Can I make a tattoo with the children's names?

Breeches painting - a special kind of art, fashion in today's world. Now a lot of popularity gained tattoos mentioning children. This may be the child's name, image, or date of birth. Moms and dads trying to perpetuate the image of a beloved child, choosing a variety of designs. Why so popular tattoo with the children's names and whether to do them?

Can I make a tattoo with the children's names?

A simple option is digital tattoo, for example, with the date of birth. It is more difficult to fill the real face or the whole name. Many parents (among them even men) are asked to make a print baby feet or his hands, evidence of a gentle and reverent love.

Why do tattoos with the names?

In the salons of master paintings underwear interested customers why they chose a particular option and why they do the tattoo. Customers often speak only about the beauty and attractiveness of, or belief in the amulet. If selected for beauty, he usually just does not make sense. But the harder things with ideological tattoos.

Why do parents choose a tattoo with the children's names? Often because they express love and affection for their offspring, pride, and also want to emphasize that the baby comes first. This is all, of course, cute and unusual, but it's worth the extra time to think it needed a similar tattoo.

Can I make a tattoo with the children's names?

Family values ​​can be emphasized in other ways - to put in a purse photo baby, hang on the wall of his drawings, install the screensaver on your phone. No need to unconditionally follow the fashion trends, because the tattoo with children's names - not the most important way of expressing love.

with the name tattoo - a fashion trend

Modern people are trying different ways to emphasize its relation to children, friends, spouses and parents. Often, the initial painting with a hidden meaning people make of show business, actors and athletes. For example, Beckham and Aguilera, Joly and Ksjusha Borodin. Fans do like tattoos in honor of their idols.

Generally, the tattoo is best done consciously and not by fashion trends or the example of celebrities. It is not necessary to listen to other people's reviews, or follow someone's advice. And especially do not do, for example, a tattoo with the name on his hand, without thinking of it.

Men's tattoo with meaning

Often salons come men who believe family a top priority. They want to perpetuate the image of the child and his wife. they often say that come to mind are always certain inscriptions relating to the child, because this man - the main thing in life. Unlike women, men for nominal and semantic tattoos choose a secret place, hidden from the sight of people.

Can I make a tattoo with the children's names?

For example, the strong half of humanity chooses inscription: "in the heart forever," "my life." In general, tattoos for men with a sense different from women's. Men packed not just children's names or initials, they are simple in appearance phrase put all your senses. Often, following the example of the men doing the same tattoo of his wife, and the same signs, the couple look original.

Is it worth doing tattoos associated with the family?

Before going to the salon underwear painting parents are wondering whether it is possible to do a tattoo with the mention of children, whether they affect the child's future. Negative aspects in this matter. Here a parent must make an independent decision. And what if the mention of the baby will be a sad moment?

The child is alive and well, every day happy parents and makes them smile. Of course, in this case will be tattooed just a pleasant reminder of the existence of the dearest man in the world. But if a woman asks her to do a tattoo in the form of hearts with the imprint of children's feet inside, here we are talking about the tragic event. Perhaps there was a miscarriage, the birth of a dead baby or his death. Many people do not understand the meaning of certain tattoos and ignorance can lead to unpleasant questions. But tattoos for men with sense or bias in the subject of family values, too, can have a touch of sadness in the future, if the tragic moments in life.

Tattoo artists say that women never regret that tattoos made with the mention of their babies, which is not the tattoos associated with the second half. After all, there is no guarantee that the relationship will be extended for life, but will remain tattooed.

Can I make a tattoo with the children's names?

What is the tattoo to choose and where to fill?

If you decide on a tattoo, think about whether you want to hide it from the looks of strangers. This question becomes fundamental in certain situations. Even a tattoo with the children's names placed on the wrist, could result in denial of employment, where there is a dress code. A common location for tattoos is considered to be registered back, less hands. It all depends on the imagination. There are no restrictions on tattoos on the legs, abdomen or waist. Some customers ask to fill the children's initials on his chest. Is it possible something to dilute the tattoo with children's names? You can pay attention to the portrait image, which is characterized by applying to the thumbnail image of the human body by the photos. But the master, capable of such a job is hard enough to find.

You can beat a tattoo with the name and date of birth of the child - a simple and interesting option. Meaning that tattoos not everyone will understand, and that's good.

Very elegant look inscribed tattoos on his hands. It may be represented by a list in which several children are given. Tattoo with the name on your arm suitable for both men and women. Some sufficient date of birth without a name. However, the meaning of any tattoo is known only to the carrier, if the others do not know anything about it.