suitable for people who have undergone a long and sometimes difficult path in life. Image of the wolf on a woman's body may mean her eternal allegiance to the only man who might, is far from it. In turn, a man wearing a wolf tattoo may have lost loved ones and keeps about her recollections or, on the contrary, be happy with it, confident in her devotion and support.

applying Place

The size of the tattoo and the choice of location - it is subjective, but in the world of tattoo still exists in this regard some of the common trends. So, men generally prefer to carry the image of wolves on the chest or upper arm, while women most often choose the back or shoulder as the application site. If you are one of those people who all get bored, it is not necessary to put the image on the places of their bodies that all the time in front of your eyes, for example, by the hand. And indeed, in your case it is necessary to consider once again whether the tattoo is necessary for you if you have selected the picture really, because if over time your opinions and tastes change, the tattoo will cease to bring you aesthetic pleasure and is simply annoying.

The Wolf as a prison tattoo

This aspect should be noted separately. Wolf symbol is present and is common in prisons. Most often the wolf image is accompanied by the word "wolf" on the fingers of the hand or shoulder. This sign stands for "thieves shortness of breath - the cops cover" such tattoos, in particular, are criminals who do not want to accept the system and cooperate with the investigation.