Dragon: The value of tattoo designs and sketches. How to choose a dragon tattoo?

Of course, the most popular tattoo for men and women - a "dragon." Meaning tattoo may be different and have their own individual meanings depending on the image. In addition, the dragon - is one of the most beautiful, powerful and vivid mythical creatures. It plays an important role in the eastern culture and has a rich history. No wonder that in the modern world as a sketch of tattoo people are increasingly choosing the dragon.

Every person who has decided to make myself a tattoo, should first study the history and discover the symbolic meaning of the tattoo. Dragon has long been a classic in the field of artistic tattoos. It is fully reflects the influence of Eastern culture on the inhabitants of the western countries, especially in the Japanese culture.

The myths about dragons

Dragon: The value of tattoo designs and sketches. How to choose a dragon tattoo?

The dragon - is an ancient mythical creature of great size. His whole body usually covered with scales. They have wings that allow them to live in the mountains. In addition, the Dragons are partial to jewelry. Dragons are somewhat similar to the dinosaurs that once lived on this planet, but on the other hand, they are a bit like birds and snakes.

In the East, in ancient times the dragon symbolized the four elements: fire, water, earth and wind. At the same time, he united the four cardinal points.

Options tattoo dragon

Now the most popular images of tattoos are the western and eastern dragons. This explains the fact that you can show your boundless imagination to create a tattoo with their image. After all, the dragon is an imaginary creation that allows to come up with different versions.

Dragon: The value of tattoo designs and sketches. How to choose a dragon tattoo?

The Western Dragon has a long neck and covered with scales. His wings like bat wings. Oriental dragon in shape is somewhat similar to a snake, he does not have wings and have legs.

Sketches for such tattoos can be set. Dragon may be made in various colors. It can be quite any shape and size. Most often tattoo make dragon on his back, ankle, shoulder. Everything is limited only by imagination of the customer and the level of professionalism of the master.

The value of the figure

Dragon is the master of the 4 elements, it combines the 4 corners of the world. Because he - a fictional creature, he often gives extraordinary qualities and traits. So what does a tattoo which depicts a dragon? Meaning tattoo can be very different. All depends on the place where the dragon is depicted. In addition, the different peoples of the world have always stood for the creature in its own way, giving it a particular meaning.

Dragons often portrayed greedy animals that kill innocent people. They are the negative characters of many tales in which princes and knights slaying the dragon and rescue the abducted children or girls.

Dragon: The value of tattoo designs and sketches. How to choose a dragon tattoo?

On the other hand, the dragon - is one of the most intelligent animals. In mythology we often encounter dragons, who are wise mentors person. Therefore, with the dragon tattoo often has different meanings.

What does the dragon? Meaning tattoo these animals can symbolize nobility, magic, imagination, perseverance, dedication, strength and ability to go beyond the ordinary. But at the same time, the dragon may be indicative of greed. However, this kind of symbolism in our time is very rare. As a rule, the dragon has only positive traits.

The design of the tattoo with dragon

Dragon images may be different, but each will have its own meaning. What, for example, it is a sketch, which depicts a horned dragon? The tattoo reveals the nature of the properties such as determination and courage. Yellow dragon symbolizes wisdom and knowledge. Such designs are usually chosen by people who want to achieve success in their studies. Heavenly Dragon is the most popular image that people opt for tattoos. This essentially reflects the strength of spirit and firm stance.

Doing this tattoo on the back, you can give the absolute will of the imagination. However, it does not matter on what part of the body is done dragon tattoo. Value for men and women also differ in meaning. Dragon can be done on the arm, neck or leg. He will always look appropriate and beautiful. dragon image, and is equally suitable for men and women, that allows you to call this versatile tattoo and give it a different meaning. Dragon tattoo on his shoulder, for example, make that all his life he guarded the wearer from hazards.

Dragon: The value of tattoo designs and sketches. How to choose a dragon tattoo?

In various tattoo parlors offer all sorts of variations on this theme. Usually depict the dragon with spread wings in the parties, an open fire-breathing mouth that symbolizes power, strength and power.

Flying up Dragon evidence of good intentions and a positive attitude. Dragon who flies down to indicate the bad intentions of the owner. Lying dragon speaks about peace, tranquility and spiritual harmony.

It is important to consider when choosing a sketch for tattoo

Picking up the image of a dragon, you should forget about the conventions. Choosing a tattoo is necessary, on the basis of what you want personally. The pose of the dragon, and the execution must meet your own preferences of its future owner. The tattoo should invest your own hidden meaning. Surrounding people will not notice another tattoo if it is done poorly. But if you make a sketch to create more fancy and run the Japanese or the Chinese dragon, observing all the laws of the genre, people are bound to marvel at such a picture.

Similar tattoo should be done in a good master who specializes in tattoos made in oriental style. Then it will be really nice and high quality dragon.

Meaning tattoo that person puts it, should be individualized. This is important to keep in mind before selecting the pattern. He should express personal feelings of man and his desires. Mighty Bright dragon by individually design is not just an ornament, but also a powerful talisman.