"Swallow" tattoos. The significance and symbolism

Opinion that tattooed people - came from places not so remote, long passed into history. Modern young people having fun making tattoos, rightly believing wearable art drawings and way of expression.

Fashion pictures

The fact that the tattoo - it's stylish and fashionable, can be seen on the beach, where every other holidaymaker has one, and even a few pictures. What has not painted on their bodies tattoo lovers: Swallows on the wrist, forearm wolves, tigers on the chest, biomechanics on the legs and buttocks of a butterfly on ... And if some twenty years ago, to the tattooed people were treated, to put it mildly, with caution , nowadays tattoo - a kind of cult.

Special Characters

Anyone who has filled his (or just going to fill) tattoo, spent a lot of time trying to find it is a picture that is not just a pretty picture, but also a sacred meaning and special significance.

Many people sincerely believe that the tattoo - it's not just a fad, but a mascot who always protects its wearer from harm and draws in his love life, fame, fortune, wealth and longevity. Select Picture depends on what it is not enough to man, and that he wants to attract into your life. In this article we will talk about one of the most popular tattoos in the form of a swallow.

The multifaceted bird

One of the most beautiful tattoos for girls - "Swallow" - is not just a beautiful picture of birds, but also a special character, hides a huge potential. In addition, swallows image looks very unusual, and even luxurious, but they can be applied to any part of the body. But the most interesting thing that bears the tattoo "Swallow", - the significance of this figure. By the way, several of them, and we will tell about each of them.


Sign goddesses

In ancient Egypt, the swallow was considered a symbol of Isis - the goddess who

patron of families, pregnant women, farmers and sailors. It was she who helped to remain faithful in love, women in labor - easily resolved from the burden, the Mariners granted a fair wind, and farmers - a clear day and needed to harvest rain.

The Greeks also associated with the goddess of love swallow Artemis. It was believed that these birds she sends news to people.

In Japan, the swallow symbolizes femininity, happiness, love, bold initiatives and changes for the better. Thus, the tattoo "Swallow", which is always just a positive, can bring its owner good luck and love.

Tattoo for all occasions

In our modern tattoo "Swallow", the value of which is very multifaceted, stuffed not only the young maidens, but also adult women, and even men. We offer a complete list of character values:

  • Swallow - the symbol of hearth and home, because it is known that these birds always return home. If the house for you - is sacred, its symbol is your ideal choice.
  • This bird - freedom in all: in the works, in work, in life. Those who do not have enough self-confidence, who is bound by any framework, "Swallow" help "spread its wings" and achieve all your goals.
  • These birds are very fast, rapid, so the boxers applied image of birds on his fists in order to increase the hit rate in battle.
  • Guess what else is associated with a swallow? Why do the young maidens are more likely to order a master tattoo? Swallow, the value of which is associated with spring, youth and beauty, especially beautiful looks on the wrist, shoulder blade and neck, and its bearer will always be fresh as a rose petal.
  • In order to attract into your life good luck, it is possible to portray this bird with clover-chetyrohlistnikom in the beak or with a horseshoe in the legs. And the clover and horseshoe - world renowned talismans of luck, let alone with a swallow - it's just a magic talisman!
  • Lovers can fill instead of wedding rings on the third finger of the swallow. This stylized bird will keep on changing the newlyweds, resentment, frustration, quarrels and separation. Swallows adorn themselves, loving people remain loyal to each other and go through life hand in hand.
  • In addition to the above, the swallow also has a spiritual, sacred significance. It is believed that the birds communicate with the souls of the dead and the guests at the stars. Swallow also symbolizes resurrection and a new beginning.