Chinese characters: Tattoos and their meaning

Among the most popular designs for tattoos constitute a special category of Chinese characters. They are in demand mainly in the West for several decades. The desire to draw on the body of an Oriental symbols can be explained by the fact that they look very sophisticated and exotic. Several fine lines can mean a whole sentence, and this will be known only to the owner of the tattoo.

Chinese characters: Tattoos and their meaning

The Chinese characters and their meaning remains a mystery to others - an excellent option for the image of the body.

In these ancient written characters has a profound meaning. Choosing characters for use on the body, be careful. This is the real magic of characters that will stay with you for life. By studying these signs, look not primarily at their beauty, and find the value of Chinese characters tattoo Russian. Think that you are the most important thing in life, or what you want to show with the help of a tattoo. Then the Chinese character will be your mascot. And besides, you will not be trapped, because it often happens that people choose a picture without thinking about its meaning. As a result, their body is crammed with several unrelated characters without interpretation. You are serious about choosing a tattoo? Then read on about the main eastern signs and their meaning.

Chinese characters: an image with a sense of

The most important thing - drawing on your body should have a positive impact. If the image is applied carelessly, not traced to the end, or, worst of all embossed wrong, it can only bring unhappiness and problems. Be careful in the Chinese culture has a huge number of characters, do not differ from each other.

Chinese characters: Tattoos and their meaning

Only one uneven line - and the figure has a different meaning. It is advised to consult with a native speaker and expert on oriental culture. Only a specialist can give correct advice on the choice of the image, to help find the right Chinese characters. Tattoo in this case really will only bring positive things into your life.

Popular tattoo on his neck

If we talk about parts of the body where the tattoo is most often packed with Chinese characters, neck unequivocally is currently ranking first place. one or more characters can be placed in this area. For major labels often choose the back of the neck, and a small sign will look harmoniously side.

Options to accommodate Chinese characters tattoos on the neck, there may be several:

  • One small hieroglyph meaning a word or a phrase.
  • The two or three characters, which mean a whole sentence. They crowd into the row or column.
  • Five or more signs, the interpretation of which can turn into a whole story. In this case, characters are arranged in columns one under the other on the ridge line.

What characters should fill in the neck?

Chinese characters: Tattoos and their meaning
  • The Angel - a spiritual patron, who will take care of you in any situation. It helps make the right decisions and always give wise counsel.
  • Wealth - will help to gain both material and spiritual well-being.
  • Update - helps to grow and change for the better, enhances sensuality and thinking. Suitable for people who are in search of himself and the meaning of his life.
  • Bamboo - symbolizes health and longevity. It helps to resist the adversities of life and achieve spiritual truth.
  • Purity - fills the internal energy, get rid of negative thinking, improves health.

Original Chinese characters: a tattoo on the arm

Before applying the pattern on the arm specify its value - it is much more important than any fashion trends. I think about tattoos? Chinese characters with translation, which tells you any connoisseur of oriental culture, will become not only an exotic adornment, but also a real mascot. Remember that any character has a certain strength. The whole message may be succinctly encoded in one symbol. At hand are recommended to fill the following signs:

Chinese characters: Tattoos and their meaning
  • Love - there are two designations of the feelings in Eastern culture. They both symbolize the flame of love that burns eternally in the human heart.
  • Harmony - suitable for people wishing to find harmony with themselves and their environment at home and at work.
  • Wisdom - it helps to accumulate knowledge and experience.
  • Money - is responsible for the energy wealth. It is believed that this character needed to fill it on hand. It contributes to the emergence of new sources of income and increase profits.
  • Tiger - a real man's symbol, a symbol of power, nobility, strength and courage.

With regard to the placement of drawing on the hand, men often choose several characters representing the whole phrase. I enjoy such a tattoo? Chinese characters with translation help you not to make a mistake and choose the right combination of symbols. Harmonious will place them along the forearm or wrist to elbow. Girls are characterized more concise tattoo - for example, one character on the forearm or hand.

The mysterious tattoo: Chinese characters and their importance for the image on the feet

On his feet are often stuffed with characters that have special meaning for the person.

Chinese characters: Tattoos and their meaning

This part of the body can always be close, and your tattoo will not be on open display. In this zone, it is best to apply the following signs:

  • Health.
  • Happiness.
  • Luck.

These are the symbols that are important in everyone's life, and they are not made to tell everyone.

What are the characters choose to tattoo?

Due to such arts as calligraphy, you can print any name as a sign of the east. If you choose to tattoo Chinese characters, the names - a good idea. However, be careful to entrust translation of his name only proven master, to understand all the subtleties of the Chinese language. Otherwise there is a risk to fill on the body is something that does not have an adequate translation. Also in tattoo parlors are popular symbols for the outlook and way of life:

  • Eternity.
  • Karma.
  • The eternal journey.
  • Void.

This mystical signs, delaying mark on a person's life. They symbolize the human way of his development.

Those who wish to choose a less mysterious option ideal characters for animals.

Chinese characters: Tattoos and their meaning

And you can choose both real and mythical characters:

  • The horse - a symbol of loyalty, diligence, grace and optimism.
  • The snake - the embodiment of femininity, beauty and eternal renewal.
  • The green dragon and a white tiger - serve as protection from the enemy, energize and promote success in business and material well-being.
  • Rat - a sign of wealth and prosperity.
  • Dragon - Patron in family and financial affairs, symbolizes strength and power.

Tattoos, reflecting the state of mind of

There is a separate category of Chinese characters, which you can fill any part of the body. They reveal the essence of man, his goals and desires. Want to show your uniqueness? Choose these Chinese characters.

Chinese characters: Tattoos and their meaning

Tattoo in Russian will be heard no less interesting than the Chinese.

  • Yin-yang - this is one of the most important characters in the Eastern culture. It symbolizes harmony and harmony in the world.
  • Faith - suitable for people who want to gain confidence in themselves and everything that surrounds them.
  • Kindness - reinforces this quality gives unselfishness and ability to forgive.
  • Mountain water - is a symbol of material well-being.

Notable people with tattoos with Chinese characters

  • Cher (singer) - stuffed with a sign on the right shoulder, "Strength".
  • Allen Iverson (basketball) - has a tattoo on the body 20, including 2 Chinese sign: "True" on the neck and "Respect" on hand.
  • Natalia Imbruglia (singer) - the symbol of "courage" on the left leg.
  • David Beckham - on the left side of his characters written a whole saying: "Life and death depend on the fate and wealth and nobility - from heaven."
  • Melanie Brown (singer, soloist Spice Girl) - tattoo "Dragon" on the back.

Selecting a drawing for a tattoo - it is responsible. Think about what you want to capture on your body for a lifetime, and then make sure that the jack-of-all 100% passed all the line of the selected symbol to the tattoo. Chinese characters and their meaning should ask a specialist in oriental culture. In Chinese calligraphy, each bar has its own meaning. Let your mark protects you and brings only joy and pleasure.